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Where Is The Tornado Right Now? How We Can Him?

A tornado is caused by rotating masses of air. When these different masses of air come together, a column of air can be formed as a result of their rapid rotation. A visible column of air is what makes up a tornado.

For a very long time, people thought that tornadoes formed high up in the atmosphere and then descended to the ground below.

This assumption, however, has been debunked by the exhaustive research conducted by the American Geophysical Union. The researchers discovered that the tornado begins to acquire shape close to the ground before it starts to rotate.

Where Exactly is The Tornado Located?

In real time, you can see where tornadoes are striking in the United States with the help of our tornado tracker. The tornado radar will be useful in both the US and Canada. The map’s colours correspond to the indicated wind speeds in knots. Direction of wind is also visible as white lines that move through the air.

Depending on how strong they are, tornadoes can cause significant damage on the ground. If you’re worried about the possibility of a tornado striking your area, be sure to check our tornado tracker frequently. Below, you’ll find additional data regarding the radar and tornadoes.

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The proper way to interpret the tornado radar

The first map displays the potential for tornado activity. Furthermore, the hues serve as a visual indicator of likelihood. If the chance of precipitation is even 5%, you should check the forecast regularly. This section describes the peril posed by a tornado.

A second map displays recent reports of tornado activity. A red dot indicates a recent sighting on the map. You should immediately take refuge if you find yourself within this red zone (e.g., seek shelter). You can quickly and easily find a summary of all of NOAA’s suggested actions.

How do twisters get started?

Tornadoes, along with hurricanes, are among the world’s most potent storms, capable of producing winds of up to 450 kilometres per hour. No comprehensive studies of tornadogenesis have been conducted until recently. Tornadoes can develop in one of two ways.

It is possible for tornadoes to form within a supercell. The thundercloud is enormous and towers far above the ground.

Tornadoes and intense downpours can form when the cloud’s internal temperature gradients cause severe updrafts and downdrafts. This is a common mechanism for producing extremely powerful tornadoes.

Tornadoes, however, can also occur as a result of the collision of two distinct air masses. This causes the air to rise and, depending on the direction of the prevailing wind, spin.

Tornado likelihood within 25 miles of a given location. If a hatching area is included in the graphic, which is only done with probability of 10 percent or greater, severe tornadoes are more of a threat than typical.

It is the Fujita scale that is used to quantify the severity of tornadoes. It includes speeds from less than 117 km/h to more than 419 km/h in the wind. Following is the breakdown:

F0 (<=117 km/h)

Unsturdy trees can be uprooted, branches broken, and billboards damaged.

F1 (117-180 km/h)

Cars in motion can be pushed about and caravans/mobile homes can be toppled during a tornado.

F2 (180-252 km/h)

Mobile homes can be completely obliterated by an F2 tornado, and even enormous trees can be uprooted and thrown around. In the wrong hands, even very innocuous items might become lethal projectiles.

F3 (252-333 km/h)

There is the potential to demolish larger roofs and derail trains. Forests can be largely uprooted, and trucks can be moved or even toppled.

F4 (333-419 km/h)

It is possible to move houses of the F4 class if they are made of wood and have poor anchoring. Vehicles can be tipped over, and other, heavier things can become projectiles and cause considerable destruction.

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