Tyre Nichols was hit and kicked while held, as his family and officials had said would happen, and the footage of the incident, which was just released, captures the violence. He cried out for his mother and pleaded with them to let him go home.

Nichols, a 29-year-old Black guy, had been beaten and was lying lifeless against a car when officers who had arrived on the scene disregarded him.

There are three shorter recordings from a body camera and one about 31-minute video acquired out of a utility pole cam, that appears to capture much of the carnage that happened only feet from Nichols’ home in Memphis.

The recordings capture both of the primary traffic stop that occurred on the evening of January 7 as well as the subsequent incident that occurred within minutes after Nichols had fled the first site on foot. After the incident, Nichols was taken to the hospital, where he remained until his death on January 10.

So, What Did End Up Occurring That Night?

According to John Miller, CNN’s chief police departments and security analyst, “what you’re seeing is a pretty substantial percentage of cops who really are underperforming at detention & containment tactics and trying to make up for it with brutality.”

From the pounding by a group of police to the amount of time it took for an individual to offer aid to a lifeless Nichols, many of the actions and inactions captured on camera during the incident disturbed law enforcement specialists who studied the footage.

The cops do not explain the basis for the stop, which is one of several questions left unanswered by the cameras. Police chief Cerelyn “CJ” Davis told CNN last Friday that authorities have not been able to “substantiate” the initial report that Nichols was stopped because of reckless driving.

The videos also don’t explain why police officers felt the need to contact Nichols twice, or why they used such force on him despite the fact that he showed no signs of resistance.

The recordings, however, offer provide insight into the severity of the tragic confrontation. Some important findings are as follows:

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Nichols Was Constantly Threatened By Police

Multiple cops are seen on video threatening Nichols with physical force, even when he appears to be complying with their directions or has already reached the ground.

The original incident between Nichols & police was captured on body camera footage, which shows one officer exiting his vehicle with his weapon drawn and yelling at Nichols to “Get the fuck out of that car.”

Both “I didn’t do anything” and “All right, I’m on the ground” may be heard when Nichols gets down on the floor.

When he didn’t, the cop yelled, “Bitch, place your hands over your back before I… To paraphrase Rocky Balboa, “I’m going to blow your ass out.”

Nichols is seen fleeing away like an officer uses his Taser, and he repeatedly tells the officers that he is on the floor and has done nothing while they hurl demands at him.

During the previous encounter, where Nichols is beaten, one officer can be heard saying into his body camera, “I’m going to whip the fuck out of you.” Nichols is unarmed at this point. In the background, an officer can be heard saying, “Do you want to get sprayed again?”

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In Less Than Four Minutes, He Was Hit Nine Times By Police!

Nichols is repeatedly struck by Memphis police at least 10 times in the absence of any apparent provocation in a video captured from a remote camera mounted on a nearby power pole.

CNN law enforcement commentator and former Philadelphia police chief Charles Ramsey remarked, “The pole cam footage is the one that truly warrants the charges.” There is no preparation for that. These guys are behaving so irrationally, it’s hard to put your finger on why. That one cop beat him so hard he’s hobbling about with a limp now.

A police officer’s leg or knee may be seen in the pole footage shoving Nichols to the ground. After being hoisted up by his shoulders, Nichols is kicked twice in the face and then struck in the back with the what looks like a nightstick. He takes another blow a few seconds later.

After being dragged to his feet, Nichols is struck repeatedly in the face by officers as his wrists are restrained behind his back.

After Nichols falls to his knees, it appears that an officer kicks him fewer than a minute later.

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Not Even An Officer Showed Up To Help?

Porcher told CNN late Friday night that the fact that “no police was willing to engage and say halt” was more disturbing than the escalating violence.

There comes a time when someone has to say “Stop” or physically intervene between the cop abusing someone and the person being assaulted. And, as Porcher pointed out, “it didn’t occur.”

Officers are required to take action in certain situations per department policy in Memphis.

According to a department policy page, “any person who actually observes another member involved in dangerous or unlawful activity or abuse of a certain of take necessary action to intervene.”

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Five Black policemen in Memphis were terminated earlier in the month for policy violations that led to their arrests on various charges, including second-degree murder.

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