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What To Remember Before Watching ‘Dead To Me’ Season 3

Fans of Netflix’s Dead to Me have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of the program’s third and last season ever since the season two finale of the show aired in May of 2020. Both Netflix and the show’s creator, Liz Feldman, have already stated that this will be the series’ final season.

Because Christina Applegate has stated that she is “quite convinced” that this will be her final acting role, Season Three of “Dead to Me” will also have some melancholy moments. In 2021, the actor disclosed to the public that she had been given a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.

The statement was made by the 50-year-old actor in an interview with Variety that was published on November 9 and read as follows: “I’m pretty confident that this was it, you know?”

She stated that she was diagnosed with the chronic condition, which has an effect on the central nervous system, while they were still filming the last season. She returned to the set after the production had been halted for approximately five months with the intention of providing viewers, the cast, and herself with some resolution.

On November 17, the streaming service will release the last season of the show, marking Applegate and Linda Cardellini’s return to television screens following an extended absence from the medium. James Marsden will also play the role he had previously played in the gloomy comedy about friendship and murder.

Find below a TODAY summary that will fill you in on all you need to know about the previous two seasons.

Wait, How Do Jen And Judy Know Each Other Again?

Judy (Cardellini) and Jen (Applegate) have been putting their friendship to the test over the course of twenty episodes as they attempt to cover up one other’s illicit acts and recuperate from what they have done to the other. Viewers have watched as this has put a strain on their relationship.

Wait, How Do Jen And Judy Know Each Other Again?

If you remember correctly, each of them were responsible for the death of the other person’s significant other. During a hit-and-run, Judy was responsible for the death of Jen’s husband Ted, but her fiance Steve (James Marsden) pushed her to keep driving. The first season came to a conclusion with Jen being responsible for Steve’s death.

Since then, Jen and Judy have had to stay hidden from the watchful gaze of several law enforcement personnel as well as Ben, who is the kinder twin brother of Judy’s ex-fiancé Steve (also played by Marsden).

Jen Told The Police That She Killed Steve

The question of how Steve came to be found dead in Jen’s pool serves as the driving force behind the events in the second season of “Dead to Me.” In the climactic episode of the first season, Jen may be seen aiming her gun towards him. The action then cut to his mutilated body floating in the water.

After a full season has passed, the viewers find out that Jen’s statement to Judy about why she shot Steve in self-defense is not true; she did not shoot Steve in self-defense. After getting into a heated argument with him, she killed him by striking him over the head with a wooden bird.

You may recall that Steve and Judy were responsible for the hit-and-run accident that resulted in the death of Jen’s husband Ted (Judy was driving). Steve made fun of Jen by stating that her husband “wanted to get hit,” implying that he thought being killed by an assailant would be preferable to remaining married to Ted.

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Jen ultimately admitted her guilt at the end of Season Two, telling Detective Perez (Diana Maria Riva) that she was the one who was guilty for Steve’s death. The guilt had been eating away at her throughout the season.

Before leaving to visit Perez, Jen took the time to write letters to her two sons, Charlie (Sam McCarthy) and Henry (Luke Roessler), as well as to Judy, in which she explained the reasons for her departure.

They do not provide an explanation for her misdeeds, but they insist that Jen must come clean before “one more unfortunate event happens.” She also extended an apology to Judy and requested that the latter take legal custody of her children.

In a later part of Season 2, Charlie goes through Judy’s possessions looking for drugs and ends up discovering the confession letter.

Jen And Judy Also Found Steve’s Missing Money

Following the report of Steve’s disappearance, Perez paid a visit to the residence in order to give Judy back the artwork that had been stolen from her. As soon as the police officer had left the building, Judy began to destroy her paintings, and bundles of money dropped to the ground.

Jen And Judy Also Found Steve’s Missing Money

The artwork was shown in conjunction with Steve’s art gallery, TKG Arts, which is also a front for a corporation.

Ben was informed by the police that Steve had passed away.

Throughout the entirety of Season 2, Ben and his mother Eileen (Frances Conroy) held out hope that Steve had vanished or gone into hiding in order to avoid his legal issues.

Ben’s optimistic outlook was dashed when, during a phone conversation, it appeared as though the police were informing him that Steve had passed away. It was strongly suggested that the jogger and her dog, who had previously come face to face with Perez and Jen earlier in the episode, were the ones who discovered Steve’s death.

Final Words

Fans have been waiting for the third and last season of Dead to Me on Netflix ever since the season two finale aired in May 2020. Netflix and the show’s creator, Liz Feldman, have already stated that this will be the final season.

With Christina Applegate “quite persuaded” that this will be her final acting role, Season 3 of “Dead to Me” is sure to be a bittersweet experience for fans. This actor revealed her MS diagnosis in 2021.

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