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You season 4: Release Date On Netflix, Cast, Plot, And  What We Know So Far

You season 4

You season 4

You season 4

You, a popular Netflix show, features Penn Badgley’s Joe Goldberg as the lead character, a man who is both lovable and creepy all at once. Despite his literary savvy and a keen eye for detail, he’s actually a murderer motivated by a sense of personal superiority.

This show, based on Carolyn Kepnes’ novel, will return for a fourth season in October 2021, Netflix announced in October of that year.

Joe killed his wife Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) and left their son Henry on a stoop in the Season 3 finale, which he then faked his own demise and left (only for a much better family to adopt him).

In spite of the fact that filming for the new season hasn’t yet wrapped, fans are already anticipating a surprising new season of the series.

Speaking to ET, Badgley hinted at a shift in the show’s genre. “The voice is the same, but the format has changed. As he put it, “We’re doing something different.” There is a distinct change in tone here. “And I think it works,” I concur.”

You Season 4: Release Date

You season 4 release date

As of March 2022, production on You season 4 has begun and is expected to be completed in July of that year. While filming for Season 3 wrapped up in April, we can expect a premiere date for Season 4 to be sometime in February 2023 if the same timeline is followed.

Season 4’s Plot Summary

To put it mildly, the conclusion of You third season was quite dramatic. For his standards, Joe’s murderous rampage is quite a bit. He killed his wife, Love (Victoria Pedretti), abandoned their baby, faked death, baked his own toe into a pie, and then set fire to his home in the California suburbs.

Season 4’s plot summary

The last time we saw Joe, he was using the alias “Nick” and had just arrived in Paris in search of Marianne, who is originally from there. Only a few episodes will be set in Paris in You season 4, but the majority of the season will be in London. There haven’t been any additional plot reveals, but Joe’s past is already filled with enough ghosts to keep him haunted for the duration of the season.

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What Can Viewers Expect From The Fourth Season Of You?

Season 4 of Netflix’s You will see more than just Joe’s transformation into a new man in a new city.. While discussing his new podcast, Podcrushed, with Entertainment Tonight, Badgley said he “would sure hope” that Joe changes his temperament, but admitted that things continue to get in the way of Joe’s development.

“As a result, he’s making an effort to alter his behavior because the source of the problem lies within him, rather than outside of him. He’s always trying and failing at it.” Also revealed by Badgley were details on what viewers can expect to see in season 4. “Although the tone remains the same, there is a shift in the format. A new format has been implemented for this project “Explained why he was saying this. “It’s almost as if we’ve shifted the genre a tad. As a result, I believe it works.”

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Who Are The Cast Members Of You Season 4?

Some of the actors on this year’s cast include

Despite the fact that Love (Victoria Pedretti) was set on fire in Season 3, we haven’t seen her burn to death. As a result, it’s possible that she will make a surprise appearance or flashback in Season 4.

Where Is The Fourth Season Of You Being Shot?

In late 2021, Badgley insisted that he had no idea if You would once again relocate for Season 4, but he did tell Entertainment Tonight that Joe is a “device” who is fun to watch in new situations—and now we know where many of those Season 4 situations will take place. Joe is teasing a trip to Paris and London on the official You Twitter account, but we have no idea why.

However, we are aware of the real-world reason for the filming in London: According to Badgley, “To be honest, it’s a lot less expensive,”

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