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Young Justice season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot And Every Little Thing You Want To Know So Far

Young Justice was a breath of fresh air when compared to other DC projects. A new series of Batman and Superman wasn’t going to be as successful if it didn’t focus on their young protégés. Miss Martian, Artemis, and Impulse finally got their chance to shine in front of a wider audience, while Robin and Superboy were already well-known to the general public. Poor toy sales led to a two-season cancellation of a fantastic show.

Petitions quickly sprung up in response to the show’s cancellation, as they often do these days. DC Universe, rather than Cartoon Network, will host the third season of the show, the network announced in a statement to fans. It initially appeared that season 3 was meant to wrap up all loose ends from the original run, but more questions were left unanswered, and shortly after the cartoon’s return, it was announced that season 4 was in the works, jumping platforms yet again and premiering exclusively on HBO Max with the subtitle Phantoms.


Young Justice has shown so far that it isn’t afraid to make some deep cuts in terms of what it draws from the comics, so future episodes could take any number of paths. This is what we know about Young Justice season 4 so far, and it’s going to leave you feeling a little underwhelmed!

What’s the release date for Young Justice season 4?

There’s no word yet on when HBO Max will begin airing new episodes of Young Justice. The start of the new season may seem slow, but keep in mind that there was a seven-year break between seasons 2 and 3, so this should move much more quickly.

Even more delays have been caused by the pandemic of COVID-19. As co-creator Greg Weisman explained to CinemaBlend, the team behind the scenes had to make some major changes even though it was an animated show: “We’re all working from home these days. Our transition to working from home has been largely successful when it comes to pre-production activities such as writing scripts, creating storyboards, and designing characters. While not being in the office and having everyone together is less fun, we’re going ahead with it anyway.” As of right now, a late 2021/early 2022 release date is the most probable.

Young Justice season 4 the series’ Targets pick up after the shortest-ever time skip

Weisman and Jones explain how Young Justice: Targets focuses on the characters and introduces new ones.

The fourth season of DC’s long-running animated series Young Justice, Phantoms, ended on a high note for fans of the show. DC Universe Infinite and your local comic book shop will soon feature a six-issue miniseries called Young Justice: Targets, which will see the team put to the test by the kidnapping of Queen Perdita (Beast Boy’s ex-girlfriend), a high-stress, a high-stakes situation that will require all hands on deck.

Young Justice co-executive producer and writer Greg Weisman and storyboard artist Christopher Jones spoke with Newsarama in advance of the Young Justice: Targets debut about what fans can expect from the comic and how it factors into Earth-16’s larger world.

Young Justice season 4 the series' Targets picks up after shortest-ever time skip

Greg Weisman, author of the following statement: I’m sure there will be some frightful scenes to go along with the frightful title. There are a few frightful moments, in my opinion. The finale of Phantoms episode 26 is actually quite upbeat. When they say, “We got Conner back!” it’s because they’re all happy and excited about it. We’ve figured out all of these issues! There is a lot of positive energy around us right now. The situation is under control.’ In the first issue of [Young Justice: Targets], Perdita is kidnapped and takes place.

In issue #2 and beyond, you’ll see that the cast’s response to this is both immediate and intense. As you may be aware, we have a sizable ensemble. Everything will get very intense and frightening, I believe. I’m not going to tell you if Targets’ ending is as happy as Phantoms’, but I will say that it does get scary at that point.

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How Young Justice season 4 Phantoms Returning the Decade-Old Show to Form

There are a plethora of superhero shows available right now, all of which are more accessible than ever before. Like in any ecosystem, there are some good things and a lot of not-so-good things. Young Justice didn’t face as much competition back in 2010—12 years ago—because it was airing on Cartoon Network rather than streaming alongside countless other cape shows. But there were a few things that made it stand out from the rest of its genre: An original take on a cast of secondary characters who are usually overshadowed by the show’s main stars.

How Young Justice season 4 Phantoms Returning the Decade-Old Show to Form

It followed the adventures of Robin (Jesse McCartney), Miss Martian (Danica McKellar! ), Aqualad (Khary Payton), Speedy (Crispin Freeman), Artemis (Stephanie Lemelin), Kid Flash (Jason Spisak), and Superboy (Nolan North) as they attempted to save the world while dealing with heartbreaking adolescent problems. As good as Sons of Anarchy or Breaking Bad at setting up internal character motivations for inevitable and juicy conflict is for an admittedly young adult show, this was some top-notch melodrama. Strife seemed to be tearing the group of super-kids apart.

At least until the final episodes, when it was revealed that the entire team (they refuse to call themselves “Young Justice” or anything else—it is simply known as “the team”) came clean about their dirty secrets with one another: Lex Luthor’s DNA can be found in Superboy! Artemis’ father is a convicted felon. A white Martian!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! With mind-controlled superheroes and Vandal Savage, Vandal Savage and the Justice League’s orbital watchtower fight to the death (the late Miguel Ferrer, with David Kaye stepping into the role in later seasons). The series was renewed for a second season under the title Young Justice: Invasion, which saw Robin promoted to Nightwing and a slew of new characters introduced.

Because Cartoon Network isn’t known for treating its most popular shows with respect, the show was abruptly axed. Fans wept, petitions were signed, and the years went on.
That’s why it was so exciting when the show’s third season aired on HBO Max in 2019—six years after it had been taken off the air—that many fans must have felt like their dog had finally returned home. Greg Cipes, who previously portrayed Beast Boy in Teen Titans Go!, joined the cast as the new voice of the character.

When Young Justice: Phantoms’ fourth season ended, it was amazing to see how expansive and current the now-HBO Max show felt while also feeling like an uninterrupted continuation of the show’s first season. There is no better time to be a fan of the show than right now, as evidenced by last week’s finale.

A statement on the direction of the show in its fourth season, an embellished reprise of the theme from the first season, and a spotlight on the core team and how much they have progressed: Is Nightwing Robin’s new identity? Introducing Aquaman, Aqualad’s new title! Even with an ever-expanding cast and a number of new characters, Star Trek still manages to maintain a focus on the show’s core cast while also advancing storylines for the newer members and exploring previously-unexplored locations, such as Atlantis and the Tower of Fate. In a tight spot, the show manages it well, giving each of the core cast members an arc as the season’s main protagonist.

Beast Boy joins Superboy and Miss Martian as they prepare for their upcoming nuptials on her home planet. It’s up to Tigress and her mischievous sister Jade (Kelly Hu) to take on the League of Shadows. In this episode, Lacey Chabert’s Zatanna (Lacey Chabert) gets some answers about how long Dr. Fate has had her father’s body. An amusingly complicated but not very well-animated succession plot in Atlantis confronts Aqualad (now Aquaman and a bisexual trinity).

While caring for her autistic son on New Genesis, Rocket (Denise Boutte) must also deal with a horde of crazy aliens. Superboy has long been presumed dead, but Nightwing is called in to see if he is still alive (he is, he’s in the opening).

Everything has to fit into one season of television but the individual arcs ensure that stories are kept short and those satisfying payoffs are provided, usually by uproariously schooling the long-standing villains. Because of Khary Payton’s excellent performance and the humiliating defeat of Vandal Savage in the Atlantis arc that no one should care about and that seems to have been animated as sparingly possible, the Atlantis arc falls victim to its own success.

On the rare occasions when it has killed a character, the show has always been more realistic about things like trauma and tragedy, but this season, it has taken steps to be more inclusive while also leaning hard toward being more informed by trauma. Additionally, the Justice League’s certified psychiatrist, Black Canary, suggests they build in some time and space for everyone to chill out after dealing with all the terrible sh*t they deal with on a daily basis in addition to Rocket raising a special-needs child.

Young Justice season 4 Tim Drake’s Is a Special Pride

It’s just in time for the Dark Crisis tie-in of Tim Drake’s Pride collection, which features a Young Justice reunion.

Once again, we have the return of Young Justice! The heroes of Young Justice have gone missing since the cancellation of their series shortly before the launch of Infinite Frontier. In the Titans United series and in one issue of Suicide Squad, Superboy made a brief appearance. After helping Barry Allen take down Eobard Thawne, Impulse hasn’t been seen since.

Robin is the only member of Young Justice who has recently been in the public eye. Batman: Urban Legends’ Tim Drake made headlines when he admitted to being bisexual. Now, a sequel to the DC Pride story: A heartwarming Young Justice reunion takes place in Tim Drake Special #1, the new adventure “The Elephant in the Room” (by Meghan Fitzmartin, Belén Ortega, Luis Guerrero, and Pat Brosseau).

Young Justice season 4 Tim Drake's Is a Special Pride

Drake, Timothy Pride Tim, and Conner
Conner and Bart joined Tim and the other founding members of Young Justice in their fight against a ghostly elephant terrorizing Gotham City. Young Justice played an important role in the story, even though the primary focus was on Tim and Steph finally finding closure after their abrupt breakup. It was even more of a Young Justice reunion when Steph and her fellow Batgirl Cass showed up.

The inclusion of Young Justice in this collection is crucial, given the focus on Tim and his blossoming relationship. The stories in DC Pride: Tim Drake Special #1 have more depth because they are told by his closest friends. Unlike the holiday story, which featured Batman and Nightwing, this one showcases Tim’s friends from across the DC Universe. Wonder Girl is the lone surviving member of the core group of the Young Justice. Her recent appearances in Yara Flor Wonder Girl and Trial of the Amazons have made her one of the more prominent members of the original group.

As a member of the Young Justice team, Tim Drake is an honorary member
With their upcoming Dark Crisis tie-in series, it’s only fitting that the reformed Young Justice team reunites here after a brief absence. In Meghan Fitzmartin and Laura Braga’s upcoming Dark Crisis: Young Justice, Cassie will be tasked with tracking down Robin, Superboy, and Impulse, who have gone missing since the Justice League’s demise. Cassie’s position as an outsider in the group is perfectly suited by the fact that the three boys are clearly close here just before they vanish.

Young Justice season 4 Offical Trailer

This February 11, 2022, HBO Max released the Young Justice season 4 mid-season trailer. Since HBO Max dropped the trailer, it has started to create a lot of buzz among fans as it confirms that part 2 of season 4 of the series, which went on break in December 2021, will be returning to HBO Max this spring.

Young Justice season 4 Cast Member Name

There’s been no official word on whether the cast will remain the same as the previous series, but we think it’s a safe bet. If so, this is how they should line up:

  • Dick Grayson/Robin/Nightwing – Jesse McCartney
  • M’gann M’orzz/Miss Martian – Danica Mckellar
  • Conner Kent/Superboy – Nolan North
  • Kaldur’ahm/Aqualad – Khary Payton
  • Artemis Crock/Tigress – Stephanie Lemelin
  • Violet Harper/Halo – Zehra Fazal
  • Victor Stone/Cyborg – Zeno Robinson
  • Brion Markov/Geo-Force – Troy Baker
  • Bruce Wayne/Batman – Bruce Greenwood
  • Wally West/The Flash – Jason Spisak
  • Roy Harper/Red Arrow – Crispin Freeman

How Many Episodes and seasons of Young Justice season 4?

Season 4 of Young Justice was divided into three story arcs, with the first focusing on Miss Martian and Superboy’s journey to Mars for a traditional Martian wedding ceremony. Cheshire, Tigress’s older sister, was reunited with her in the second arc of the story, which focused on a schism in the League of Shadows.

As Young Justice’s Vandal Savage was preparing to evacuate the planet, the magician Zatanna and her proteges were the focus of the third and final arc, which focused on a battle between two Lords of Chaos that threatened to destroy Earth. There were many mysteries to be unearthed in the second half of season 4 of Young Justice that were left unsolved in the first half of this season.

To what extent Young Justice Season 4 has yet to run out of material
In the fourth season of Young Justice, the character Superboy is killed off.
13 episodes will make up the second half of the fourth season of Young Justice. The 13 episodes from Young Justice season 4, part 1 will be equaled out, resulting in a total of 26 episodes.

Young Justice Season 4, Part 2 Release Date: When Will It Return?

Season 4, Part 2 of Young Justice has not yet been given a release date. The series will, however, return in the spring of 2022, according to current expectations. According to showrunner Greg Weisman, 21 of the season’s 26 episodes will be finished by the time Young Justice premieres in October 2021, and he also predicted that the post-production on the show’s final five episodes will be finished by the end of the year.

In the first two seasons of Young Justice, the show gained a worldwide audience, and the fan campaign that resulted in the show’s revival was truly global in scope. As a result of this delay, Warner Bros. has only licensed Young Justice season 3 to Netflix in a few countries outside the United States. There have been no official announcements as to when Young Justice season 4 will be released internationally outside of the United States, leaving those fans who want to support the series with no way to legally watch it.


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Ensley Miller
I am a creative writer and editor with a passion for food. I was born in South Africa and raised in the United States. I have always been interested in writing, but it was not until I started working as a copywriter that I realized how much I loved it.


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