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Has Dunkey Done A Face Reveal? What You Need To Know About YouTubers!

Jason Yevgeniy Gastrow, better known as Dr. Dunkey, is an American comedian, video game critic, and youtube reviewer.

On January 30, 1991, he was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Since 2003, Jason has worked as a video editor. He started uploading videos to his youtube channel, Videogamedunkey, in 2010.

According to one of the evaluations, Jason has had this desire of being an animator since he was a child.

Jason has been likened to “the Lester Bangs of video games” by Gene Park of the Washington Post. He’s also regarded as one of the most well-known online critics.

For Jason, one of the two levels in the well-known Super Mario Maker game was the pinnacle of his gaming career.

Who is Dunkey’s Wife and Family?

Leahbee, aka Dunkey(Jason’s wife), is a YouTuber as well. On September 21, 2019, the newlyweds tied the knot.

The high-pitched voice of Leahbee makes it easy to recognize her.

Many videos have featured Leahbee and Jason together. There are currently 274k subscribers on Leahbee’s YouTube account.

As far as Jason’s family is concerned, his mother is a second-grade teacher. The Ukrainian roots of Jason’s parents may be found in both of their families.

Furthermore, there is no information about this family out there. Personal information about him is not something he enjoys posting on social media.

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Is Dunkey on Instagram?

Unfortunately, Dunkey, a.k.a. Jason, isn’t on Instagram at this time.

He has a Twitter handle @vgdunkey, however

He has a huge following of admirers. A total of 1.2 million people follow him on Twitter; he has five followers and 1207 tweets.

Jason is a well-known YouTuber with more than 6.84 million subscribers to his channel.

One of Jason’s most well-known video games is League of Legends.

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