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Lies Of P: Release Date, Pre-Order, Gameplay, Price, Trailer, And More

Have you ever wished you could play through a Disney movie that also happened to be Bloodborne? If so, then you’re in luck because it seems that Lies of P is that.

This souls like, debuting at Gamescom 2022, draws on the timeless tale of Pinocchio to create an original action RPG.

All the information you need to understand Lies of P is here in this central hub. This includes when we anticipate its release, the nature of the game itself, and the systems on which it will be playable. Lies of P isn’t quite as terrifying as other of Disney’s nightmare games, but it comes close.

Expectations For The Lies Of P Premiere Date

Expectations For The Lies Of P Premiere Date

There is no set date for the release of Lies of P at this time. There is no specific date given for the game’s release on Steam, although the teaser debuted at Gamescom suggests it will be sometime in 2023. We still don’t know much about the game, so it’s more likely to come out towards the end of next year.

Lies Of P Platforms

After being shown at Gamescom, it was revealed that the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC will all be getting Lies of P. In addition, the teaser serves as confirmation that the game will eventually be added to Game Pass. However, it is currently unknown if it will be available on day one of Microsoft’s subscription service or if it will be released at a later date.

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Lies of P Story

You assume the role of an artificial Pinocchio in Lies of P. Your character wakes up in a Bloodborne-style gothic metropolis with a note fastened to their clothing instructing them to locate Geppetto.

Lies of P Story

Your objective is to shed your mechanical origins and embrace your humanity in this gloomy version of the Pinocchio narrative set in the city of Krat.

That concludes our knowledge of the Lies of P release window, plot, and gameplay. Adding this to the already fantastic lineup of Xbox Game Pass games is something we can’t wait for.

So, How About The Lies Of P Gameplay?

What we’ve seen so far suggests that Lies of P follows a fairly tried and true Soulslike formula. That means you’ll have to carefully attack, dodge, and counter the attacks of foes who are more likely to quickly eliminate you.

Pinocchio’s mechanical arm can be upgraded to include special abilities like a grappling hook. The makers of Lies of P have hinted at a system in which players can lie to improve their human stats and receive both benefits and drawbacks, but this feature has yet to be implemented.

Lying makes you more human, with all the perks and drawbacks that involves. Lies of P’s RPG elements are completed by substantial story options and extensive character growth customization.

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Who Is Behind The Lies Of P And Who Is Publishing It?

There’s a good chance you haven’t heard of the groups responsible for Lies of P if you aren’t from South Korea. Bless Unleashed was created by Round8 Studio, who is also working on this game. Despite the developers’ backgrounds in MMOs, Lies of P appears to be a more traditional single-player game.

Who Is Behind The Lies Of P And Who Is Publishing It

The game was published by Neowiz, who gained notoriety by working with EA on popular titles like FIFA Online and Battlefield Online for Asian audiences. Skul: The Hero Slayer and Dandy Ace are only two of the recent titles released by the publisher in North America. For the West, Lies of P will be its defining title to date.

Is There A Trailer For Lies Of P?

The announcement/first cinematic trailer for “Lies of P” was released on May 19 and runs a little over three minutes long, providing a brief introduction of the film’s fundamental narrative concept. Several views of Krat, a city described as a “pre-industrial hellscape,” are provided.

As Geppetto wanders the streets of the once great settlement, now ravaged by some type of plague, he strikes a far more mysterious and deadly tone than Disney fans are usually accustomed to. While the old guy searches for spares, we see a brief glimpse of the game’s protagonist, a “puppet mechanoid Pinocchio.”

In November, Neowiz and Round8 Studio presented a playable teaser, giving fans a better idea of how “dark Pinocchio” might be implemented in terms of mechanics, systems, and RPG features.

It would appear that several unsettling mechanoids destroy and kill with recklessness in the shadowy recesses of Krat. Fortunately, in this version, good ol’ P is a bit of a badass and has access to a variety of weapons that can be crafted to help him deal with a metropolis full of mechanical monsters. Finding Geppetto and learning his backstory will require every tool at his disposal.

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