Russell admits that she had a hard time keeping the relationship under wraps while the show was on the air.

“We recently moved in together in San Diego and so, you know, we were like under wraps,” she says of the couple’s secrecy. “I was just, like, skulking around, trying to get everything ready before anyone spotted me.”

  • Jones elaborates, “We were wearing wigs and everything like that, trying to sneak out to dinner and stuff.” As a result, “it’s been thrilling and fun.”
  • Jones likens being out in public with your significant other to the feeling you get when you undo your pants buttons the day after Thanksgiving.”
  • Because of this, “we can finally relax and be ourselves,” he says. She confirmed that it had been beneficial by saying, “Yeah.”
  • Brandon Jones and Serene Russell, both of “Bachelor in Paradise,” have moved in together and started wedding preparations.

Serene Russell And Brandon Jonea In Bachelor In Paradise.

Credit: Craig Sjodin/Abc Via Getty.

The pair will also make time to visit with their respective families this holiday season. They spent Thanksgiving with Russell’s relatives in Oklahoma and plan to spend the holidays with Jones’ relatives in Oregon.

To add insult to injury, Russell says they “haven’t started planning” their 2024 nuptials.

Jones also says, “We’re enjoying the engagement right now.” Since this is our debut performance, we figure we might as well take it all in.

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Image: Craig Sjodin/Abc Via Getty

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After getting engaged this month, Russell discussed her wedding preparations with PEOPLE.

Planning our wedding is something we both look forward to, Russel told PEOPLE.

We’ve decided on the year 2024 for our wedding, and we’re currently contemplating whether to have a day or night ceremony, as well as other details.

The next part,” she said, referring to our humorous back-and-forth, has begun. It means a lot to us to be able to go about our regular lives in public while celebrating the holidays.

“The Bachelor,” Who Is Brandon? In The Year 2022’s season

Professor Bradon Jones, “Bachelor In Paradise,” 2022
Credit For The Picture Goes To ABC News/Craig Sjodin.

Brandon, a travel nurse recruiter from Portland, Oregon, is featured on season 8 of “The Bachelorette.” He is 28 years old.

The Bachelorette season 18’s runner-up, he competed for the heart of Michelle Young. Brandon said to Michelle on the “After the Final Rose” special after he was eliminated, “I’d rather listen and rather hear your side because, what I saw, I think I have my own ideas and beliefs but I’d rather your side so I can get the complete picture.”

I’m sure there was a lot that didn’t happen or wasn’t shown, but I was curious as to what was going on in your head.

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who Is Brandon Jones?

As Nayte Olukoya admitted he was not yet ready for an engagement, Brandon said he was “a little bewildered” when he sent Michelle home and picked Nayte as the winner instead of him.

To break someone’s heart is never simple, but I think you had to force Nayte to that point. Was wondering why you never questioned me, but kept interrogating him.

But, there are occasions when we just cannot decipher the messages our hearts are sending. Brandon stated, “There are times when you know exactly what you want.”

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“Traveling Nurse Recruiter.”

On The Bachelorette, Brandon said he was a “Traveling Nurse Recruiter.” According to his LinkedIn profile, Brandon earned a BA in Business Administration and Management from Western Oregon University in 2017. And in 2014, he graduated from Portland Community College with a degree in business. Brandon J.

is a vendor staffing expert for PeaceHealth, a health organization in Washington state. He has previous experience with Nike, Manpower, Riverdale Landscaping, Enterprise, and Jimmy John’s. I am a hard worker with the drive to excel at any task I am given.

It’s important to me to treat people with dignity and inspire them to do their best. Leadership is something I’m used to doing, and I enjoy when I get to see other people achieve.

He explained how he achieves this in his Linkedin profile, writing, “I do this by communicating clearly and knowing my team. I enjoy thinking outside the box and coming up with novel approaches to problems.

Your organization could benefit from my capacity to listen and learn from experience, as well as my high level of dependability. I’m excited to learn and grow in this role, and I hope to contribute to the success of your company.

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