Dusty Rhodes' Cause Of Death

While it’s true that Dusty Rhodes never managed to defeat WWE supremo Vince McMahon, few would argue that the WWE Hall of Famer didn’t leave an impression on the sport quite as large as the one his younger son, Cody, is making with All Elite Wrestling today.

Dusty Rhodes didn’t appear like he belonged in the ring with the world’s top professional wrestlers. While he was actually performing. Unlike Andre the Giant, he did not reach seven feet in height.

He didn’t have Hulk Hogan-sized pythons. But, that didn’t prevent him from crossing. He was a charismatic juggernaut of a storyteller and a brilliant wrestler. What made him endearing was his everyday appearance. His “Hard Times” ad from 1985 is still one of the best in the industry and helped humanise him to fans.

What Killed Dusty Rhodes, When he was 69 years old, American professional wrestler, booker, and trainer Dusty Rhodes passed away. Some may wonder what exactly killed Dusty Rhodes, so we’ve included information about that.

“The American Dream,” Dusty Rhodes, passed away on June 11, 2015. He worked for the NWA and the WWE as a performer, booker, and trainer.

WWE fans are often misinformed that Dusty Rhodes died of cancer. Despite the fact that he actually passed away from renal disease.

This article serves as an obituary for WWE legend Dusty Rhodes. Recounting his life and career in the ring as well as the struggles he faced due to stomach cancer.

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Who Was Dusty Rhodes?

Who Was Dusty Rhodes?

Virgil Riley Runnels Jr., also known as “The American Dream,” was born on October 11, 1945 and died on June 11, 2015. American professional wrestler, booker, and trainer Dusty Rhodes is most known for his time spent with the National Wrestling Alliance and the World Wrestling Federation (WWF/WWE).

When it comes to professional wrestling, Rhodes is universally regarded as one of the all-time greats, both in terms of his skill on the mat and his ability to speak the talk.

Rhodes won the NWA World Heavyweight Title three times, as well as the US Heavyweight Title, the World Television Title, the World Tag Team Title, and the World Six-Man Tag Team Title while with Jim Crockett Promotions (later WCW).

In addition to his national success, he has won a number of regional titles. And is one of only seven individuals to be inducted into the WWE, WCW, Professional Wrestling, and Wrestling Observer Newsletter Halls of Fame. Both of his sons have gone into the wrestling business; Dustin for AEW and Cody for WWE.

After hanging up his boots, he served as a booker and producer in WWE’s NXT developmental division. Making infrequent on-air appearances on WWE television and pay-per-views.

Although he was marketed as “the son of a plumber,” Rhodes did not have the physique of a normal wrestler. Instead, his persona was that of a “ordinary man,” as shown in his numerous interviews. WWE chairman Vince McMahon once said that no other wrestler “personified the essence of charisma quite like Dusty Rhodes.”

Cause Of Dusty Rhodes’ Death

Cause Of Dusty Rhodes’ Death

Many health issues contributed to the former wrestler’s untimely death. Stomach cancer is an example of such a problem. Even though he slimmed down before passing away, his life was cut short. His reported weight as of his last billing was 275 pounds.

Dusty Rhodes’ Orlando, Florida residence was visited by emergency services on the morning of the day before his death. According to the caller, a 69-year-old guy has fallen and needs assistance getting up. After being taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital, he passed dead on Thursday morning. When his loved ones found out he was hospitalised, they rushed to be at his side.

After various issues on Wednesday night and Thursday morning, it was confirmed that Dusty Rhodes had passed away.

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Cause Of Dusty Rhodes’ Death

The Great American Fantasy Dusty Rhodes’ health declined rapidly in his old age. His stomach cancer and kidney problems were already mentioned.

Around 1.5% of all instances of cancer in the United States are cases of stomach cancer. In a similar vein, chronic kidney disease is thought to affect almost 15% of American adults, or 37 million people (CKD).

Unfortunately, in his final years, Dusty Rhodes was struggling with both. Because of his monthly exams and treatments, he spent the majority of his time in transit to and from the hospital.

Rhodes helped many wrestlers along in their careers while working as a producer for WCW.

Since in August 2015, WWE’s NXT has hosted an annual tag team event in honour of Dusty Rhodes called the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. Adding a women’s league in 2021.

A puppet of Rhodes, who used to teach at the WWE Performance Center, watches over the pupils from the equipment in the promo room.

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