Police say I.S. 383 Philippa School administrator, age 29, was stabbed while breaking up a quarrel between such a 13-year-old scholar and several youths.

It is currently 6:36pm on February 6, 2023, so let’s get right Middle school dean in Brooklyn stabbed by students he was protecting on Monday after being attacked by a group of teenagers.

New York City’s Central Park becomes the setting for Ghostface to leave his imprint in the Scream 6 motion poster. Feb.Una New York’s Lower East Side is home to a Napoletana pizzeria.

When 29-year-old IS 383 administrator Philippa Schuyler intervened in a fight between a 13-year-old boy and a group of teenagers outside the school in Bushwick at around 4 p.m., she was stabbed in the arm.

Having relocated to New York City, Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega will once again play Sam and Tara Carpenter in Scream 6. because with Ghostface now also relocated to the Eastern Seaboard, the horrors appear to be just beginning., according to the police.

When Intervening In A Quarrel Between Two Students At Is 383, The School’s Dean Got Stabbed In The Arm

Read on to see the latest poster: Paramount has released a poster for the film in which the lakes and fountains of Nyc’s Central Park have been altered to resemble Ghostface.

The Use of Google Maps Dean’s health is described as “stable” after arrival to Brookdale Hospital. Because I use so many different types of flour in my baking, the percentage ratios of the flours I use are always changing.

The student, who is only 13, escaped harm. The grandiose tagline for Scream 6 is also included on the poster “City of New York. According to police and sources, the teenagers who attacked the 13-year-old were still not schoolmates.

Where they went is a mystery, but they managed to get away.” Three Ways in Which the New Ghostface in Scream 6 Is Linked to Stu is Discussed. The Implications of Scream 6’s Move for Ghostface.

Although the Scream movies have occasionally moved away from the troubled village of Woodsboro, the setting of Scream 6 in the Big Apple is a novelty. The probe is still active. Barrera said that Ghostface will probably benefit from Scream 6 being set in a metropolis since passersby will be less likely to intervene.

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It’s Not A New Phenomenon; A Fatal Incident With Similar Circumstances Occurred In 2019.

The attorney for the 13-year-old child arrested for the murder of a Barnard Undergraduate last week said on Tuesday, January 22, 2019, that the boy had been verbally abused by police during their interrogation.

The teen informed police that he and two classmates went to Morningside Park on Wednesday night to commit a robbery, and that during the robbery, one of his accomplices stabbed Tessa Majors, 18.

At the Family Court hearing, however, the public defence Hannah Kaplan attempted to throw doubt on the veracity of the kid’s allegations by alleging a detective had screamed at the boy and used intelligent questions because after boy refused to confirm knowing his pals wanted to assault Ms. Majors. However, there was only the boy’s uncle and no attorney there.

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Ms. Majors’ murder, which occurred at a time when the city’s murder rate was at an all-time low, has shaken residents and brought back memories of a more violent time.

Because the accused are so young, the murder stands out as particularly peculiar. Thus according four public figures who has been informed on the case and who are speaking on the background of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing.

The boys who the investigators say were entangled are eighth graders at P.S. 180, a general populace primary education on 120th Road near Morningside Street in the city situated across the road from the park.

If a minor is accused of a crime, a very different legal process begins than the one most people are used to seeing in adult criminal court.

An unnamed 13-year-old kid, who is not being named by The Times because he is not being charged as an adult, confessed to the crime to police, and surveillance footage shows the three teens arriving and leaving the park, providing the primary evidence for the prosecution’s case.


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He said the footage was captured by a camera mounted atop a security post on Morningside Drive. It shows the robbery from the teen’s point of view, from the southeast, and he does not appear to touch Ms. Majors or steal anything.

The investigator added that the younger of the young 14-year-olds had seized Ms. Majors from behind. Then they began searching her belongings, eventually removing a little plastic bag from one of her pockets.

Ms. Majors resisted and called for assistance. Detective Acevedo claimed that one of the boys struck her in the chest and cut her across the face with a knife. Another law enforcement official claimed last week that she bit one of the boys on the finger.


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According to police and sources, the teenagers who attacked the 13-year-old were also not schoolmates. They disappeared in an unexpected route. It’s still early in the study.

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