Red hair has always stood out to us as unusual and captivating. We all like redheads’ flaming locks, despite the terrible fact that many of them are targets of insults and ridicule. It’s the ideal time to express our affection for them since January 12 is Kiss A Ginger Day.

We all sometimes wish we had red hair, but because it only exists in 2% of the population, we turn to hair dyes to achieve the hue. Contrary to popular belief, red hair is not now and has never been a characteristic of the Irish, British, or European people.

Red hair was reportedly common in Greece and Asia, according to historical records and archaeological findings. North western Europe is now where the characteristic is most common. Kiss a ginger while you can since red hair is rapidly vanishing throughout the globe.

fiery red hair, fair complexion, and blue or green eyes. Some of the most incredibly handsome people in the world have these qualities.

They were previously revered for having filled their crimson hair with the very fire of the Gods, which was said to have been stolen by them. Your chance to steal a kiss from one of these very handsome genetic oddities comes on Kiss a Ginger Day.

Additionally, did you know that redheads don’t age to grey? Now that you know, we know you’re envious! This is so because red hair retains its pigment for a longer period of time than other colour varieties. As a result, when it does fade, it does not become dull or grey. Instead, it will become a stunning shade of silvery-white. You can clearly understand what we’re referring about by looking at some web pictures.

The Origin Of This Kissing Experience

In an effort to counterbalance the far less enjoyable Kick A Ginger Day that occurs in November, Derek Forgie created Kiss a Ginger Day in 2009 as part of a Facebook group. Gingers were harassed and attacked at schools all across the globe as a result of the events of this violent incident.

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True red is only found in 1-2% of the population, making redheads one of the rarest genetic manifestations in the world. Burgundy to bright copper are some of the hues that may be observed, with a few unlucky occurrences of hot orange in between.

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While this hue of hair is derided in certain regions of the globe and is the source of expressions like “like a red-headed stepchild,” the rest of the world has an unwavering affection for them. One of the most widely used hair care products is red hair dye, which is available in a variety of hues, some of which are unheard-of in nature.

It’s an intriguing fact that although red hair is often connected with Ireland, redheads really have a longer history. Red hair is a holdover from the days of the Viking invasions, when it was brought in through immigration and acts of horrible cruelty committed upon the Vikings’ victims.

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Interesting Details Regarding This Remarkable Day

  1. Scotland (13%) and Ireland (10%) have the largest percentages of redheads, respectively. Only 2% of people worldwide have red hair.
  2. Red-haired people are perhaps more sensitive to pain. This is so because the gene mutation (MC1R) that results in red hair also affects a gene associated with pain receptors. Additionally, it implies that redheads often need more anaesthetic for dental and medical treatments.
  3. Some redheads are special for reasons other than just having red hair. Additionally, they are more like to be left-handed. Recessive genes, which like to appear in pairs, are the source of both traits.
  4. Redheads are unlikely to get grey hair. That’s because the pigment just ages with time. They will thus likely become blonde or maybe white, but not grey.
  5. Hitler allegedly forbade the marriage of redheads. Evidently, he believed it would result in “deviant offspring.”
  6. Brown eyes are the most typical eye colour for redheads. Blue eyes are the least typical eye colour.
  7. Redheads have been shown to attract bees more than other colours.
  8. The health advantages of having red hair may outweigh the disadvantages. According to a research by the British Journal of Cancer, men with red hair are 54% less likely than their peers with brown and blonde hair to get prostate cancer.
  9. Redheads really have less hair than the majority of the population. They typically only have 90,000 hair strands, compared to 140,000 for blonds, for example. Red hair, on the other hand, tends to be thicker, so it still seems to be full.

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Kiss A Ginger Day is the perfect chance to either brighten a ginger person’s day or put a stop to the everyday persecution that many ginger individuals experience due of their hair colour. So go forward and show your care for those with red hair!

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