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What Happened To Valyria After The Doom? How Many Dragons Died?

Long before the Targaryens of the House of the Dragon came to Westeros, their ancestors predicted the Doom of Valyria, and this prophecy plays an important role in the story. The events of the first season of House of the Dragon occur 172 years before Daenerys Targaryen was born.

exhibits the family at the height of its power roughly a century after Aegon the Conqueror won control of Westeros. The Doom plays a much larger role in the Targaryens’ history than do the other prominent families in House of the Dragon with ties to Old Valyria.

Aegon dreamed that another terrible winter would destroy the living and that a Targaryen king or queen would have to rule from the Iron Throne to unite the land against the Night King and the White Walkers.

What Happened During The Doom Of Valyria?

Nearly five thousand years of Valyrian rule over Essos came to an end in a single day, roughly a hundred years before Aegon’s Conquest. All of Valyria and the surrounding lands were destroyed by ash and fire from a series of volcanoes that erupted at the beginning of the Doom and came to be known as the Fourteen Fires.

What Happened During The Doom Of Valyria

Those who survived the volcanoes and the subsequent earthquakes in the Targaryens’ ancient home were met with even greater devastation. When Valyria fell apart, the ocean swept in and buried a large portion of the continent. Whereas in the fictional universes of A Game of Thrones and

Sailors believe the waters around the Valyrian Peninsula, known as the Smoking Sea, are cursed by evil spirits and should be avoided at all costs because of their proximity to the House of the Dragon.

What Really Caused The Doom Of Valyria?

The true cause of the destruction of Valyria is not explained in House of the Dragon. Natural disasters are blamed by some Valyrian descendants and historians for the Doom, while sorcery is blamed by others.

When King Viserys I Targaryen explains to Rhaenyra that dragons were to blame for the destruction, it appears that he is giving credence to this theory in the House of the Dragon. Since the Doom killed every living dragon except for the few the Targaryens took with them, it is possible that it was an attempt to rid the world of dragons.

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How The Targaryens Escaped Before The Doom Of Valyria

Daenys Targaryen, King Viserys’s ancestor, had a powerful prophetic dream of the Doom twelve years before it occurred, as King Viserys explains to his daughter Rhaenyra in the novel House of the Dragon.

How the Targaryens Got Out of Valyria Before It Exploded
Dany told her father, Aenar, about the dream in 114 BC, and the Targaryens, along with their possessions and five dragons, moved to Dragonstone in Westeros.

How The Targaryens Escaped Before The Doom Of Valyria

By the time the Doom of Valyria struck 12 years later, the dragonriding family had already established themselves in Dragonstone, and they were the only dragonlords to survive the catastrophe.

What Happened To Valyria After The Doom?

After the Doom, Valyria was replaced by the Smoking Sea, and the history of the region is still taught by the Targaryens of the House of the Dragon, current occupants of the Iron Throne. In the wake of Valyria’s fall, the Volantenes attempted to reassert their authority in Essos, ushering in the infamous Century of Blood.

During the chaotic Century of Blood, the remnants of Essos’s population and territory did what they could to reclaim the empire for themselves, paving the way for the establishment of the Free Cities.

When Volantis attempted to invade the ancient colonies from “Game of Thrones,” the colonies banded together and defeated the invaders. Aegon I Targaryen eventually joined the fight on the side of Volantis’ opponents, and with the help of his three dragons, he managed to thwart the plot to make the Free Cities the capital of a new Valyrian empire.

From Daenerys’ point of view, after the Doom of Valyria and the Century of Blood, the political landscape of Essos looks remarkably similar to what we see in House of the Dragon and Game of Thrones.

FAQs – People Also Ask

Why did the Targaryens leave Valyria?

Absolutely Certain Doom. Dragonstone has been under the rule of the powerful House Targaryen of Valyria for the past five centuries. It has been suggested in both history and legend that the Targaryens fled Valyria because they could foresee the Freehold’s downfall and thus avoid being caught in its aftermath.

Who survived the Doom of Valyria?

It was atop the Fourteen Fires that the dragons of Valyria laid their eggs. The Doom nearly caused total destruction. House Targaryen’s remaining dragons, Balerion, Vhagar, and Meraxes, were banished to the remote island of Dragonstone in the west.

How many dragons died in the Doom of Valyria?

Aenar’s daughter had prophetic dreams that encouraged him to leave Valyria before the disaster struck. The Targaryens brought only five dragons into the Doom with them. Although Balerion was once among them, the fates of the other four have yet to be disclosed.

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