A video showing a squirrel trying to get at nuts in a feeder fashioned like US Donald Trump’s skull has gone popular on social media for its sheer hilarity.

A squirrel wearing what seems to be Trump’s head can be seen in a video from 2018 that shows her searching for nuts within the feeder. Signal Mountain in Tennessee, USA was the location for the filming.

SQUOTUS is not the hero that you want, he constitutes the hero you need,” Drew Eldridge, the video’s creator, said. His comment was a nod to the famous line from Dark Night in which Gordon says of Batman, “He’s the hero who Gotham ought to receive, however he’s not the one that it requires right now.”

And Then What Happened? Trump, Donald! Really?

You’ve probably seen similar products in the form of masks before, such as those featuring horses, unicorns, cats, or the ubiquitous Giant Squirrel Head by Archie McPhee, which is available on Amazon.

The basic idea behind them is the same: coat the interior with peanut butter and fill it with a commercial squirrel meal mix (corn, nuts, bird seed, etc.). The seed and nut combination is kept in place by the peanut butter, and humans may watch endlessly as various bushy-tailed critters find the treat and feast.

Tie it up high enough with a cord (a few of you might find excessive pleasure in doing so) that the hungry squirrel will need to use its rear legs to reach the food. Now all the squirrels in your yard may join the ranks of the walking dead, and maybe they’ll even stop raiding your bird feeder.

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The Trump’s Squirrel Feeder is machine-washable and is 7.8 x 7.1 on the VA x 6.1 inches in size with a weight of 1 pound. To see the Trump Squirrel Feed in action, watch this video.

My roommate and I are anticipating the arrival of a new litter of kittens to the breakfast carnival in the spring with much anticipation, in the hopes that the young squirrel coupling was successful.

Perhaps it’s our imagination, but when we see that puckering puss, we think of Alec Baldwin’s Saturday Night Live impression of the President rather than of Trump himself.

Maybe they did it on purpose because they wanted to appeal to the largest potential audience. Despite their political differences, there is still room for laughter. Visit the product’s page on Amazon.com for additional details and to place an order.

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Nutritional Considerations For The North Gray Squirrel

The average weekly food intake for a squirrel is one pound. Although we often associate them with nut consumption (acorns, beech nuts, hickory nuts, and walnuts), they are in fact omnivores that consume a wide variety of foods including fungus, seeds, nuts, fruits, eggs, tiny insects, caterpillars, small mammals, and even juvenile snakes.

They will eat almost anything put out for them, although they prefer sunflower & smaller seeds, dried maize, and even suet at feeders. quirrels bury individual acorns along with additional nuts in holes about an inch deep in the dirt and leaves throughout the late summer and into the autumn.

Tree holes may be used as caches, whether the trees are upright or on the ground. When sniffing about for food that they or other squirrels have hidden, they can detect scents through several feet of snow.

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“Squirrels are land sharks, live feeding machines,” writes Bill Adler Jr. in his book “Outwitting Squirrels.” Only 2% of their time is dedicated to reproduction, while the remainder is virtually equally split between resting and feeding.

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