Understanding The Signs Of A Karmic Relationship!

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You’re not alone if you’ve felt a connection that’s like a magnet, but with a stormy undercurrent. Karma brings both joy and suffering into intimate relationships.

In spite of the fact that the term “karmic connection” isn’t used in the medical field, the features shared by karmic relationships and more conventional ones are strikingly similar.

According to Sanam Hafeez, PsyD, a neuropsychologist and faculty member at Columbia University, “a karmic relationship is one that is filled with all-consuming desire yet is incredibly difficult to maintain.”

what is a karmic relationship 1

She argues that although such connections aren’t designed to stay, they still provide valuable education to their participants.

Hafeez argues that the term “karmic partnership,” which often carries negative connotations, can also be seen as an opportunity for self-improvement.

That’s when you find out things about yourself you never knew before, and you learn the most important lessons in love, she says.

Read on to find out what specialists say about karmic relationships, how they manifest, and what you can do to get out of one.

What Is A karmic Relationship?

Karmic connections help us learn the lessons of love and commitment that we came here to achieve. It’s possible that each of us will experience at least one karmic connection during our lives.

What Is A karmic Relationship

It’s possible to draw parallels to the concept of soulmates, as the union of two people results in a strengthening of each individual’s spiritual well-being, but this sort of relationship is different from the traditional concept of soulmates.

These associations aren’t exactly a walk in the park. Love is the force that makes you uncomfortable but also compels you to develop.

The spiritual premise of karmic connections is that the two of you agreed to support each other’s growth before your souls incarnated into this body.

“Relationship therapist Dr. Margaret Paul says that reincarnation is a common cause of unresolved difficulties. Much healing can take place when people are more interested in learning from one other than in trying to dominate one another.”

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Potential Outcomes For Such A Partnership

You may find yourself smack dab in the middle of a karmic relationship before you ever recognize what’s happening.

Marriage counselor and sex and relationship therapist Andrew Aaron, LICSW, describes a pattern of splits and reconciliations in a couple’s relationship as something the partners can’t seem to shake.

Potential Outcomes For Such A Partnership

His explanation: “It grabs both partners strongly, and despite the devastation done to both, they don’t seem to be able to let go of each other,” even when everyone around them is telling them to terminate it.

The opinion of Hafeez is shared. She explains that karmic relationships are characterized by an instant connection and a feeling of being unable to exist without the other person.

Similarly, you may believe that you were meant to be with the other person and be perplexed as to why your relationship isn’t flourishing. When you feel this way, it’s hard to perceive your partner’s imperfections, according to Hafeez.

In addition, a love partner isn’t required to have a karmic connection. Such a bond can also be formed within one’s own family, among close friends, or even in the course of a single meeting.

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Symptoms Of A karmic Relationship

Some of the following may be indicators of a karmic connection:

  • feeling a strong, intense, and instant connection with the other individual
  • turbulence, with plenty of highs and lows, in the relationship
  • red flags, which could be signs of an abusive relationship
  • codependency
  • miscommunication
  • passionate arguments
  • feeling addicted to being around the other individual
  • a pattern of breaking up, and then making up again
  • being emotionally draining
  • jealous or possessive behavior
  • the relationship becoming toxic and damaging in the long term
  • each individual bringing out the worst in each other
  • feeling on edge with the other person and unsettled
  • repetitive patterns, such as having the same fight over and over

FAQs – People Also Ask

What does it mean when a relationship is karmic?

When two people are meant to be together, the relationship is certain to be stormy and full of passion. There is a connection between karma and karmic relationships since they are seen as the kinds of connections we need to make in our lives to develop. We learn a lot about ourselves and the nature of love and connection through these experiences.

Is a karmic relationship a soulmate?

Hafeez explains, “Karma partners are commonly confused with soulmates, and they aren’t the same.” “Soulmates help you realize your self-worth, while karmic partnerships teach you about the world and people,” she explains. In a connection with your soulmate, you are healthy, whole, and content.

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