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Here are five tools and online services to compress photos and reduce file sizes, useful whether you’re just trying to save room on your Mac’s drive or speed up your website’s images.

Avoid using the original files from your digital camera or mobile device whenever possible, such as when transporting them on a thumb drive, sending them via email, sharing them online, or uploading them to a website. 

Photos taken with modern equipment often have enormous file sizes and pixel dimensions.

compress photos mac

Optimising photographs usually entails reducing both the file size and the physical dimensions in pixels. 

It will increase the speed of your website, decrease the time it takes to send emails, and allow you to store more pictures on a thumbdrive. If your MacBook’s hard drive is on the small side, you may want to reduce the file size of your photos.

Here are five methods to reduce image file sizes without sacrificing quality. You can reduce the size of an image by half without noticing any noticeable difference in quality. 

And it is surprising how much data can be removed from a photo before it is noticed. Many people cannot tell the difference between an uncompressed original and a compressed version that is half the size.


Neuxpower offers a desktop application that can downloaded and used to compress images and other types of files. 

The supposedly free NXPowerLite app failed to impress us for a few reasons: first, it is actually a trial; second, when launched, macOS shows a warning, similar to the one shown when 32-bit programs are about to become incompatible.

When you click the button on Neuxpower’s site, you’ll taken to WeCompress, an online version of the image compression app that operates in a web browser.

compress photos on mac with WeCompress

 Simply drag a photo file from the Finder window and drop it in the browser; no additional settings or options are required. After a brief period of processing, the file uploaded and made available for download.

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Although the resulting compressed image not the smallest possible file size, the compression excellent, and the image quality virtually unchanged from the original. The desktop app can compress multiple images at once and produce identical results. an additional web-based tool for reducing image and video file sizes. It only offers a binary selection between lossy (like JPG) and lossless (like PNG) compression. After choosing an output format, a photo can dropped from Finder into the browser window or clicked to open a file selection dialogue from the local hard drive.

After the photo has been uploaded, it can downloaded in a matter of seconds. To the untrained eye, the compressed version of the image is identical to the uncompressed version.

The size of the compressed image is not as small as it can be with some other services and apps; perhaps the default compression settings are overly cautious. Image compression software has advanced to the point where it is no longer necessary to use it.


ImageOptim is a no-cost program for those who wish to compress images in bulk according to their own preferences. For instance, you can adjust the JPEG compression level from 50% to 99%. 

Compression methods for.png and.gif files are also available. Plus, there’s an optimization slider with Quick, Normal, Extra, and Insane options. Although I increased optimization to Insane, I stuck with the standard compression setting of 80%. 

Apple Preview

To reduce the file size of photos on a Mac, you need only double-click on an image to open it in Preview, and then choose File, Export. 

While dragging the quality slider to a new position, the file size displayed below so you can make an informed decision about the level of compression to use for the exported image.

compress photos in mac on apple preview

When I used Preview to compress an image to the same dimensions as those I had set for ImageOptim, the result was just as high quality as any of the other compressors I had used. 

However, neither a default nor a method of determining how much of a reduction in size is safe for an image are available. The best you can do take an educated guess, preview the output, and try exporting again with different parameters if you’re not satisfied. It’s not always reliable.


Google has released a new online service called Squoosh to compress images in an effort to make the web faster. In an earlier piece, I examined Squoosh.

You can quickly and easily use Squoosh by dragging a picture from the Finder and dropping it on the browser window. After dragging an image onto the download button, you can start downloading it immediately, but unlike the other utilities we tested, you have a lot of control over the final product.

compress photos mac on Squoosh

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As a general rule, 75% on the quality slider will produce satisfactory results for most images. If I’m going to use a screenshot that has small text, I usually bump it up to 80% to make the text a little clearer, but otherwise, the default is fine.

FAQs – People Also Ask

How do I reduce the MB size of a photo?

The Android equivalent, Photo Compress, can downloaded from the Google Play store. Get the app from the app store and start using it. You can reduce the size of a number of selected images by using the Resize Image menu option.

Make sure the aspect ratio is still active so that the resizing doesn’t distort the proportions of the original image.

How do I compress a folder of photos on a Mac?

Reduce the size of a data set or directory by compressing it: Select Compress from the contextual menu that appears when you control-click or tap it with two fingers. Single-item compression results in a file with the original name plus extension. 

The name “Archive” refers to the type of file that created when multiple items compressed at once.

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