free data recovery tools

If you’ve accidentally deleted something off of your computer or mobile device, the best free data recovery software(opens in new tab) can help you get it back (opens in new tab). 

Files can be lost in a number of ways, including through careless deletion or a malfunctioning device. However, they are all capable of doing significant damage.

free data recovery tools

Even if you think you’ve permanently erased files from your device, data recovery software may be able to help you retrieve them. The market is flooded with paid services, but there are some great alternatives that don’t cost a dime.

Over the years, we’ve tested a wide variety of data recovery software, and we’ve compiled this list of the best free options to help you in your search.

What Is The Best Free Data Recovery Software?

Recuva is a highly recommended free data recovery programme that provides comprehensive options for Windows users. 

For those who aren’t tech-savvy, the free version of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard(opens in new tab) is a good option; however, it only allows you to recover up to 2GB of data.

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When it comes to technical users, you can’t go wrong with either TestDisk/PhotoRec(opens in new tab) or DMDE Free(opens in new tab). If you’d prefer a straightforward, no-frills programme, Stellar Data Recovery(opens in new tab) is also a viable option.

The Best Free Data Recovery Software Available Right Now


free data recovery tools Available right now

A widely used data recovery programme, Recuva is available for no cost to the user. To use it for profit, you’ll need to purchase a premium licence, but they’re not too expensive.

Although Recuva is Windows-only, it has exceptional support for external drives. It can help you retrieve lost data from external media like flash drives, memory cards, and external hard discs.

Recuva’s speed is another impressive quality. It is lightweight, so you can leave it running in the background without worrying about it slowing down your computer. 

There is no need to wait more than a few minutes for its basic scan, and it is usually quite efficient. While the standard scan is quick, the advanced scan can find and restore even the most inaccessible files.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

For a limited amount of information, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard may be the best choice. A lot of people won’t need more than the 2GB of data restoration that the free version allows. The premium version, however, comes at a high price.

free data recovery tools wizard

The simplicity of EaseUS is one of its most appealing qualities. You don’t need any technical knowledge to run advanced data recovery scans, and the user interface is both straightforward and packed with powerful features.

Unfortunately, EaseUS has sluggish moments. It can take up to 10 minutes for a simple scan, and much longer for more complex ones. However, there were a few files that EaseUS was unable to recover, despite the fact that other programmes had no trouble doing so.

EaseUS Data Recovery is a good option if you need to recover a small number of files or a small amount of data and are looking for a simple, easy-to-use programme.

TestDisk And PhotoRec File Recovery

You can recover lost data quickly and easily with the help of two free, open-source programmes: TestDisk and PhotoRec. All features are free to use, even for commercial purposes, and there are versions for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

free data recovery tools Testdisk & PhotoRec

Using TestDisk and PhotoRec efficiently calls for familiarity with the command line. Because it lacks a graphical user interface, it’s not a good choice for people who are just getting started with technology.

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The combination of TestDisk and PhotoRec, however, can be used to retrieve just about any kind of data. The software can recognise nearly all file formats and work with external storage devices (over 440 recorded).

FAQs – People Also Ask

Is there any free data recovery tool?

Recuva is, without a doubt, the most effective free data recovery programme out there. The advanced features are not required, but can be enabled for more power.

 A wide variety of storage media, including hard drives, external drives (such as USB drives), Blu-ray Discs, DVDs, and CDs, and memory cards, are all supported. Your iPod files are safe from deletion with this programme.

Is Recuva totally free?

When it comes to free file recovery programmes, Recuva is among the best. It’s just as efficient as any other file recovery software, freeware or paid, and it’s a breeze to use.

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