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We Miss Jv On Wild 94.9; Where Has He Gone? Brings You The Whole Shebang Right To Your Door



After her husband, a popular Bay Area DJ, was missing for nearly a week, Natasha Yi issued a statement.

On Wednesday night, Natasha Yi, the host of Wild 94.9 and JV’s wife, posted the following message on the network’s Instagram page. An established morning show host is still being sought by a San Diego radio station.

Wild 94.9 DJ Jeffrey Vandergrift, aka “JV,” was spotted for the last time on Thursday in the King Street neighbourhood of San Francisco. The SFPD confirmed JV was missing on Saturday, February 24, after he had been abducted and killed on Thursday, February 23.

Tonight, Natasha, JV’s wife and a dear friend and colleague at iHeartMedia San Francisco, released the following statement. Wild 94.9 said on Monday that neither of his savings accounts nor his debit cards had any traceable activity since his disappearance.

Explain Who Jv Is

Vandergrift is a white male that weighs around 180 pounds and stands around 6 feet tall with brown eyes. The police said he had multiple tattoos, including one on each arm and one just over his right ear, and that he was last seen wearing black sweatpants.

A well-known voice on Wild 94.9, Jeffrey ‘JV’ Vandergrift hosts a popular radio programme. The San Diego Police Force said he is missing and is believed to be in danger.

Vandergrift is indeed a white male, 54 years old, and of average height (approximately 6 feet). His head was shaved, his eyes were brown, and he was last seen donning a pair of black sweatpants.

Vandergrift attended Fremont High School, where she grew up. At the age of 25, he launched what would become the most popular morning show in San Francisco. The radio host co-hosted Doghouse on Wild 94.9 in the ’90s and ’00s.

It was co-hosted by Dan “Elvis” Lay & Lynn “Hollywood” Otani. After a long stint in New York, JV’ and his spouse Natasha Yi have returned to San Francisco. Now that he’s back in the east bay, he hosts the “JV Talk” on Wild 94.9.

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Just What Ended Up Happening To Jv At 94.9?

Wild 94.9’s host, Jeffrey ‘JV’ Vandergrift, is a well-known radio personality. It has been reported that he is missing and “at risk” by the San Diego Police Department.

Jeffrey Vandergrift vanished from of the couple’s San Diego home on Thursday, Feb 23, 2023. JV was last observed on Feb 23, 2023, at ten o’clock at night, on the 200 blocks of King Street, close to his home.

Before he went missing, Vandergrift, 54, made public his struggle with Lyme illness. The California Police Department has reported that DJ Jeffrey Vandergrift of Wild 94.9 has been missing since Thursday night.

As “JV” of Crazy 94.9’s “York JV Show,” Jeffrey Vandergrift has been missing since Friday night at 10 o’clock from his residence in the two hundred block of King Street.

Reports of his disappearance were broadcast on Wild 94.9. The police say that when they last saw Jeffrey Vandergrift, he was donning a pair of black sweatpants.

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Where Does Natasha Yi Come From?

This American actress, model, TV host, content producer, influencer on social media, public face, and entrepreneur is Natasha Yi. She entered this world on February 25, 1979, in Ma, Massachusetts.

Her extraordinary acting skills have brought her widespread fame. After her breakout performance in Rush Hour 2, she pursued a career as a fashion model. She and her radio presenter spouse, Jeffrey “JV” Vandergrift, host The JV Show on Wild 94.9.

Jv Is “At Risk” Because He Has Been Fighting Lyme Illness

Wild 94.9 is hosted by Jeffrey ‘JV’ Vandergrift, a well-known radio DJ. According to the San Diego Police Department, he is simply missing and is in danger.

Vandergrift is a white man, 54 years old, of about 6 feet in height. He had brown eyes and was balding when he was last seen. He weighs 180 kilos and sports a slew of ink on his arms and the area just above the right ear.

On February 23 at 10 o’clock at night, 2023, JV disappeared from the 200 blocks on King St, San Francisco.

The San Francisco Police Department has issued a call for assistance at 415-575-4444, asking that anyone who has seen him or has information about his whereabouts contact them immediately.

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There was much conjecture concerning Jeffrey Vandergrift’s location after he mysteriously disappeared from his radio programme career in 2021. Doctors at the time claimed they were at a loss as to what was amiss with him.

When JV returned to a airwaves in April 2022, he discussed his diagnoses of Lyme illness. His many admirers immediately began pouring out messages of grief and support.

Brain fog, tremors, and other symptoms caused by Lyme disease limit the mental and physical capacities of those who contract it. Victims of the condition find it challenging to go about their regular lives. Vandergrift claimed he discussed s*lf-h*rm concepts and assured listeners he will be back on the air soon.

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No new information regarding JV’s whereabouts has been made available. Fans are frightened, and the cops are doing everything they can to locate the popular host.

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Miya Rudd’s Other Grandparents Arrested During KSP Presence in Daviess County



Miya Rudd's Other Grandparents Arrested During KSP Presence in Daviess County

In a shocking turn of events, the grandparents of Miya Rudd have been arrested for their involvement in the violent protests that took place in Daviess County yesterday.

The Kentucky State Police (KSP) had a strong presence during the protests, and they were able to apprehend several individuals who were involved in the chaos.

Miya Rudd, a fifth-grader from Owensboro, made headlines when she bravely spoke out against her own parents’ participation in the protests. She gained national attention for her maturity and courage in standing up for what she believed was right. However, it seems that the violence did not stop at her parents’ actions.

According to KSP officials, Miya’s other grandparents were among the individuals arrested during the protests. The couple, whose names have not been released by authorities, were charged with inciting a riot and destruction of public property.

They were reportedly seen throwing rocks at officers and setting fire to vehicles during the protest.

The arrests have left many shocked and confused as to how this family could be involved in such an act of violence. Miya has been placed under the custody of child protective services while her parents and grandparents face legal consequences for their actions.

The KSP has emphasized that they will not tolerate any kind of violence or destruction of public property, and anyone found guilty will be held accountable.

The officials also praised Miya for her bravery in speaking out against the protests and encouraged others to follow her example by peacefully expressing their beliefs.

Meanwhile, the community has come together in support of young Miya, with many expressing their concern for her well-being. A GoFundMe campaign has been set up to help cover the costs of therapy and other resources that may be needed for Miya after this traumatic experience.

The events at Daviess County have sparked a nationwide discussion about the impact of violent protests and the importance of peaceful demonstrations. It has also shed light on the effects that such actions can have on innocent individuals, like Miya.

As for Miya, she is being hailed as a hero for not only standing up against her own family but also for bringing attention to the consequences of violence in protests.

Her bravery and maturity at such a young age serve as an inspiration to many, and it is hoped that she will continue to use her voice for positive change in the future.

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Texas Court Overturns Biden’s Title IX Protections for LGBTQ+ Students



In a recent ruling, a federal court in Texas struck down the Biden administration’s Title IX protections for LGBTQ+ students. The decision has sparked controversy and raised concerns about discrimination against LGBTQ+ individuals in schools.

The Title IX policy, implemented by the Department of Education under President Joe Biden, sought to protect students from sex-based discrimination in education. It also expanded these protections to include gender identity and sexual orientation.

However, the court ruled that the policy exceeded the authority of the executive branch and went beyond what was intended by Congress when they passed Title IX in 1972.

The ruling by the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas was made in response to a lawsuit filed by multiple conservative states, including Texas, Tennessee, Alabama, and Kentucky.

The plaintiffs argued that the new Title IX policy would lead to harmful consequences such as allowing transgender athletes to compete in sports according to their gender identity.

Advocates for LGBTQ+ rights have condemned the court’s decision, stating that it undermines the progress made towards inclusivity and equality for LGBTQ+ individuals. They argue that Title IX protections are crucial for ensuring a safe and fair learning environment for students of all sexual orientations and gender identities.

The ruling has also received criticism from the Biden administration, with White House press secretary Jen Psaki stating that they would review all available options to protect LGBTQ+ students’ rights. President Biden himself has been a strong advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, promising to prioritize them during his campaign and signing executive orders to protect their rights since taking office.

According to a survey by The Trevor Project, an organization dedicated to providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ+ youth, nearly 80% of LGBTQ+ youth reported experiencing discrimination based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Title IX protections can play a significant role in reducing such discrimination and ensuring that LGBTQ+ youth have equal access to education.

While the court’s decision is a setback for LGBTQ+ rights, it is important to continue fighting for equality and inclusivity for all individuals, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

The Biden administration has vowed to appeal the ruling and take necessary steps to protect the rights of LGBTQ+ students. It is crucial to support these efforts and advocate for policies that promote diversity and acceptance in schools.

Only then can we truly create a safe and inclusive learning environment for all students. So, this news brings attention towards the importance of continued advocacy and fight for equal rights and protection of the LGBTQ+ community.

So, let us continue to stand in solidarity with them and work towards a more inclusive future. It is only through collective efforts that we can create a world where everyone is treated equally and with respect.

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Wreckage of Jet that Disappeared in 1971 Discovered in Lake Champlain



Wreckage of Jet that Disappeared in 1971 Discovered in Lake Champlain

After nearly five decades, the mystery surrounding a missing jet has finally been solved. The wreckage of an F-4 Phantom jet that vanished in 1971 has been found at the bottom of Lake Champlain.

The discovery comes as a result of an underwater search expedition by a team of divers, who had been searching for the missing aircraft since August. The jet was reportedly on a training mission when it disappeared without any trace.

According to reports, the jet took off from Burlington International Airport in Vermont on November 24, 1971, and was headed towards the Atlantic Ocean for a training exercise. However, it never made it to its destination and disappeared from radar.

The missing jet sparked a massive search operation involving multiple agencies, but no trace of the aircraft or its two pilots were ever found. The case remained unsolved for years until now.

The team of divers who discovered the wreckage described it as being in “remarkably good condition” despite being underwater for almost five decades. They also noted that the jet had sustained significant damage upon impact with the water.

Further investigations revealed that the jet’s cockpit canopy was open at the time of the crash, indicating that the pilots had attempted to eject before impact. However, their ejection seats were never deployed.

The cause of the crash is still unknown, but experts believe it could have been due to mechanical failure or pilot error. The two pilots, identified as Major Josef Labbe and Captain Ralph Boleyn, were both experienced pilots with over 800 flight hours each.

This discovery brings closure to the families of the missing pilots who have been waiting for answers for almost 50 years. It also serves as a reminder of the dangers faced by military personnel in training exercises and the sacrifices they make for their country.

The wreckage of the F-4 Phantom jet will be recovered from Lake Champlain and preserved as a memorial to the two missing pilots. The investigation into the crash will also continue in hopes of shedding more light on this tragic event that occurred almost half a century ago.

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