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Tessa Thompson’s Dates: Here A Complete Rundown Of Her Romantic Entanglements Thus Far!

Tessa Thompson, who is most known for her roles in Men in Black: Global and Thor: Ragnarok, has an intriguing romantic history, to say the least. But there are some things you should know about Tessa before we get to that.

First becoming widely known for her role in the comedy-drama Dear White Ladies, she went on to receive nominations for a number of prestigious awards.

Despite her celebrity status, Tessa Thompson has maintained a low profile in regards to her private life and her relationship.

The Question Everyone Wants To Know Is: Who Is She Seeing Now?

There have been many rumours and speculations on the internet concerning Tessa Thompson’s possible hidden husband. The correct response is “no.” Tessa had finally broken out of her shackles.

The actress from “Passing” looks like she’s having a blast in her single life right now. Several names have been mentioned in connection to Tessa. She may be single in the future, but she isn’t in one right now.

Tessa, on the other hand, has a reputation for being an outspoken supporter of Gay rights. It’s been two years since she disclosed her bisexuality. Even so, she hopes that others will be able to enjoy the same advantages she has.

But Tessa is a different case because she is quite private. Surprisingly, she was open about her bisexuality and the influence her family had on her sexual orientation.

“I can take everything for granted cos of my family — it’s so free, so you can be something which they want to be,” the Mississippi Damned star said.

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“I find women appealing, but I also like males. It’s not even necessary to broach the subject if I bring home a male or female companion. Wow, she really did well! We are relieved that she can have romantic relationships with anybody she chooses.

As a result, she has made no secret of her desire to see others gain the same sense of liberation that she has by encouraging others to come out and be proud of their sexual orientation.

It’s sad that “so many people don’t have that liberty and love that I receive from their loved ones,” she continued. She stated in an interview that she was “compelled being an agent of change.”

In an interview with Net-A-Porter, she said, “I don’t think any musician necessarily has an obligation to try being an advocate for change.

This is a fascinating idea because it means her ex might be either a man or a woman, in addition to being a fascinating mystery.

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Models Tessa Thompson & Janelle Monae

Tessa has made no secret of her pleasure in expressing her sexuality, but will Janelle do the same? That’s additional fun we have here.

Furthermore in 2018, Janelle announced her pansexuality in Rolling Stone. Thus, Janelle took action when the Dirty Computer was unveiled. Coincidence? It’s possible, but it also could be false.

They continued to accumulate evidence of their romantic connection. They also made multiple red carpet appearances, including the Annihilation premiere, the Black Panther film’s first public showing, and Essence magazine’s Black Women in Media Oscar luncheon.

All of their public appearances were documented not just by the paparazzi, but also by the two of them sharing the experience on Instagram. The way they treated their followers was torturous.

Up until about the middle of 2019, when they unexpectedly stopped appearing together, it was great fun. There will be zero online presence, zero formal event attendance, and zero formal attire. Were they involved in a brawl or what?

That led several outlets to report that the couple had supposedly split up earlier that same year. They wouldn’t have vanished without a trace if they hadn’t been an item to begin with.

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2015 Saw Their Emergence

Janelle Monae, a Grammy-nominated musician, was another well-known person rumoured to be Tessa’s alleged lover. When Tessa appeared as a professional dancer in Janelle’s 2015 music video for “Yoga,” rumours began circulating that the two were dating.

They also posed for a picture at the 2016 MOCA gala. The rumour first surfaced in the public in 2015, but in 2018, after Janelle produced a music video that hinted at her relationship with Janelle, it began to reemerge with stronger evidence.

The song included in the MV came from the album Dirty Computer. There were other instances where Tessa was front and centre in the clip.

It’s become somewhat expected at this time that Tessa has made no official statement clarifying or denying her relationship with anyone, including Janelle. Tessa simply declared her affection for Janelle, and the feeling was mutual.

Nonetheless, this in no way implied that they were romantically linked. Tessa didn’t care if others assumed things regarding her and Janelle. She was reluctant to either confirm or deny the rumour.

We share the same vibrational frequency, and we’re so close. So, it is acceptable for people to make assumptions about us. This doesn’t concern me at all,” Tessa declared.

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However, what should we anticipate from them? The chances of them talking about their breakup are slim, given that they didn’t even acknowledge their romance while they were still madly over heels. As a result, we are no further along, and neither are they.

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