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Where Is Tyre Nichols? Another Innocent Life Lost In Tragedy!

A lot of people are waiting for the body cam footage from the Tyre Nichols case to be made public.

On January 10th, after a traffic stop with Memphis police, the 29-year-old died. On Thursday, the first full day of investigating by federal authorities concluded. Nichols’ attorney, Benjamin Crump, has said that the family will see the body cam footage for the first time on Monday.

It is unknown when this tape will be made public, but DA Steve Mulroy has stated that he is in no hurry to do so in order to protect the rights of anyone involved in the case. The father of one was pulled over on January 7 near the intersection of Raines and Ross Roads and charged with careless driving.

Nichols, the police claim, escaped from the vehicle following a confrontation. Unfortunately, Nichols passed away later that week.

Repercussions After Such An Unfair Act

On Wednesday, the FBI Memphis Field Office and the Department of Justice launched a civil rights inquiry into the matter at the request of United States Attorney Kevin Ritz.

The Ritz office has stated that they would make no additional comments on the matter; nevertheless, Action News 5 questioned Memphis criminal and civil rights attorney Alexander Wharton on how he believes federal investigators were involved.

General Mulroy, his office, or U.S. Attorney Kevin Ritz must have had serious doubts about whether or not this was a routine TBI inquiry, as Wharton put it.

Wharton predicts that the conclusions of the federal probes will become public knowledge within the next three to four weeks.

Wharton speculated that once the group became involved, “at least some form of view” would start coming out. He did not believe that the group would want to keep the public in the dark.

At some point in the next several days, the public can expect to learn the results of the internal inquiry conducted by Memphis police.

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Who Tyre Nichols Is?

Now 29 years old, he is in his prime. Relatives attest to his height and weight of 6’4″ and 145-150 pounds, respectively.

He’s got a youngster who’s only 4 years old at the moment. His relatives claim he has never had any legal issues. He was a keen photographer and skateboarder. At his memorial, his friends wore shirts that read “Skate in Peace.”

Family members noted he had a “infectious” personality. The kind of person who “left an impact wherever he went.” A lot of people say he had a good heart and enjoyed giving back to the community.

He was employed at FedEx. In a statement, the firm expressed its “great sadness” over the loss of one of its employees. Intervention by the law and the police.

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What We Have Learned Thus Far Regarding The Case Is As follows:

Hickory Hill police claim they pulled over Tyre Nichols for “reckless driving” on January 7 at Raines and Ross Road. According to the police, a “confrontation” broke out when they got closer, and he then ran away. Following a brief pursuit, police say they encountered another “confrontation” with Nichols before putting him into custody.

The second altercation, according to his family, occurred on Castlegate Lane, mere feet from his home and directly in front of a SkyCop camera.

Nichols allegedly told police he was having trouble breathing and was rushed to St. Francis Hospital.

The Nichols family claims that their loved one had a heart arrest, a broken neck, and other injuries as a result of the occurrence.

The 10th of January was the day he passed away in the hospital.

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Who Is Doing The Work?

District Attorney General Steve Mulroy of Shelby County promptly requested an investigation into police brutality in Memphis be conducted by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

On January 9th, an email from his office stated, “when the findings are complete, we will post the redacted results on the SCDAG website.”

A joint statement from Mayor Jim Strickland and Police Chief C.J. Davis was released on January 15; it states that the officers involved have been given notice of “impending disciplinary action.” Davis added that she looked into “a number of different sources of information” about the incident.

The Nichols family hired civil rights lawyer Ben Crump on January 16. According to him, “all the available material convinces us that this was the unfortunate and preventable death of a young man greatly cherished by his family and community.”

He continued, saying, “No one should die from a simple traffic stop” and that video evidence is “the only way to discern the genuine narrative.”

The city published a statement on January 17 saying the video would be made public when an internal inquiry into the officers’ actions was completed and Nichols’ family had a chance to watch it discreetly.

They have not specified the nature of the available video footage but have scheduled a meeting with Nichols’ loved ones for the next week.

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The death of Tyre Nichols has been the subject of a civil rights investigation, which was announced on January 18 by U.S. Attorney Kevin G. Ritz in conjunction with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division.

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