Surprise Primary Upset Knocks Puerto Rico Governor Out of Re-election Race
Surprise Primary Upset Knocks Puerto Rico Governor Out of Re-election Race

In a stunning turn of events, the current governor of Puerto Rico, Wanda Vázquez, has been ousted from her bid for re-election in the upcoming primary election. This comes as a major surprise to many political analysts and has left both supporters and opponents puzzled.


Vázquez took over as governor in August 2019 after the previous governor resigned following mass protests over corruption allegations. She had previously served as Secretary of Justice and was not considered a front-runner in the original primary race. However, with no clear alternative candidate, she emerged victorious and became Puerto Rico’s first female governor.

Unexpected Defeat

The recent primary election in Puerto Rico was expected to be a tight race between Vázquez and Pedro Pierluisi, a former Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico. However, much to everyone’s surprise, Pierluisi emerged as the winner with 58% of the votes compared to Vázquez’s 42%. This unexpected defeat has left many wondering what factors led to this outcome.

Reasons for Defeat

One possible reason for Vázquez’s defeat could be her low approval ratings. According to a recent poll by El Nuevo Día, only 18% of Puerto Ricans approved of her job performance as governor. This could have played a significant role in swaying voters towards Pierluisi.

Another factor that may have contributed to her loss is her handling of the recent earthquakes and COVID-19 pandemic in Puerto Rico. Many citizens have criticized her for not taking enough action to address these crises, leading to further dissatisfaction with her leadership.

Implications for Puerto Rico’s Future

With Pierluisi now becoming the front-runner for the upcoming gubernatorial election in November, it remains to be seen what policies and changes he will bring if elected. This upset also raises questions about the future direction of Puerto Rico and how its government will tackle ongoing challenges such as corruption, economic struggles, and natural disasters.


The unexpected defeat of Governor Wanda Vázquez in the primary election has left a significant impact on Puerto Rican politics. It serves as a reminder that voters hold their leaders accountable for their actions and decisions. As the island looks towards the upcoming general election, all eyes will be on Pierluisi as he campaigns to become Puerto Rico’s next governor.

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