When is iOS 16.3 Coming Out? What Are The New Features of iOS 16.3?

Despite the many leaks and speculations, iOS 16.2 was officially released on December 14. This means that rumours and leaks about the next release, iOS 16.3, are appearing online. The iOS 16.3 beta is currently available, so you shouldn’t be too late.

The business has already announced that the features from the official iOS 16 release will be included in the subsequent versions. Since the Developer Beta has already been made available to the testers, the Public Beta is usually made available to the entire public the next day.

Apple often reveals a number of features for the upcoming iOS version in June that won’t be included in the initial release of the upgrade in September alongside the new iPhones. In the case of iOS 16, Apple said in June that Live Activities will be included in a later update. Also, they were released formally in October with iOS 16.1.

With the exception of one, Apple has delivered all of the promised enhancements following the release of iOS 16. Support for Safari push notifications is expected to debut in iOS 16 in 2023. iOS users will have the same access to push alerts from their favourite sites as Mac users do on Safari. Apple promised to introduce this long-awaited feature in 2023 when they revealed it in June.

New Features of iOS 16.3 

Features of iOS 16.3

Bug fixes and security improvements are included in every iOS version. However, the following are the most notable additions to iOS 16.3.

Data Security Is Now Global Although it is not explicitly stated in the release notes, it is believed that Advanced Data Protection, which was initially released just to U.S. users, is now available to users everywhere in iOS 16.3.

Apple ID hardware security keys: Using a FIDO-compliant physical key, you can now add an extra layer of security to your Apple ID login. Learn more about the safeguards added by Apple recently.

Help with the HomePod Generation 2: The newly released HomePod second generation is now fully supported by this update.

Archive of Black Solidarity: Apple has released a new Apple Watch face. And a slew of specially selected content across all of its platforms in honour of Black History Month in February.

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When Will Be iOS16.3 Released?

Release of iOS16.3

As you can see in the excerpt below from renowned Apple critic Mark Gurman’s Power on the newsletter. Gurman speculates that iOS 16.3 will be released sometime between the beginning of February and the beginning of March.

This can be taken as a fairly solid approximation, even though Mr. Gurman isn’t always right on the money. (His original forecasts for new MacBook Pro’s being introduced towards the end of 2022 didn’t pan out in the end).

Updates to Apple’s iOS are typically released within a 15-minute window beginning at 10 a.m. Pacific Standard Time. Even though we won’t know for sure what time the release will occur until the day of the actual release. And Apple is known to occasionally break with precedent, this is as close as we can get.

Not much is known about iOS 16.3, but after the forthcoming release of iOS 16.2, we anticipate hearing news of a beta release sometime in the next few weeks.

You can sign up for the iOS 16.3 beta programme as usual as soon as Apple makes the announcement.

When Will New Macs Come Out?

When will New Macs come out?

Despite widespread speculation to the contrary, we have confirmed that Apple has no plans to release any new Macs until the end of 2022.

According to Gurman, the company had planned to release updated 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pros with M2 CPUs as early as this fall. But it has since altered its mind.

Reportedly, the corporation is planning to release those laptops in early 2023, between early February and the beginning of March. It will be before the release of new Macs.

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Through the course of the iOS 16.3 beta, we anticipate more functionality to become available. Apple Music Classical, a dedicated classical music app promised a year ago, and Apple Pay Later, which would enable you split payments into four instalments using Apple’s payment service, have yet to show in any of Apple’s upgrades since the September release of the newest iPhone software version.

We’re also anticipating the release of iOS 16.2’s Custom Accessibility Mode. This was teased in the betas and will allow users to simplify the home screen. And Also increase the size of text and controls. Finally, iOS 16.3 seems like a suitable approach to extend Advanced Data Protection to more parts of the world. As Apple has promised to do in early 2023.

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