cleanmymac x review

The purpose of CleanMyMac X is to maintain a clutter-free Mac, allowing it to continue functioning as if it were brand new. Whenever a Mac user’s storage capacity is low, it’s usually due to temporary files taking up too much room.

 CleanMyMac’s suite of utilities means you’ll never have to worry about manually cleaning your system again. A great deal of praise has given to CleanMyMac, and it has called the best Mac cleaner in many reviews.

 Given that a new version of CleanMyMac is now available, we decided to give it a try, put it through our paces, and see if it lives up to its promises in our own CleanMyMac review. Find out what we discovered in the following paragraphs.

CleanMyMac, created by Macpaw in 2009 and updated in 2015, is a utility app for Mac OS X that can automate or simplify the process of removing unnecessary files.

System files, log files, cache files, language files, universal binaries, outdated iOS software updates, and temporary iPhoto files are just some of the types of files the software can find and remove from the Mac OS X startup disc. 

cleanmymac x review

This can done on a predetermined timetable. Use an uninstaller to completely remove unused software, and use a browser’s extension manager to disable or remove extensions you don’t want. 

The programme provides a safe and efficient way to delete files without sending them to the trash can. Over three million people have used the app since it first became available. 

On March 5, 2013, a new version, CleanMyMac2, released with a revamped user interface, an iPhoto library cleanup tool, a large and old file finder (for possible deletion), OS X Mavericks compatibility, and performance enhancements.

 Version 3.0.2 of CleanMyMac 3 released by MacPaw on May 8, 2015. The minimum system requirement is OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, and the recommended minimum free space is 45MB. There are ten different languages that can used with the programme.

CleanMyMac Features

With CleanMyMac, your Mac will run more efficiently and smoothly than ever before. We’ve compiled a complete list of the many services and features it provides. In this review, we’ll evaluate each feature to see if it serves its intended purpose, and by the end, we’ll be able to tell you if CleanMyMac X is effective.

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cleanmymac x review Features
  1. Drop-Down Control Panel

The app’s menu bar is conveniently located in Mac’s dock. Detailed information about the used and free space on each of your hard drives is displayed. 

The drop-down menu also includes tabs that provide a status overview of your Mac,            including information about its memory (RAM), battery life, CPU utilisation, network speeds, Dropbox storage capacity, and trash.

  1. Battery

The battery tab details the power consumption of all currently active apps.


As time progresses, so do the places where we can safely keep our data. The majority of users today opt for solid-state drives (SSDs) because of their promised speed improvements over traditional disc drives, but these SSDs come at a much higher cost.

 Because of this, using CleanMyMac is a wise decision because it prevents you from wasting precious hard drive space on useless files.

We’ll examine the various ways this programme can make your Mac faster by removing unnecessary files.

  1. System De-Cluttering
cleanmymac x Cleanup

Using MyMac’s System Junk cleanup, you can get rid of all the junk your OS and apps have accumulated over time. By erasing these files, you’ll gain more storage space and enjoy a more streamlined user experience.

The service will request access to your drive before actually using it. After allowing CleanMyMac full access and clicking “Scan,” you will presented with the amount of storage space taken up by these temporary files and additional information about them.

  1. Wasted photographs

If you do a lot of photo editing on a Mac, you may find that you have an excessive amount of temporary files taking up valuable disc space. In addition, browsing the web or downloading an image both result in the creation of temporary files on your computer.

CleanMyMac provides a comprehensive breakdown of all the thumbnails and temporary images taking up space on your Mac. Before writing this CleanMyMac X review. We ran a smart scan and found about 290 MB of unnecessary photo junk taking up space on our system.


Many people wonder if using CleanMyMac X is safe. But our tests showed that it was just as secure as any other utility we’ve tried. CleanMyMac, developed by MacPaw, has been officially verified by Apple to be malware-free. The real issue is whether or not it can prevent infection from the most common Mac OS viruses.

cleanmymac x Protection
  • Delete Malware

While Apple users are not particularly at risk from viruses and other forms of malware. Good online citizenship still requires the occasional scan for potentially malicious files. 

Perhaps your email contains a phishing scam or an infected.dmg attachment. That will cause problems for the recipients’ computers if you forward it.

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Built into CleanMyMac is a Mac Malware Removal tool. Which will scour your computer and inbox for malicious software and alert you if it finds any. Noteworthy, since, as far as we can tell from other Mac cleaning reviews, no other tool provides this feature.

FAQs – People Also Ask

Does Apple recommend CleanMyMac X?

Using CleanMyMac X, it’s easy to keep your Mac running smoothly. Utilizing the included tools, you can quickly and easily get rid of unused software. And data, protect your system from viruses, and more. It’s true that CleanMyMac is risk-free to use, but Apple does not endorse it.

Is CleanMyMac X antivirus?

If you’re looking for a new antivirus programme, look no further than CleanMyMac X. Which one offers the most secure financial safeguards? To help you decide, we’ve included a comparison of these anti-malware tools. Products vary in the features they offer.

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