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What’s The Eta On The Next Alpha Version Of Dark And Darker?

At one week since release, the Dark and Darker demo should be wrapping up soon. Yet, the IRONMACE team has surprised its dedicated gamers by extending the duration of the most recent playtest.

The unique style coupled with its pretty funny social components has ended up causing the indie title to rise significantly in popularity recently, avg over 90,000 simultaneous players that during latest playtest, as reported by SteamCharts.

The game’s obsessive – compulsive PvEvP gameplay has now been defined as a mix of Escape from Tarkov and Dungeons & Dragons.

A lot of people have become infatuated with Dark and Darker during the current playtest, but it won’t continue forever. So, whether you’re thinking about giving the game a shot or are simply wondering when you’ll have to give up the IRONMACE name, you can find all the information you need right here.

Deeper And Darker Primary Impression

To begin playing Dark & Darker, you must first make a new player character. There are six different playable classes, each having its own set of abilities and potential limitations. In order to give everyone a better understanding of what each class entails, I will briefly describe them all below. does

  • Fighter – Defenders have access to a wide variety of weapons and defensive items. On the other hand, they have no access to magical abilities.
  • Rogue – Combat is made more difficult for their opponents by daggers, poison, and the element of surprise. Their lack of defensive prowess is their biggest issue.
  • Ranger – Shooting accurately from great distances, rangers are able to dispatch their foes. The trouble is, Wizard, that you don’t have much defence if your opponents get close.
  • The Magician – casts a spell with devastating force, dealing massive damage in a single stroke. The main problem is that they are defenceless when casting spells, making them easy targets.
  • Barbarian – Barbarians have a high damage output each swing and a high damage tolerance. Yet, their modest movement speed makes them easy to outrun and outkite their foes.
  • Cleric – Clerics have the ability to heal himself and their allies, and they can also deliver respectable damage with the mace. In comparison to the damage dealt by a fighter or barbarian, mages do less damage and have fewer offensive spells at their disposal.

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My very first objective in this game was to create a fighter. As a result, I had access to a sword, shield, chest piece, and leg pieces but no boots. With nothing to use as a starting point, I dove headfirst into the dungeon in search of gear.

The moment I entered the chamber where I was spawned, I saw a ring on my minimap. Dark and Darker, like many other battle royale games, features a ring of protection that deals extra damage to anyone who dares venture outside its confines.

This not only prevents campers and rats from taking up residence, but also encourages players to engage in combat as the circle shrinks.

The dungeon’s exploration is a no-brainer. You search every room and corridor in the building for valuables. There are three methods to acquire items in this game. To begin with, chests and other containers, such as coffins, can be opened to reveal treasure.

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Despite the relative safety of this strategy, you should be wary because imitators exist in the game. Second, don’t forget to look on top of furniture, shelves, and the floor for useful stuff. Finally, you can loot the equipment of your fallen foes, whether they be human or computer-controlled.

Skeletons were my very first kills. My first encounter with a skeleton nearly wiped out my health bar since I was still learning the ropes of Dark & Darker’s combat system. This was mostly because you needed to point your shield in the direction from which the adversary was coming at you.

Chivalry was brought back to life here, as raising a shield did not guarantee protection from harm. When I returned to the group after plundering the skeleton, one of the players was being attacked. It was my decision to attack him that led to his defeat. And thus it was that I met my first and only death at the hands of the skeleton that was attacking him.

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Deeper And Darker Upcoming Beta Test

Once the playtest in February 2023 ended, the creators made the following announcement on the game’s official Discord server:

Our sincere appreciation goes out to the roughly 2 million people who participated in the fourth Alpha Playtest. Even more information was gathered, all of which will be put towards making the game and its accompanying tools better.

Once we have had time to review this information and formulate a plan, we will share details about the next playtest with you. We will continue to use our discord to provide information and keep everyone informed. We appreciate the excellent evaluation you provided and look forward to working with you again soon. It’s great to hear that you liked Dark & Darker.

This comment suggests that Ironmace plans to have at least one additional playtest before the game’s release. No official date has been set for this, so stay tuned for updates!

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In conclusion, it’s safe to say that you’ll have a great time playing this. Players may take time to adjust to Dark and Darker’s gameplay. The effort is worthwhile after you’ve mastered using them. Playing with others amps up the enjoyment, but going it alone has its perks as well. I think you’ll enjoy this game even if you aren’t a fan of games in the same vein as Escape from Tarkov.

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