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Why We Celebrate Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti? Updated 2023

Guru Gobind Singh (Punjabi: [gu gobnd sg]; December 1666–October 7, 1708), also known as Gobind Das or Gobind Rai, was the tenth Sikh Guru and a spiritual master, warrior, poet, and philosopher. At the age of nine, when his father Guru Tegh Bahadur was killed by Aurangzeb, Guru Gobind Singh was formally installed as the leader of the Sikhs, making him the tenth and final human Sikh Guru.

During his lifetime, two of his biological sons were killed in battle, and the other two were executed by the Mughal governor Wazir Khan.

The Five Ks, a set of five articles of faith that all members of the Sikh warrior community known as the Khalsa are required to wear at all times, and the creation of the Khalsa in 1699 are both significant achievements in the history of Sikhism.

The Dasam Granth is attributed to Guru Gobind Singh, and its hymns are central to Khalsa worship and daily devotion. In addition, he is revered because he finalised the Guru Granth Sahib and made it the central text of Sikhism and the embodiment of the Guru for all time.

Can I Take The Day Off For Guru Govind Singh Jayanti?

In 2023, Guru Govind Singh Jayanti won’t be a federal holiday. The majority of stores and schools are open.
On Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti, it is traditional for large processions to move through the streets of India’s markets. During the procession, adults and children alike share sweets and a cold drink or sharbat while singing devotional songs to one another. Gurudwaras are places of worship where special prayer gatherings are held.

As part of the celebrations honouring the Guru on his birthday, lectures on his life’s history and recitations of poetry are given. During the celebrations, guests can feast on dishes created especially for the event.

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In Regards To The Day

Jayanti on the same date every year in sync with the lunar calendar. Upon the passing of his father, Guru Tegh Bahadur, the founder of the Khalsa Panth took on the role of Sikh guru at the tender age of nine.
Many have found hope and direction in Guru Gobind Singh’s words and example.

His untimely death at the age of 41 in 1708 was the result of an assassination attempt. On this day, donations of food and clothing are made to those in need. Large groups of followers get together to pray at the gurudwara, eat together, and sing devotional songs.

All four of Guru Gobind Singh’s sons were murdered while he was alive.

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Celebration Of The Birth Of Guru Gobind Singh

On the occasion of Guru Govind Singh’s birthday, a holiday is observed for the entire day. Many people in India will gather together to parade through the streets in honour of Guru Govind singh jayanti 2023.

During the procession, everyone sings devotional songs and the song Geet, and they pass out sweets and a cold drink or sharbat to both adults and children in every gurudwara and in every home.

The houses of worship also host occasional special prayer gatherings. Sikh religious centres are commonly referred to as Gurudwaras. On the Guru’s birthday, tributes include historical lectures, poetry readings, and recitations of the geet.

Dishes that are both traditional and unique to the celebration are cooked and served. People celebrating Guru Gobind Singh’s birthday in 2023 Send Prakash Parv greetings to family and friends as a way of showing them that you appreciate them honouring their gurus and gods on this auspicious day.

This year, on November 27th, devotees around the world celebrated the birth of their spiritual leaders with a holiday known as Guru Nakak Jayanti. Nanak is the first guru in the guru balidani parampara. Sikhs place great reverence on and honour their founder, Nanak guru.

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The Sikhs’ most joyous holiday is Guru Nanak Jayanti. Every year on, the festival is celebrated. For Sikhs, this is a top-tier festival. The best thing about him is that he founded the Sikh religion and the Sikh guru balidani parampara.

As you can see in the following paragraph, the names of all gurus are listed. Sikhs also celebrate the birthday of another guru, Govind Jayanti, but the festival honouring Guru Nanak is more widely recognised.

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