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When Is UFC 5 Coming Out? Release Date, Gameplay And Latest Details!

It’s no secret that UFC is one of the most popular sports game franchises ever. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) simulates a mixed martial arts fight. This series of games began with the publication of the original Ultimate Fighting Championship game in the year 2000.

UFC 4 is the most recent installment of the series, which began in 2003 and will conclude in 2020. The release of UFC 5 has caused a flurry of activity on the internet recently. You have found the ideal website if you are a fan of the UFC video game series and are looking for information on the game’s release date and other leaks.

After extensive investigation, we are able to present you with the latest and most accurate details regarding the release of UFC 5.

Although though Electronic Arts (EA) takes a lot of heat for its games, the UFC series is among their most polished. The subset of gamers who prefer UFC games is extremely devoted to the genre.

Nonetheless, a new UFC game would typically be available to buy at this time of year. So, what’s the latest scoop? You’ve found the proper place if you want to learn more about UFC 5.

About UFC Games

About UFC Games

The UFC Championship Tournament serves as the literal inspiration for the UFC Game Series. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) was founded as a mixed martial arts competition. Anchor Corp. created a video game based on the tournament to pay tribute to the game’s meteoric rise to fame in the early 21st century. The game was originally made for the Dreamcast console, which has since been discontinued.

Opus quickly delivered the UFC video game for Sony PlayStation. Crave Entertainment, an American video game publisher, released the first three UFC installments. Both Ubisoft and Capcom contributed to the global distribution of the game.

Electronic Arts was subsequently given the task of creating a UFC video game. Since 2014, EA Sports has been responsible for publishing UFC video games. All of the creators’ efforts go towards making each new release a better one for players. The highly anticipated UFC 5 is expected to follow suit.

Release Date Of UFC 5

Release Date Of UFC 5

UFC 5’s release date has not been officially announced as of this writing. But we’ve included any details the developer has provided, as well as some educated guesses from Ginx, below.

If EA is known for one thing, it’s reliability. Games like the newest FIFA installments are among those that are often updated and released.

Video games based on the UFC have been released on a biannual basis since 2014. As a result, a new UFC 5 game was widely anticipated to be released in 2022. Yet now that the year 2023 has begun, there is still no sign of it.

To be clear, this does not mean that work has stopped on UFC 5. Both EA and UFC have committed to working together on video games for the foreseeable future, having struck a multi-year deal to do so in 2020.

“Tracey Bleczinski, UFC Global Consumer Products’ SVP, expressed her excitement over the news that their partnership with EA would be extended for another decade. “EA SPORTS is a vital part of our strategy to connect with our fans and has become an integral part of the UFC brand.”

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Where To Play UFC 5?

Where To Play UFC 5?

UFC 5, the latest installment in EA’s mixed-martial-arts simulator series, will come out for Xbox and PS platforms.

The new game will be developed primarily for next-gen platforms like Xbox Series X and S and the PlayStation 5. But an Xbox One and PS4 version may also be released by EA.

In addition, OnSmash claims that the new UFC game will be built on the Frostbite engine. Which has previously been used to create games like FIFA and Madden.

UFC 5 could come out for PC as many other games made with Frostbite have already been released there.

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There is currently no confirmed release date for UFC 5, as EA has not yet officially announced the game. In fact, if you look at the series’ release schedule, you’ll notice that each UFC game has come out every two years, with the most recent one scheduled for 2020.

We’re already over that point now with no word on UFC 5, and rumours suggest it’ll finally arrive in 2023 without any official confirmation either way. Tom Henderson, a credible source, says it will premiere “July 23 I suppose,” indicating the news has already leaked.

According to another report from VGC, developer EA Canada has put a revival of a Fight Night title on hold to work on the MMA title, therefore UFC 5 may not release until 2023. We want to eliminate the divided focus that certain members of our leadership team have had over the past while so that we can exclusively focus on delivering migration and UFC 5 at high quality,” they allegedly said in an email.

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