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The Glory Season 3 Renewal Status, Release Date And Expected Plot!

Just like the viewers of Netflix’s fabulously addicting K-drama, Moon Dong-eun lives for vengeance. Whether or not you agree with the outcome, it’s still righteous revenge.

Part two finally delivered some of the vengeance we’d been yearning against Yeon-jin and the other culprits who made Dong-life eun’s terrible, after Part one dragged its feet.

But does this really spell the end for Kim Eun-global sook’s popularity? Alternately, will Netflix try to cash in on The Glory’s popularity by producing a sequel, prequel, or spinoff?

Check back to see if Dong-sword eun’s dance is truly ended, or if we’re just playing the waiting game.

Part 2 of the Netflix Original South Korean revenge-drama series The Glory premiered on March 10, 2023. The series was authored by Kim Eun Sook, who also penned the Descendents of the Sun. The protagonist, Moon Dong Eun, is a high school student who fantasises about becoming an architect.

Regrettably, Moon Dong Eun abandons her schooling after being brutally attacked by her bullies. Years later, Moon Gong Eun works at the same school where the kid of her bully is the homeroom teacher; this history sets the stage for the film. In doing so, Moon Dong Eun has laid the groundwork for exacting vengeance on her tormentors.

Release Date Of The Glory Season 3

Release Date Of The Glory Season 3

Although the first two portions (or “seasons”) of The Glory were shot in one continuous block, they premiered within three months of one another. The Glory may not return to Netflix for some time if a third part or season is not confirmed soon.

That’s presuming, of course, that a third season is ever being considered.

This article was written before Netflix’s decision on whether or not to order a third season of the show. This makes it tough to speculate on when the show will premiere. The show’s first two installments, or seasons, however, were released within a span of three months.

But that could only work because they shot the scene simultaneously. Fans may have to wait a while for it to appear on the streaming giant, as there is scant evidence that production on a third season/part has begun. That is, assuming there will even be a third season.

Plot Of The Glory Season 3

Plot Of The Glory Season 3

The possible third season/part would begin up directly where the second left off. The story arc it will likely follow is unclear, but further information is needed. “Now that part two is over and done with, the question is whether we’re going to end up with a third season, and perhaps more crucially, do we even need a third season? Shouldn’t this be the final chapter instead?

Episode 16 of season 2 is the finale, and director Ahn Gil Ho assured fans at a global GV event that it is “the most fascinating” episode of them all.

That may sound final, but we think a spinoff or perhaps a prequel series to The Glory is possible someday due to the show’s massive international success. We still don’t know a lot about Moon Dong-life eun’s in high school before the attack, for example, although doing so at this point might be a bit masochistic.

There is, as of yet, no official word on any of us, but if there’s anything we’ve learned from Dong-eun, it’s patience.


The Glory Season 3

As Netflix hasn’t announced The Glory: Part 3, it appears that the series ended with its second installment.

A young woman named Moon Dong-eun (Song Hye-kyo) who endured terrible maltreatment in high school is the focus of the show. Now an adult, she plans a complicated and brutal retaliation against her abusers.

Finally, more cast members of The Glory have spoken in with their thoughts on the Korean drama’s season count, joining Lee Do Hyun.

The villains of Netflix’s The Glory and actor Jung Sung Il responded to fan theories about the Korean drama in a video posted to the streaming service. The cast addressed a fan’s hope that Moon Dong Eun will stand up to her tormentors in the clip. Then the humorous debate started up.

The actor who played Jeon Jae Joon, Park Sung Hoon, expressed doubt about whether the proposed level of vengeance was sufficient. After all, getting even a fraction of the payback you suffered through in the past is a long and torturous process.

This is why retaliation is a vicious circle that can never be broken. If Moon Dong Eun’s revenge cycle were to continue, it would likely involve Han Ye Sol and Moon Dong Eun’s potential heir.

Actor Kim Gun Woo, who played Son Myeong Oh, spoke up at that point. When asked how many seasons Park Sung Hoon thought The Glory will run for, he delightfully responded with over 120.

Actresses Cha Joo Young and Kim Hieora, however, have stated that the story of The Glory would never finish if it were to air for more than one season. If the plot goes on, the antagonists will get even with the protagonists.

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