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When May We See Season 2 Of Chainsaw Man?

The year 2022 has been an incredible one for anime. Fans of anime continue to win, with recent successes like Spy X Family and Ranking of Kings, as well as the return of fan favorites like Attack on Titan and My Hero Academia. One book, though, cut through the others with more ferocity and grotesqueness.

Yes, we’re talking about Chainsaw Man, the breakout hit from Studio MAPPA that’s both horrifying and compelling.

Having concluded its first season, Chainsaw Man has been probably the greatest anime phenomenon of the year, having been a popular with fans of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s manga even before the translation came.

But what happens in the tense season finale that comes after the first?While Studio MAPPA has not yet confirmed the series’ renewal, there is still plenty of material to draw from, and it’s tirelessly to believe they wouldn’t want to cash in on Chainsaw Man’s success.

When Will The Second Season Of Chainsaw Man Begin?

Fans of the October 12, 2022 premiere of Chainsaw Man have been waiting for news on when the show’s second season will begin airing. This annual schedule isn’t often adhered to by Studio MAPPA, and rumors claimed by point to 2024 as a more plausible comeback date.

However, Himeno may not come back unless she is brought back through flashbacks in season two. If that’s the case, we may expect Mariya Ise & Katelyn Barr to reprise their roles in the Japanese original and English dub, respectively.

As new characters are introduced in season two, new cast members are natural additions. Akane will not be reprised by Y Taichi (in Japanese) or Emi Lo (in English). Naturally, the Snake Devil ended the season by killing the devil hunter.

The magnificent animation and art style of the anime, which combines bright colors and unique character designs, became the main reasons for the show’s popularity in its first season.

The second season will provide the same high quality that made the first season so popular, with the animation bringing the world of the manga to life in stunning detail.

The first season’s score by Kensuke Ushio was well received and used to establish the show’s tone. Listeners anticipate an equally impressive score for Season 2.

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In Chainsaw Man, Season 2, What Will Happen?

After defeating the henchmen Katana Man & the Snake Devil, Denji and his squad were one step closer to discovering the Gun Devil in the season one finale of Chainsaw Man.

Who was the strange lady with black hair at the end, though? Who is this person, and why are they babbling on and on about an expanse of mouse? “If you had to choose between being a rural mouse and a city mouse, whichever would you pick?”

If the manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto gets adapted for a second time, there is still a lot of material to cover.

Only about four storylines have been explored in the first season’s 12 episodes, so there’s still time for the “Bomb Girl Arc” and maybe even the “International Assassins’ Arc” to make an appearance in future seasons.

You may read Tatsuki Fujimoto’s novel to find out what will happen in the next episode if you can’t stand the suspense.

If a second season is actually revealed at Mappa Stage 2023, then viewers can look forward to more of the same in terms of the show’s signature mix of action, dread, and humor. The sophisticated narrative, development of characters, and world-building of the manga are expected to carry over into the second season.

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There may not be any fresh content from the upcoming second season of Chainsaw Man currently available, but in the meanwhile, here’s a video detailing the most important television series to watch in 2023. And once Studio MAPPA finally does start releasing new trailers and teasers, you’ll find them all right here.

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