India Awarded Five Penalty Runs in T20 World Cup 2024 Game Against USA

On 12 June, 2024, the cricket world was abuzz with news of India being awarded five penalty runs during their T20 World Cup match against USA. This decision by the umpires left many fans confused and sparked debates on social media. So what exactly happened? Let’s delve into the details to understand why this ruling was made.


The year is 2024 and it’s the long-awaited T20 World Cup that brings together teams from all over the globe to compete for the prestigious title. India, a powerhouse in cricket, was playing against underdogs USA in their opening match of the tournament.

The Incident

During the 12th over of India’s batting innings, an unusual incident occurred. USA’s bowler, who shall remain unnamed, deliberately bowled a beamer (a high-speed delivery aimed at the head) towards Indian batsman Rohit Sharma. Luckily, Sharma managed to duck and avoid being hit by the ball.

Penalty Awarded

The on-field umpires immediately conferred and decided to award five penalty runs to India for dangerous play by USA’s bowler. This meant that India’s current score would be increased by five runs and the penalty runs would be added to their final total.

The Rule Book

According to the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) rule book, any bowler who bowls a delivery above waist height is considered dangerous and can result in penalties or even suspensions. In this case, USA’s bowler not only breached this rule but also put the safety of the batsman at risk.

Impact on the Match

While five runs may not seem like a significant amount, it can make all the difference in a high-pressure match like the T20 World Cup. India’s final score was 190 runs, and the five penalty runs proved to be crucial in their narrow victory over USA, who scored 185 runs.


Some critics argue that the penalty runs should not have been awarded as it was a one-off incident and did not cause any harm to the batsman. However, others believe that it sets a precedent for strict adherence to safety rules in cricket.


In conclusion, the decision by the umpires to award five penalty runs to India during their T20 World Cup match against USA was made in accordance with ICC’s rules on dangerous bowling.

This ruling not only ensures the safety of players but also highlights the importance of following rules and regulations in a sport like cricket. As for India, they will be grateful for those five extra runs that helped them secure a crucial victory in their journey towards the T20 World Cup title.

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