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In Call Of Duty: Warzone 2, Will Rebirth Island Be Available Again? Videos, Photos, And A Lot More!

Warzone 1, formerly known as Warzone Pacific, temporarily shut down for maintenance before the release of Warzone 2.

Warzone Caldera is now available, and the renamed Warzone 1 gives players a chance to jump into Caldera’s combat royale now that the Warzone 2 train has left the station.

However, Warzone Caldera has returned without either the Rebirth Island or Fortune’s Keep maps from Resurgence. The two maps that allow for respawning were both popular with players in the past, however they have been taken out of Warzone Caldera.

Will Fortune’s Keep And Rebirth Island Be Making A Comeback To Warzone Caldera?

Although Activision and the Warzone developers have yet to confirm it, it appears that neither Rebirth Island nor Fortune’s Keep will return in Warzone Caldera.

It will serve just those who wish to teleport to Caldera, and not either of the two existing Resurgence maps. Since Warzone 2 is the newest addition to the battle royale genre, this makes a lot of sense, as the developers will want as many players as possible to try out their latest creation.

Warzone Caldera requires its own game because it contains two full battle royale maps, which has been proven impossible for the original Warzone game to handle.

The future of Warzone 2 appears to be where it’s at, as the Resurgence map, scheduled for release in 2023, has already been leaked and the developers have claimed that fans of small maps can “anticipate interesting innovations in Warzone 2.0 over future seasons.”

Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep could be saved for later seasons of Warzone 2 to increase player numbers and rekindle interest in the game. However, this is conjectural at best, so we will have to wait and see if it comes to pass.

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Find Out What Else Is Coming With The Latest Update!

Updated Maps, Game Modes, And Other New content Confirmed For Season Two: Reloaded

Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone are getting bolstered for Season Two: Reloaded. With the introduction of a vehicle-based combat mode and the largest modification to Rebirth Island since its release, the Operators may find themselves in need of help despite the presence of the entirety of Task Force Yeti. even the OG who pioneered “deep cover,” Snoop Dogg, might be there once the dust settles.

After two updates, one for Vanguard at 9 AM PT on March 22 and another for Warzone on March 23 at the same time, the games’ respective storylines will kick off.

Season Two Reloaded is brought to you by Sledgehammer Games, Raven Software, Treyarch, and Beenox, and here’s what you can expect:


The Island of Rebirth Has Been Strengthened.

Their island’s major landmarks, including Stronghold, were drastically changed by Perseus’s renovation, and a new landmark, Dock, was introduced.

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New Life Breathed Into Three Distinct Formats

Playlists will cover both old Rebirth modes and newer modes such as Payload, Blood Money, and the recently added Resurgence Solos.

Acquire the Plans for New Weapons, Gain Significant Experience, and Unlock Additional Content.

Everyone can benefit from the Weapon Trade Stations and in-game activities for Rebirth Island that are part of the Rebirth Reinforced Event.

Major Map Update Since Its Initial Release: Reinforced Rebirth Island

The perimeter defences of Rebirth Island have been rebuilt by Perseus as Operators have advanced through the Iron Trials. Even if the island has better weather (especially for the operators), the improved vision is somewhat obscured when you become used to the layout of the place.

There are now two ships in port, the Stronghold has been renovated from top to bottom, and a jail yard is being built beneath the city’s recognisable water tower, which has been given a fresh coat of paint. This is Rebirth Reinforced.

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Fortress Redesigned

The Security Area might not have been the most well-liked place to land on Rebirth Island at initially because it is the lowest point of attraction and has the fewest multi-story buildings. But today, thanks to Perseus’s reinforcing project, there are two new buildings in this area (now known as Stronghold) that have the potential to disrupt the island’s meta.

The first is a larger gate at the checkpoint, with parking garages, an office building, and a pedestrian bridge over the booth proper. Numerous Supply Box and item spawns and close-quarters combat possibilities may be found here.

The other structure is a circular concrete platform with a radar facility atop it, which replaced the lone communications tower. This communications tower looks out over the security zone and features an observation deck with a panoramic view of the surrounding area, including the northeastern Base Camp and the Living Quarters.

One Of The Supply Vessels Anchors At The New Point Of Arrival (POI)

The Factory and the helipad close to the Control Center have received two massive supply ships over the perilous waters.

Operators can search the upper and lower levels of these ships for useful items and Supply Boxes without worrying about being discovered. The main Nova 6 Factory has one of them right outside. The other is at the brand-new attraction Dock, which connects the nearby concrete helipad with the cargo ship.

Walking from across gangplank, parkouring across cargo containers, or swooping down from surrounding structures like cranes are all viable options for boarding either ship.

Fight from these locations by ascending to the ship’s living quarters or taking a dangerous ascent to higher terrain, either of which may provide greater sightlines to neighbouring regions on the Docks or the northwestern Lookout area.

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Locations Including A Prison Yard, A Water Tower, Redeploy Balloons And More!

Not only has the Stronghold been renovated and ships moored, but other alterations have also been made to Rebirth Island.

Visit the main Prison Yard to see how it is being reinforced and to view the structural steel being utilised on it, which could be used as cover or as platform for jumping onto to the guard wall pathways.

The newly painted water tower now proudly displays Perseus’s flags from its sides, which operators will surely notice.

Redeploy Balloons from Caldera have landed in strategic locations across Rebirth Island, providing a convenient means of attaining altitude. They serve the same purpose, but with a shorter ascender cable to ensure a reasonable amount of ground may be covered in a day.


After the patch, Rebirth Island has even more to offer in terms of locations and amenities, but you’ll have to discover them on your own. As a result, I urge you to hold tight for this fantastic development.

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