Costco’s in-house brand, Kirkland Signature, offers common items at reasonable pricing. However, it outsources to other well-known companies rather than producing its own products in a warehouse of its own.

Kirkland Signature Vodka is a distilled spirit with 40% ABV that has been poking the curiosity of every alcohol enthusiast out there.

Unfortunately, Costco rarely discloses information about the origin of its booze or other products. If you’ve ever wondered who creates Kirkland Signature American Vodka, this article is for you because occasionally this information is leaked

Making of Kirkland American Vodka

For a very long time, people believed that Grey Goose produced Kirkland Signature American Vodka. In 2022, it was established that this was untrue. Instead, Kirkland Vodka is probably produced by LeVecke, a California-based supplier of alcoholic beverages. However, until Kirkland makes this information public, there is no way to be positive.

Many initially thought that Kirkland Signature American Vodka was produced by the renowned brand Grey Goose, which is well-known for its vodka.

The Kirkland Signature brand of vodka, however, is not made by Grey Goose, according to a statement to USA Today.

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Instead, this vodka is probably made by LeVecke Corp, a wine, beer, and spirits company with headquarters in California.

In actuality, the Alcohol and Tabacco Tax and Trade Bureau has one Certificate of Label Approval on file for the disputed vodka, and curiously, Grey Goose is not listed on this document.

This charge is also supported by the fact that Grey Goose’s labeling indicates that, while being an American product, it has French origins.

Therefore, since Kirkland’s vodka is American-made, there is no chance that Kirkland’s Signature is Grey Goose.

Grey Goose: The Alleged Owner

Joe McCanta, the global CEO of The Grey Goose, debunked the persistent misconception that their vodka is sold at Costco in a previous interview.

Even after that interview, many people still hold onto the myth, but nobody can really blame them.

Out of the three essential components for producing vodka, Grey Goose and Kirkland French vodka share two characteristics.

First of all, the water used in both products comes from the same Gensac Springs, which are situated in the Cognac region of France. They each underwent the same six distillation steps, which brings us to our second point.

Grey Goose only uses wheat that was milled in their distillery using a unique method, which is the only distinction between them.

About the LeVecke

LeVecke Corp., which specializes in wine, beer, and spirits, is headquartered in Mira Loma, California, as was previously noted.

The only company with TTB label authority to manufacture and supply Costco Vodka is LeVecke Corp.

The business had a modest beginning as a family enterprise that began selling beer in 1949.

The company is actually well-known for some of the specialty alcoholic beverages it produces in addition to the vodka it produces for Kirkland Signature.

LeVecke Corp produced distilled spirits and wine for merchants like Supervalu, Safeway, Kroger, and Costco after many years of labor and commercial alliances.

The only pineapple vodka in the world, PAU Maui Vodka, is one of LeVecke Corp.’s offerings.

They also collaborated to create America’s Outlaw Bourbon Whiskey with the musician and entrepreneur Jesse James Dupree.

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Where can one buy Kirkland American Signature Vodka?

In the liquor section of your nearby Costco Warehouse, you may purchase Kirkland Signature American Vodka.

Most of the time, you can also find Kirkland Signature products on the websites of independent vendors.

In reality, Kirkland Signature American Vodka will be available for purchase on in the majority of states.


What kind of vodka is Kirkland American vodka?

An unflavored vodka manufactured from grains and distilled spring water is called Kirkland Signature American Vodka.

Where does Kirkland get their vodka?

LeVecke Corp. is the supplier of vodka to Kirkland. It is Costco’s authorized vodka supplier.

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