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You’ll Soon Have To pay More To Get The Good Seats At AMC Movie Theaters In NYC

The price of tickets for some of the theaters’ middle seats has recently increased across the United States.

On Monday, the nation’s largest movie theater chain, AMC Theaters, introduced a new pricing structure for movie tickets in which the price of the ticket is determined by the location of the seat in the theater.

There will be a dollar or two price increase for seats located in the middle of the auditorium, whereas seats located in the front row will be slightly less expensive.

According To AMC,

The new pricing structure, which has been given the name “Sightline,” has already been implemented in some locations.

However, by the end of the year, it will be in place at all domestic AMC theaters for showings that begin after 4 p.m.

The standard price will be charged for seats that have been categorized as having a “standard sightline.” A membership in the subscription service offered by the chain, known as AMC Stubs, is required in order to receive a discount on the prices of the “value sightline” seats.

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Exhibitors have been looking into more variable pricing methods in an effort to counter the effects of the pandemic, which has had a negative impact on movie theaters.

This includes charging a higher price for highly anticipated movies such as “The Batman” in the first week after their initial release.

Over the past weekend, thanks to a collaboration between Paramount Pictures and various theater chains, ticket prices for the comedy “80 for Brady” were slightly reduced.

And the year before, on “National Cinema Day,” when attendance was particularly low in theaters, most movie theaters discounted tickets to $3.

However, in the majority of cases, the price of a ticket to a movie is going up, particularly when large-format screens and 3D showings are taken into consideration.

Tickets for “Avatar: The Way of Water,” the film that has been the most successful at the box office in recent memory, cost approximately $16.50 on average for the 3D premium format.

Discount Tuesdays

Sightline at AMC is the name of the new program that AMC Theatres, which operates the largest theater chain in the world, introduced on Monday.

It offers a variety of pricing options for seats. According to AMC, the variable pricing will be implemented for any showtime that begins after 4 p.m., but it will not apply to “Discount Tuesdays.”

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The new prices are as follows, broken down by category:

  • Standard Sightline seats are the most common type of seat, and you can purchase them at the regular price.
  • The front row and select ADA seats are included in the Value Sightline package.
  • Preferred Sightline tickets cost more than regular tickets because they are located in the center of the auditorium.
  • The catch is as follows: Members of AMC’s subscription program, called AMC Stubs A-List, are the only people who can access the Value Sightline. It is basically AMC’s response to the service known as MoviePass, which allows customers to watch up to three movies per week for a flat monthly fee.

In addition, additional fees for a Preferred Sightline seat are waived for A-List members who purchase one of these seats.

There Is A Growing Trend In Movie Theaters Toward Assigning Seats.

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commonplace in recent years, but tiered pricing for screenings that don’t provide significantly different experiences at each price point is not.

While AMC hopes that Sightline will make moviegoers see theaters as offering more options, the program also has the potential to divide audiences into first, second, and neck strain classes, creating a cinematic experience not unlike that of air travel.

It’s unclear how AMC intends to prevent people with Value Sightline tickets from sitting in Preferred seats, especially at less-than-full showings.

As of this coming Friday, Sightline at AMC will premiere in New York, Chicago, and Kansas City, with plans for a nationwide rollout by the end of the year.

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