Accused Machete Attacker Indicted by Grand Jury

Watertown, NY – May 2, 2024 – A grand jury has indicted a Watertown High School student on charges stemming from a machete attack that left two people injured in March.

Eighteen-year-old Shaquan Bullocks faces multiple charges

The indictment accuses Bullocks of first-degree and second-degree assault, as well as criminal possession of a weapon. The charges stem from an incident that occurred outside a Little Caesars on State Street at the end of March.

Attack Details and Injuries

According to authorities, Bullocks allegedly used a machete to injure Josh Larkins and Katrina Duchamp. Reports indicate Larkins suffered a serious eye injury, while Duchamp sustained cuts to her hand and scalp requiring stitches.

Self-Defense Claim

Bullock’s family maintains that he acted in self-defense during the encounter. They allege an earlier altercation that same day where Bullocks was confronted by Larkins, Duchamp, and a friend over littering.

Legal Proceedings

Bullocks remains in jail with bail set at $100,000. An arraignment date on the formal charges is expected to be scheduled soon.

This case is still under investigation. The next steps will involve legal proceedings to determine Bullocks’ guilt or innocence based on the presented evidence and potential arguments for self-defense.

Community Reacts to Machete Attack Indictment

The news of the grand jury’s indictment in the machete attack case has stirred reactions within the Watertown community.

  • School Response: Watertown High School officials have yet to comment publicly on the indictment involving their student. However, they are likely to address concerns from parents and students regarding school safety protocols in the coming days.
  • Concerns About Violence: The incident has heightened local anxieties about violence, particularly involving teenagers. Community leaders are urging residents to remain calm and cooperate with law enforcement if they have any information related to the case.
  • Call for Calm and Transparency: Local activists are calling for a transparent investigation and a fair trial. They are also urging the community to avoid speculation and assumptions about the case until all the facts are presented in court.
  • Support for Victims: Many residents have expressed their support for the victims of the attack, Josh Larkins and Katrina Duchamp, and hope for their full recovery.

The coming weeks and months will likely see further developments in this case as it progresses through the legal system. The Watertown community will be closely following the trial’s outcome, with the hope that justice will be served for all parties involved.

Lingering Questions and Path Forward

While the indictment brings the case a step closer to trial, several questions remain unanswered:

  • Motive: The exact motive behind the alleged attack is still unclear. Understanding the circumstances surrounding the initial altercation and the events leading up to the use of the machete will be crucial for the court.
  • Self-Defense Arguments: The strength of Bullocks’ self-defense claim will hinge on the evidence presented. Details regarding the nature of the initial confrontation and the level of threat perceived by Bullocks will be rigorously examined.
  • Victim Recovery: The physical and emotional recovery of the victims, Josh Larkins and Katrina Duchamp, will continue to be a concern for the community. Updates on their well-being might be limited due to privacy considerations.

Looking ahead, the path forward involves:

  • Trial Preparations: Both prosecution and defense teams will be busy preparing their cases. This includes gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, and formulating legal strategies.
  • Trial Date: An official court date for the trial will be set, allowing both sides to present their arguments before a judge or jury. The trial’s length will depend on the complexity of the case and the evidence presented.
  • Community Dialogue: Open and honest conversations within the Watertown community are essential. Discussions about violence prevention, conflict resolution, and support for victims can help create a safer and more understanding environment.

This machete attack case has undoubtedly impacted the Watertown community. As the legal process unfolds, residents are encouraged to stay informed, seek accurate information from reliable sources, and respect the privacy of those involved. By working together, the community can strive for a just resolution and a path towards healing.

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