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A Rundown Of The Dating History Of Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello had quite the collection of male toys back in the day, so why don’t we talk about them?We still don’t know a lot about our future as a group (looking at you as well. Omicron)

But owing to some humiliating amounts of investigation, we do know all there is to know about Camila’s romantic partnerships. So, join me on this high-key thirsty voyage and let’s grip cyber hands the whole way!

Shawn Mendes

Shawn and Camila dropped their single “Seorita” in the summer of 2019, and it’s so steamy that I wouldn’t advise you to watch the music video when you’re supposed to be working (to be clear, I do advise you to view most other videos for songs instead of performing your job).

Shawn and Camila give off such a strong and positive chemistry in this video that the internet has assumed they are dating.

A few years later, Camila and Shawn have been dating for over two and have given their fans an abundance of public displays of affection. Sadly, in November 2021, the couple broke the hearts of all Shamila stans everywhere by announcing on Facebook that they were breaking up.

When we first met, we were fast friends, and that’s how it’ll stay. We’re grateful for all of your help from the start and beyond.

A little spark of optimism, nevertheless, is possible, right? Photos of the exes out with their dog Spiderman in Miami have sparked widespread speculation that the couple is back together.What kind of co-parenting arrangement allows for harmony?!

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Mr. Matthew Hussey

Camila dated “relationship coach” (haha, THE IRONY) Matt Hussey before she melted into a puddle of sweat with Shawn. It had been almost a year since they had been seen together, but in February of 2018 they had taken a trip to San Lucas and there was no.

“He’s extremely similar to me,” Camila told Marie Claire before the separation.When we’re really together, all we are is odd, goofy, and foolish. To put it simply, he is the single greatest source of joy in my life.

Awk! Camila hasn’t “confirmed” the split, but she has asked fans to be kind to Matthew when they observed he was ignoring comments about her online.

Camila pleaded with her followers, “If you love me, please refrain from sending hurtful words to those who I am passionate about.” “What you’re doing hurts me a lot, and it’s so heavy and destructive to add additional suffering to my existing misery.

An actual human being is the one tweeting. I don’t find it humorous that you’re bombarding them with harsh, insensitive comments; it’s hurtful to everyone involved and has nothing to do with the ideals I promote.

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The Name Is Nick Jonas

Stay calm. That was simply a wild guess. And in 2016, the primary basis for this was light social media flirtation. To illustrate, consider this image, which sparked a frenzy among devotees.

Sir Louis Tomlinson

No, this wasn’t a date; it was the internet at its most insane. For those unaware, in 2015 (GASP), Camila and Louis both quit the same club at the same time, prompting the hashtag #CongratulationsLouisAndCamila to trend on Twitter.

R. Jacob Whitesides

In 2015, Camila was connected to artist Jacob Whitesides after he posted many photos of her on Instagram, causing a flurry of excitement among her many admirers.

However, Jacob put an end to the speculations in a live stream, adding, “Like when I share a photo of me and f*king Camila.

To think I’m reading this thinking, “God, I don’t even push it that hard!” along with “They look oh brother and sister, oh oh my gosh.” I like Camila, and she likes me. You have no right to stop me from posting a photo of myself with her if I damn well like!

OKAY, BUT Jacob also revealed to MTV that Camila is his celebrity obsession.Look at this: “I can’t deny that I have a crush on Camila. Sorry to disappoint all you Fifth Harmony fans.

Please don’t hate me. Having feelings for someone is normal. Have no fear; I refuse to even meet her gaze. It’s impossible for me to look you in the eye at the moment.

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J. Michael Clifford

According to a 2015 report in the British newspaper The Sun, Camila with Five Seconds of Summer’s Michael Clifford were observed having supper undercover at The Nice Guy.Apparently.

The couple used the rear entrance to avoid having their eagerly awaiting followers and photographers get a glimpse of them. Nobody should have known they were there. In appearance, they seemed to be somewhat snug.


Although musician Austin Mahone was Camila’s first high-profile beau in 2015, he didn’t see himself as a serious long-term commitment. Austin began dating Becky G after their separation, and he later said to MTV, “It’s ridiculous. This is the first serious relationship I’ve ever had, and it’s totally out of my element. Ouch.

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