Garmin Fenix 7
Garmin Fenix 7

When scheduling their Instagram posts, Garmin Israel got a little click-happy and posted news of a launch event happening on January 18th at 16:30 Israel time, which is 14:30 UTC/GMT. This news has not been confirmed.

As expected, Garmin’s Fenix 7 and Epix Gen 2 will be released at CES, but the announcement does not explicitly mention these two devices. We’ve seen a lot of leaks about them, so we can assume they’re almost ready to go live.

At this time, the latest innovations from Garmin Outdoor will be unveiled in an announcement from Garmin Norway. This year’s keynote speakers include Brad Trenkle, the company’s vice president of an outdoor segment.

A mountaineer appears to be the marketing image, so it’s not going to be a running or general fitness product. Perhaps I’m reading too much into it?

The Garmin Fenix 7 and Epix Generation 2 are almost certainly going on sale at this time. The Instinct 2 is also expected to be released at the same time.

Deals On The Most Popular Fenix 7 Models

Deals On The Most Popular Fenix 7 Models
Deals On The Most Popular Fenix 7 Models

A list of the contents

  • Price and release date
  • Design
  • Garmin Fenix 7 Model
  • Fenix 7 Specifications
  • The Fenix 7 Watches
  • How does the Fenix 7 compare to the Epix 2?

Price And Release Date

  • Available to order now
  • Costs more than Fenix 6

Until January 18, 2022, the Garmin Fenix 7 series can be purchased directly from Garmin. ” Standard models start at $699.99 / £599.98 / AU$1,049, depending on the currency. One can expect to pay $999.99 for the top-tier Fenix 7X Sapphire Solar ($1,499).

Compared to its predecessor, the Fenix 6, which was priced at $599 when it debuted in 2019, this is a significant increase. However, the Garmin Epix premium everyday watch, which launched on the same day at $899.99 / £799.99 / AU$1,399.9, is significantly less expensive.

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  • Touchscreen and physical buttons
  • No increase in weight
  • Premium materials

Three sizes (42mm, 47mm, and 51mm) of the Fenix 7 are available, each with standard, Solar, and Sapphire Solar versions:

Garmin Fenix 7 Model

42mm case47mm case52mm case
Fenix 7SFenix 7Fenix 7X
Fenix 7S SolarFenix 7 SolarFenix 7X Solar
Fenix 7S Solar SapphireFenix 7 Solar SapphireFenix 7S Solar Sapphire

Fenix 7 Specifications

Those familiar with Garmin’s Fenix 7 smartwatch will recognize some of the watch’s features.

For the Fenix 7X watch line-up, there are three sizes: 42mm, 47mm, and 51mm. There are also available Solar Editions and Sapphire Solar Editions for each of these three models.

Fenix 7 Specifications
Fenix 7 Specifications

Fenix 7S and 7, on the other hand, use a fiber-reinforced polymer for the watch’s regular model.

Titanium and sapphire are used in the Sapphire Solar Editions’ displays for increased durability.

According to Garmin, solar charging will be available in all three sizes.

To top it all off, Garmin asserts that both watches have 54% more solar surface area than the Fenix 6X Pro, which should translate to significantly more time between charges.

According to Garmin, the 7S’s maximum battery life is 90 hours when GPS is enabled and 162 hours when solar charging.

When using solar power, those 136 hours increase to 289 hours.

According to the manufacturer, the 7X can run for 213 hours on a single charge or 578 hours on solar power.

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The Fenix 7 Watches

Gamin also added an L5 frequency range to the Fenix 7 to improve GPS accuracy in challenging environments.

However, the watch will be able to communicate with all of the major satellites.

This is one of three civilian-friendly modernized GPS signals with a higher power, more bandwidth, and more advanced signal design, according to the US government, which was reported by the Verge website.

Other than that, the watches will also feature touchscreens, but they will also retain their traditional buttons.

You can choose between three different models of the Fenix 7, each with its own unique size. In addition to the standard and sapphire solar models (which are new for Fenix 7), customers can select from a variety of other options.

Starting at $699.99, the Fenix 7S model is the most affordable.

How Does The Fenix 7 Compare To The Epix 2?

If you’re on a budget, the Fenix 7 might be the best option for you. Although the solar Fenix 7 will increase the cost, it is an option worth exploring.

In fact, any premium materials will raise the price, so keep that in mind. Prices for the Garmin Epix and Fenix 7 start at around $899.99 and $699.99 respectively.

More sizing options are available in the Fenix 7 lineup. Because of this, there are three different sizes of Fenix 7, whereas there is only a single size available for Epix.
Both watches bear a striking resemblance to Garmin’s rugged designs.. As a result, Garmin stands behind this rugged design, which is ideal for outdoor sports like hiking.

Unlike the Fenix 7, the Epix model’s screen is a color AMOLED display with a higher resolution than the Fenix 7. However, the Fenix 7’s screen is visible but not as bright and striking as an AMOLED display.

Is The Fenix 7 A Good Buy?

For those who enjoy sports, competition, and beating their own personal best, the latest Garmin watch may be just the ticket. Fenix 7 has the ability to coach you and guide you through new workouts, while also keeping track of your health data so that you can see your progress over time. A new look and a slew of high-end smartwatch features round out the package.

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