We honor Judy with National Judy Day celebrations. Women are given the name Judy. It is sometimes used as a given name, but more often it is a pet form of Judith or Jude. The origin of the name is a matter of some debate, with some claiming it comes from Hebrew and means “praised,” while others claiming it comes from English and means “from Judaea.

“There’s also the less popular explanation that it’s an Americanized form of the French surname Jude, itself derived from a nickname for Jude. Jude, Judith, Judy, Judi, and Judie are all acceptable variations of the spelling of this name.

Introduction To Judy Day Celebration

Judy was originally a short form of Judith, a name that had been in use since the 18th century. Almost every Judith born in the ’40s and ’50s, when the name was at its peak, went by Judy as a nickname.

It was the eleventh most common name in America that year, 1946. These days, most people who are named Judith are more likely to go by one of two names: Judith or Jude.

Several European royalty, including Judith of Bavaria (9th century), bore the name Judith, which originated on the European continent. However, it was not until after the Protestant Reformation (1517), a widespread movement to reform the Catholic Church in Western Europe, that the name became widely used as an English one. The bloody Thirty Years’ War that ensued as a result of this conflict finally ended in 1648.
At the end of the day, Protestantism won out as the religion of choice across much of Europe. Names associated with saints fell out of favor and names from the “Bible” rose in popularity as a result of this trend.

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During the 17th century, Puritans in England popularized the use of “Old Testament”-style names. Judith appears in the book as one of Esau’s Hittite wives. The apocryphal “Book of Judith” features a woman named Judith who murders the invading Assyrian commander Holofernes while he sleeps.

First Place In The National Memory Day Writing Contest Goes To Judy O’Kane.

The National Memory Day Writing Competition poetry winner is UEA’s Judy O’Kane for her piece “The Fig Tree.” The Irish Post Listowel Writers’ Week competition was also recently won by Judy.

Formerly a practicing attorney and now a professor of advocacy at Ireland’s Law Society, Judy earned an MA in Biography and Creative Non-Fiction from UEA in 2012 and is working on a PhD in Creative and Critical Writing.

She won the 2015 Listwell Writers’ Week Original Poem Prize and was a finalist for the 2016 Tony Lothian Prize (formerly the Biographers’ Club Prize) for the best proposal by an uncommission, first-time biographer. Andrew Motion decided the winner of the ¬£4,000 National Memory Day prize.

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Book Quiz Master Judy Moody

As the saying goes, Judy Moody is playing to win. Obtain a Victory in the Book Quiz Showdown. Two members of the Virginia Dare Bookworms, Judy and her brother Stink have been cramming for Saturday’s matchup with the town’s second- and third-graders by reading voraciously all week.

Judy is employing a wide variety of strategies, including mimicking Pippi Longstocking by hanging upside down and learning to speed read The Princess in Black, and Stink has fashioned a cape out of book trivia sticky notes in order to remember all the penguins in Mr. Popper’s Penguins.

Judy, Stink, and the rest of their team aren’t too concerned until they find out the other team includes a fourth-grader (for real!). Do you think the Bookworms can handle this pressure?

Celebrations Of National Judge Judy Day

Put some time aside for yourself.
To put it simply, if your name is Judy, today is your day, and you can do whatever the hell you want. Stop what you’re doing and give yourself a break for a few hours to do something enjoyable, like watching a movie, that’s been on your to-do list all week. Indeed, you merit it.

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Spend the evening in complete Judy-only silence. If you share the name Judy with several of your friends, you could all hang out. Meet at a bar or nightclub and have a good time!

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