What Is A Unicorn In Dating ( Describes A Person Who Joins A Couple As Their Third Partner)

what is a unicorn in dating

Has anyone ever heard of a couple looking for a unicorn to complete their union? In the absence of a prior knowledge of the term, you may be confused. Although easily grasped, experiencing one of these situations requires being in a polyamorous or open relationship. 

Unicorn in the dating world is someone who is willing to join an already established couple. This third party is destined to become romantically involved with both of the original couple, sharing sex with them and deepening their relationship. In most cases, a bisexual woman will be the elusive unicorn in question.

But this is not always the case. And there are times when a same-sex couple would like to find a unicorn to complete their union. It’s possible that a bisexual couple is on the lookout for a male unicorn for the same reason. Remember that this is a term for when one person enters an existing romantic relationship between two others. 

what is a unicorn in dating

But why does this person keep getting called a unicorn? Perhaps you can guess, but we’ll cover that too. Realizing how elusive a “unicorn” partner can be is the key to grasping the meaning of the term “unicorn” in the context of dating.

 Usually, when people think of a unicorn, they picture a mythical horse with a magnificent horn protruding from its forehead. Extremely few fairy tales feature such creatures, and some readers may even doubt their very existence. 

 Keep in mind that it probably won’t happen overnight, and that change isn’t always smooth sailing. If you’re looking for someone to add to your current relationship, keep reading to pick up some useful pointers.

Searching Online

Using the Internet is going to be crucial when looking for a third person to join your relationship. Find others who share your passions and pursuits in life. Unfortunately, not everyone is open to giving polyamory a try.

Searching unicorn in dating online

 It’s unlikely that you’ll find much interest from the bisexual community on dating sites if you present yourself in this way. Most people prefer monogamous relationships and are comfortable staying in them. This should discourage your search, but you should know that it can be time-consuming.

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Those looking for committed relationships will show up first in your search results when using a dating site. In today’s world of online dating, singles have a plethora of potential partners from which to select.

Delving Into Communities For Polyamory

Researching polyamory subcultures will be useful as well. You can connect with like-minded people on various social media platforms. Joining such communities could help you find people who share your interests. Those who are currently single and interested in learning more about polyamory exist. 

 unicorn in dating Communities

Your services could be very appealing to someone who is looking for a heterosexual relationship with a man and a female partner. Don’t expect results overnight, and know that you likely won’t be the only person in town looking for that elusive unicorn. Regardless, you can use social media communities to your advantage and find prospective matches.

Making new friends and connecting with other couples is also enjoyable. As an option, it could help you find more resources to aid in your investigation. Those who are actively seeking a Unicorn partner tend to be committed polyamorists.

 Joining in with local activities and events can help you feel more at home and increase your chances of stumbling upon a unicorn. It is important to keep realistic expectations throughout this process.

Finding Partners In Real Life

Meeting potential romantic partners in your everyday life is another option. Searching the typical spots for singles is a good place to start if you’re in the market for a new love interest. Keep in mind that the person you seek is bisexual or pansexual. 

So, if you’re in a relationship and looking for a new woman, the lady should go out and find one. It’s a terrible plan to track down a heterosexual girl and force her to transform into a unicorn. If you can find someone who is bi or pansexual, it will be much easier to find a suitable partner.

Perhaps those casual associations will blossom into something more substantial down the road. You can avoid disappointment by maintaining the same level of reasonable expectations you always have.

Patience Is Important

Patience is important in unicorn in dating

Finding your unicorn requires a great deal of patience. Finding your unicorn may take more or less time. You need to find someone who is compatible with your current partner while also being interested in you. 

Your chances will be higher if you reside in a region where polyamory is more prevalent, but you can continue your search no matter where you happen to be. The Internet is a great resource, and you may even encounter other bisexual people in your daily life.

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Don’t give up hope just because something good doesn’t work out. Don’t give up hope, and take care to value your current love interest. You worry that your desire to start a family may cause a rift between the two of you. Maintain a healthy connection while you seek out a third party. The day you find your unicorn could be the best day of your life.

FAQs – People Also Ask

What does it mean to be someone’s unicorn?

A “unicorn” is someone who enters a couple’s life as a third partner, whether for sex or a more serious relationship.

How do you be a good unicorn in a relationship?

You have to love us equally, after all.

Allow your relationships with each person to develop at their own pace, and be wary of demands for ‘equality’ that feel like tit-for-tat concessions. This could take the form of the couple insisting that both members of the couple go on dates if one of them goes on a date.

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