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When Can We Expect Bleach: The Thousand-Year Blood War Part 2?

The large-awaited adaptation of Bleach’s last arc, The Thousand-Year Bloody War, has begun, and the first 13 episodes have already aired. But now that Part 1 is complete, how long will it be before Part 2 is released?

Amazing animation, thrilling battles, and crazier and crazier story twists have had viewers watching The Thousand-Year Blood War on the edge of their seats. The series was originally billed as having four sections, each consisting of about 13 episodes.

After the first season concluded on the 26th of December, Viz announced that Bleach would be back in July of 2023 as a teaser for the second season.

The Rapidity Of Bleach’s Manga Translation

Approximately five manga chapters were adapted into episodes 1–13 of Bleach, bringing the total number of adapted chapters to 542. If so, then the second set of episodes ends at around chapter 610.

However, it is already known that there will be no fewer than one fight in the subsequent episode of Bleach’s return that hadn’t been in the initial manga, so based on the length of that fight, the second part might come to an end more around part 600.

In light of the fact that the original bleach manga concludes with chapter 686, there would still only be enough for a single additional “full” package of 13 episodes, suggesting that the pace may slow down a little as it approaches closer to the conclusion, either by taking the necessary time or by bringing more cut material back.

The manga translation of Bleach was met with criticism for its abrupt conclusion; the anime adaptation might offer an opportunity to address this.

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When Will The Next Installment Of “Bleach: The Thousand-Year Blood War” Be Released?

Listen up, readers of Bleach! Intriguing information is on the horizon. Part 2: The Separation, the next episode of the Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War anime, will premiere in July.

This episode will include a new combat that did not appear in the manga. Recently, creator Tite Kubo as well as Ichigo’s voice actor, Masakazu Morita, have revealed some information about the making of the anime.

The original Viz Twitter tweet shows Ichigo standing in front of pictures of his mom and dad while clutching his new Zanpakuto. The title of the first season’s finale, “the Sword is Me,” is emblazoned across it.

The title, “Bleach: The Thousand-Year Bloody War – The Separation,” and the release date, “July 2023,” denote the second installment.Aniplex also published a trailer, which Viz dubbed, to provide a taste of what you’ve been to come.

The preview implies that Uryu’s decision to join the Quincy and consequent alienation from his buddies is the “Separation” at issue.

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Fans of the revived Bleach only have to wait until July to see the second set of episodes; even those who have read the manga will find fresh material in the next episodes.

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