Community Mourns After 17-Year-Old Student's Fatal Stabbing In El Sereno

After receiving straight A’s in school, a 17-year-old was waiting for his mother to pick him up from a restaurant in El Sereno when he was attacked and fatally stabbed. The tragedy has left his family and the neighborhood in sadness.

It is thought that the murder of Xavier Chavarin was the first of two stabbings that were perpetrated by the same perpetrator in the same area on March 3, hours apart from each other.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, the fatal stabbing took place on Friday about a quarter to four o’clock in the afternoon in the 4500 block of Valley Boulevard.

Chavarin was a no-nonsense kind of guy.According to his relatives, the deceased individual was a student who attended Woodrow Wilson High School and was planning to graduate in June.

Outside of King Torta restaurant, Chavarin waited for his mother to pick him up so that she could take him home.

According to the police, the suspect could be seen on surveillance film getting out of a car that had just pulled up, approaching Chavarin on the sidewalk, and slashing him multiple times in the back with a huge knife.

His family reported that Chavarin later passed away inside the restaurant as he was attempting to find help for himself.

"Community Mourns After 17-Year-Old Student's Fatal Stabbing In El Sereno"

The suspect is said to be a man who is 5 feet and 1 inch tall, has long black hair that is wavy, has a long beard, and is clothed in all black attire. He was a passenger in a Honda CR-V manufactured between 1996 and 2001 with a dark color.

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In the evening of the same day, about 9 o’clock, police believe the same culprit stabbed another man, this time a 33-year-old male who was just a short distance away in the 5400 block of Valley Boulevard.

He was riding a skateboard this time, but he wore attire that was quite identical to what he had on in the first incident, with the exception of the baseball cap.

The Superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District, Alberto Carvalho, expressed his horror over the incident and stated that he has dispatched ten additional counselors to Woodrow Wilson High School to console the faculty and students there.

Carvalho stated, “I’m shocked, and the entire community ought to be shocked as well,” in response to the news. “When something like that happens to a kid, the entire community should bow their heads and think about what’s going on in Los Angeles,” she said.

A memorial has been established near the location of the stabbing, and it is currently adorned with flowers and notes of condolence for the victim’s family.

“He had a huge smile on his face. It is important to him that other people have a good time. A close friend of Chavarin’s remarked, “You know, he was always such a happy kid.” “If you’ve seen something… in all honesty, he was a youngster who didn’t do anything wrong. He suffered a stab wound to the back.”

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According to the friend, he’s just trying to get his head around the tragedy at this point.

He stated, “I’m trying my best to keep my sanity right now.” “I’m going through a lot of different feelings right now. I’m doing my best to hold on, keep everything together, and avoid falling apart.

"Community Mourns After 17-Year-Old Student's Fatal Stabbing In El Sereno"

Xavier’s aunt, Rosario Chavarin, made the following statement: “We ask parents now to protect their children so that the same thing that happened to us does not happen to them.”

It was mentioned by a few of Chavarin’s classmates that he was excited about going to college, thus it will be difficult to deny him the opportunity to realize his ambitions.

The bereaved aunt couldn’t find the words to describe the level of anguish she was experiencing.

The Chavarin family has created a GoFundMe campaign in order to receive financial contributions toward the cost of Chavarin’s burial and memorial services.

This report was compiled with assistance from City News Service.

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