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Why We Celebrate International Day Of Acceptance 

The (Global) International Day of Acceptance is an inspiring experiment in social entrepreneurship that raises awareness. Annie Hopkins created the International Symbol of Acceptance, a wheelchair shaped like a heart, and founded the organisation 3E Love with the goal of making the world a better place for people with disabilities.

The event and its symbol together promote the 3E Love philosophy of unconditional affection, acceptance, tolerance, and compassion.

Disability pride and passion, not handouts, are the tools 3E Love uses to empower its customers. Annie’s mission to spread the message that we can all take charge of our lives, pursue our dreams, and be the best versions of ourselves regardless of our circumstances has resonated with people all over the globe.

Annie passed away on January 20th, 2009, after experiencing complications during a routine medical procedure. Both her loved ones and the International Symbol of Acceptance will carry her legacy forward forever. Stevie Hopkins, Annie’s brother and the co-founder of 3E Love, has paid tribute to his sister and vowed to continue her altruistic work.

To commemorate Annie’s life and legacy, Stevie and her family instituted an annual event on the first anniversary of her death, with participants encouraged to wear the logo, draw it on their hands or cheeks, purchase buttons and T-shirts, or even just change their profile pictures on social media to the logo for the day.

Origins Of The International Day Of Acceptance

By definition, acceptance is when one gives their blessing to something without making any efforts to alter it. At some point in our lives, we have all felt rejected or left out of a social gathering. Think back on a time when you felt left out, whether it was because you weren’t chosen for a team or because your friends decided to go see a movie without you. Envision a world where feeling left out is a normal part of your day.

In a perfect world, everyone would be embraced for who they are, differences and all. Our real-life heroine Annie Hopkins appeared to us in a vision like this. Respect for people with disabilities is celebrated on this day in memory of Annie Hopkins.

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In honour of Annie Hopkins, the woman behind 3E Love and the Symbol of Acceptance, the world celebrates International Day of Acceptance every year. She started 3E Love to teach people how to be more accepting of others and thus make the world a better place.

In the form of a wheelchair shaped like a heart, the Symbol of Acceptance represents the unconditional love and acceptance of all people. As a universal symbol, it brought people of all abilities together and sparked discussions that led to positive societal shifts.

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How To Celebrate The Day Of Acceptance

As part of the celebration, people with disabilities are urged to talk about the moment they finally felt accepted. Displaying the “wheelchair heart,” the International Symbol of Acceptance, is another way to mark this day. How to Join in:

  • Figure out how to accept and encourage people of all abilities.
  • You should teach your kids to accept and even embrace those who are different from them.
  • Give to a cause that fights for the civil liberties of people with disabilities.
  • Tell us how it feels to be accepted by those around you if you happen to have a disability.
  • Enjoy a film like Crip Camp or Including Samuel.
  • Use the hashtag #DayOfAcceptance to raise online awareness of the event.

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Although Annie passed away in 2009, her legacy will be remembered long after International Day of Acceptance. Her loved ones organised the very first International Day of Acceptance in 2010, and since then, 3E Love and the Wheelchair Heart have gained notoriety all over the world as symbols of positivity and strength. Every single state and 33 different countries now have a copy of 3E Love’s Wheelchair Heart.

The day is meant to spread the message that you welcome people of all abilities. You can initiate change by showing the world that you accept people of varying abilities through your own actions.


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