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What Happened To Baker Mayfield? Why Is He Not Playing?

Baker Mayfield, a prized offseason acquisition for the Carolina Panthers, will not be playing in tonight’s crucial divisional matchup against the Atlanta Falcons. The game will take place in Atlanta. Although he recently sustained an injury to his ankle, that is not the only reason he is not participating in the game.

He is no longer at risk of being placed on injured reserve, but while he was out for a short time due to health concerns, backup PJ Walker took over as the team’s starting quarterback.

During the time that Mayfield and Sam Darnold were both recovering from ankle injuries, Walker came in and gave the offense a much-needed boost. Because of Walker’s miraculous touchdown pass, they were able to defeat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and come close to winning against the Falcons.

Despite Walker’s significant difficulties during the previous week, the interim head coach intends to keep him on the team. Mayfield came in at halftime and threw two touchdown passes after the starting quarterback had thrown two interceptions and completed three passes in the first half of the game.

Regardless, Walker will be the starting quarterback for the foreseeable future, in part because of injuries and ineptitude on the part of the quarterback who formerly played for the Cleveland Browns.

How Long Is Baker Mayfield Out For?

Since the quarterback has not suffered any injuries, he will continue to play. He has merely been placed on the bench. Concerning how long that will continue, it is something that will be determined entirely by how Wilks is feeling as well as how well Walker plays each week.

How Long Is Baker Mayfield Out For?

However, taking into account how poorly Walker performed the previous week and the fact that he is still the starter indicates that a significant event would need to take place before Mayfield could return to the starting lineup.

Baker Mayfield Injury: Details On What Happened To Panthers Quarterback

Baker Mayfield, the starting quarterback for the Carolina Panthers, sprained his ankle just before the team’s Week 6 game against the Los Angeles Rams. Because of that, he was supposed to go on injured reserve, but he was able to avoid doing so because to his good health.

Baker Mayfield Injury: Details On What Happened To Panthers Quarterback

After missing a week of the team’s activities, he was eventually replaced in the starting lineup.

The initial version of the article was published in advance of their Week 6 game against the Los Angeles Rams.

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Helmet-Less Baker Mayfield Goes Viral For Headbutting Panthers Teammates

After the Panthers defeated the Falcons 25-15 on “Thursday Night Football,” Baker Mayfield was undoubtedly pumped up about his team’s performance.

The 27-year-old quarterback, who did not play a single snap in Thursday’s game, celebrated Carolina’s victory over its NFC South rival by headbutting a few of his teammates who were wearing helmets while he was only wearing a baseball cap. The headbutts occurred despite the fact that the quarterback himself was only wearing a baseball cap.

The move naturally garnered a lot of attention, especially in light of the growing concern regarding concussions and head health in the NFL in the wake of the frightening incident involving Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa in late September.

Amazon’s Al Michaels made the observation, “Good way to wind up in concussion protocol even though you don’t get into the in the game,” in response to the move.

Mayfield has had a season full of ups and downs since being traded to the Carolina Panthers in July. Prior to that, he spent the previous four years playing for the Cleveland Browns, who selected him first overall in 2018.

Even though Mayfield was named the starting quarterback for Carolina back in the summer, the Panthers have only managed to win one game with him under center during his first five starts. In addition, Mayfield had an ankle injury during the game against the 49ers in Week 5. After two and a half successful seasons as head coach, Matt Rhule was fired from his position at Carolina not long after that.

After Mayfield went down with an injury, the Panthers decided to go with P.J. Walker as their backup quarterback. Walker was taken out of the game by Carolina last week during a rout against the Bengals, and Mayfield played well in the second half of the game. Despite this, Walker was selected to start against the Falcons.

Final Words

The Carolina Panthers’ starting quarterback, Baker Mayfield, hurt his ankle just before Week 6’s matchup with the Los Angeles Rams. That warranted a trip to injured reserve, but he was able to avoid it because to his robust health.

He was replaced as the team’s starting player after skipping a week of practices.

The original piece came out before their Week 6 matchup against the Los Angeles Rams.

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