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Finale Post-Credits Scenes Of “Mandalorian” Season 3 – I Take It You Didn’t Catch That!

Season 3 of The Mandalorian has concluded. The third and final season of the main Star Wars miniseries has concluded after an additional two months of exciting new episodes.

Din Djarin with his green ward made a return visit, and their adorable antics won us over once again. There were also aliens you could squeeze and warships that exploded and smashed against each other.The Mandalorian has everything you could want.

Now that we’ve gotten everything out of the way, let’s discuss The Mandalorian’s season three conclusion.

There was a lot happening in this episode, and we need to dissect some of the key scenes to determine what they imply for the remainder of the program and the series as a whole.Warning: Major Spoilers Ahead!

What Happened To Moff Gideon On The Mandalorian?

Now that the events of The Rise of Skywalker have transpired, it is unclear whether or not anybody in the galaxy far, across the universe is really dead. Nonetheless, Moff Gideon’s death scene was arguably more dramatic than Emperor Palpatine’s trip to the center of the Death Star.

When the capital ship of the Mandalorian fleet crashes into Moff Gideon’s subterranean Imperial station, the tremendous explosion presents an adversary that Moff Gideon cannot simply frighten, despite his previous successes against Din Djarin, Bo-Katan Kryze, and the Darksaber.

Even by Star Wars standards, Moff Gideon’s death scene is rather final. Even still, we can think of a few methods Moff Gideon might have escaped this situation, and they are still fresh in our minds since they were shown in the Series Finale.

Gideon’s first line of defense against certain death was the Dark Trooper armor. In the most recent two episodes, viewers saw many Mandalorians and Imperial warriors escape multiple laser bolts owing to their beskar steel armor.

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Now, obviously, an explosion on the scale shown up above is not like your typical pew pew laser shot. Favreau and/or Filoni could always explain that Gideon was shielded by his Dark Trooper armor from the majority of the explosion if they ever choose to bring him back.

Moff Gideon’s grand scheme is the second possible explanation. This episode revealed that Gideon’s intention all along was to build an army of copies of himself, all endowed with the capacity to control the Force by a graft of Grogu’s Force-wielding genes into Gideon’s own.

Moff Gideon reacted to Din Djarin’s sabotage as if his Mandalorian had eliminated all of his replicas, but, really, are you telling me he doesn’t have a backup clone or two? Casting Giancarlo Esposito as a clone of Gideon would be a simple solution for the producers if they ever wanted to work with him again.

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Is Season 3 Of The Mandalorian Missing An End Credit Scene?

No, there isn’t.At the conclusion of Season 3 of The Mandalorian, Din Djarin & Din Grogu (explain Mandalorian naming conventions, please) move into their own cabin on Nevarro.

They’ll be staying there in between assignments for their new covert New Republic employer.

Carson Tali (Paul Sun-Hyung Lee), a pilot for the Republic, was approached by Djarin, who offered a deal to find and destroy any remaining Imperial forces in exchange for a retainer fee.

The closing photo is a warm and comforting one, showing the father and son together in their own house for the first time in a long time. Actually, they’re so comfortable that a Looney Tunes–style circular wipe to black is in need. Things are looking up for them for their first moment in a long time.

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Filming for The Mandalorian Season 4 is scheduled to begin early this year, so fans won’t have to wait long to witness the changes to the norm in action.

Season 4 won’t launch any sooner than late 2024 at this rate. We can be certain that Djarin & Grogu are safe and sound in their own home throughout this time.

Dum Djarin (Pedro Pascal) takes Grogu under his wing as a full-fledged apprentice after the battle of Mandalore. The two then have to traverse the galaxy as is customary in the Mandalorian culture so that Grogu may gain experience as a bounty hunter.

Gideon informs them about the proliferation of Imperial groups, and they agree to go on a search for them on behalf of the New Republic, before returning to Nevarro to have IG-11 fixed. They have a cabin there thanks to a gift from an old friend, Greef Carga (Carl Weathers).

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To wrap out the season, we thought it was fitting to see Grogu and Din relaxing in their new home. Season 3 was rather eventful, and the fact the the program didn’t attempt to sneak in a last-minute spoiler just makes the final episode seem like a fitting conclusion for the time being.

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