Queen Latifah’s 35-year career as a rapper, singer, actress, and more earned her the prestigious BET Lifetime Achievement Award. MC Lyte, Rapsody, Lil’ Kim, and Monie Love all joined forces for a collaborative performance to honour Monie Love as an industry colleague or inspiration.

Her final comments, in which she highlighted her longtime companion Eboni Nichols and their son Rebel, have garnered the most attention. At the end of her speech, she wished everyone “Happy Pride!”

Years of speculation have surrounded Queen Latifah’s sexuality, but the popular performer and actress has consistently refused to address the rumours by saying she is or is not a lesbian.

She has not spoken publicly about her private life, and her silence on the topic of her sexuality has been compared to that of actors Jodi Foster and Kevin Spacey, who also refused to outright deny their sexuality for a number of years. She was evasive when asked whether or not she’s a lesbian.

It Was The Original Spark For This Whole Mess

Foster had her public coming-out during the 2013 Golden Globes. Actor Anthony Rapp made allegations of sexual assault against Spacey, prompting him to come forward.

At the ceremony, Queen Latifah honoured her mother, who had died away in 2018, by mentioning her name next to her father.

There’s no way I could have been born to better parents than my dad and mom [who passed away in 2018], yet they are still a huge part of who I am. To my parents, I love you. In the dirt or in the air, my closest pals are there for me. As well as the fact that they support me whenever I need them.

The celebrity, who is known for her secrecy but has admitted to having a love on another lady, spoke publicly about her affection for her boyfriend and their son. It’s the first time she’s confirmed the rumours about a new member of her family in public.

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I’m going to leave the stage now, but I want to say how much I appreciate the audience’s enthusiastic backing of every outrageous stunt I’ve ever pulled in my career. And I appreciate you ranking Equalizer so highly. My dear Eboni. Dare to dissent, my sweet. Peace. “Joyous Pride!”

McKensie Mack wrote after Queen Latifah’s acceptance speech that she had been emotional because of the way the actress had spoken about her partner and how she wished everyone a good Pride. Black LGBTQ youth that tune in tonight will feel the love and support of our community.

In chatting with Uptown magazine, she had this to say on people’s perspectives on love: “People’s ideas in generally are dated. We should have moved faster, and we haven’t.

And the truth is, there have always been gay individuals amongst us; homosexuality is nothing new in the black community. But, as a civilization at large, not simply the black community.”

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It Was The Prime Location From Which To Observe Everything That Was Going On

Who you choose to marry is totally up to you and it’s not something you must be judged on,” Latifah, who is frequently spotted with reported girlfriend Eboni Nichols, said. Having gay or lesbian is not something I see as a defect in one’s personality.

The law of this country should always protect couples. This really annoys me, in fact. It’s happened before, so let’s act like grownups and move on.

In her new film, Bessie, Latifah plays the role of bisexual blues artist Bessie Smith.

She said, “I’m not really sure what individuals will feel about [Bessie’s bisexuality],’ in response to a question about the character. “Her backstory isn’t exactly top secret. She had finally broken free.

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She said, “I’ve never done it before. It was strange, but in a nice, calming way. Bessie realised how vulnerable she felt in that moment; I can relate because I, too, have experienced periods of intense loneliness.

I don’t find [the naked scene] anything more uncomfortable that kissing a girl in Setting It Off and keeping to the script, so it’s either a liberating experience or a moment of panic. You must divert your attention from yourself if you want to do justice to that persona.

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After years of avoiding inquiries about her sexuality, Latifah finally spoke out about her ten-year relationship with actor Nichelle Nichols. A kid was born to the couple in 2019.

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