Where Is Oliver, Garcelle Beauvais’s Son? This Is Us Star Family: An Update!

what happened to garcelles son

After receiving online harassment from fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Garcelle Beauvais is speaking out with a stunning message from her son, who is in his teen years.

On Wednesday, in response to the hateful remarks her 14-year-old son Jax has been receiving while the show’s 12th season airs, Garcelle published a message from Jax on Instagram.

“To begin, let me say that I am not yet an adult and would prefer not to be treated as such. Instead of enjoying my first week of high school like most students at my school, I have to cope with online harassment and bullying “It was his words that were put on paper.

“I did not sign up for this program,” Jax said. “Nor do I have anything to do with the drama of the show.”

He begged, “I just want to be a regular kid,” adding that his Instagram was meant for his friends and “not for notoriety nor the public’s gaze.”

Where Did Oliver, Garcelles’s Son, Go? Telling His Own Narcotic Addiction Story

Rapper Oliver Saunders shared his heartwarming story of overcoming drug addiction to become a devoted father and great artist.

Where Did Oliver, Garcelles's Son, Go Telling His Own Narcotic Addiction Story

Oliver, Garcelles’ son, was kicked out of five different schools during his adolescence for various misdeeds. His parents had finally had enough of him by 2008, so they sent him to a wilderness camp in Colorado. After five months, Saunders’ health began to improve.

Beauvais added that even though she and Daniel tried to help their kid, he remained addicted for quite some time. Even so, Oliver Saunders has found sobriety and equilibrium in his life, to the point where his parents can finally be proud of their son.

Oliver’s mother Garcelle Beauvais is a famous performer and model, thus he grew up in that world as well. Oliver avoided the limelight and dived deeper into his depression as he got older, the result of years of struggle and doubt.

That lasted until he met his future wife and son’s mother, whom he credits entirely with altering the course of his life and keeping him driven to be the best possible father he could be.

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Oliver Saunders’ Family: Meet His Wife And Kids

The two have been together for some time now, but Oliver Saunders has been seeing a woman named Sam. There is a joint Instagram account where the couple shares relationship highlights.

Oliver Saunders' Family Meet His Wife and Kids

Saunders and Sam had their son Oliver Jr. on February 22, 2020. On his birthday, Oliver found out he was going to be a dad. The news was just as exciting for Grandma Beauvais, who will be a grandmother for the first time.

On May 24, 2020, the soon-to-be parents will tie the knot. The aftermath of the recent pandemic has been devastating for the country. So they went to a drive-through chapel for a quick and easy wedding.

Oliver wore a white shirt and red leggings with matching safety masks to the wedding, while Sam wore a denim outfit. The couples and Beauvais shared Instagram posts about their weddings. Once the plague is over, there will be a reception.

Currently, Oliver Saunders Is A Successful Rap Artist

At age 7, Oliver began his musical performance career, and by age 10, he was already freestyling rap. At the age of 14, he had the opportunity to perform at Disney Hall. While still a little toddler, he made an appearance on The Jamie Foxx Show with his mother.

He persisted in pursuing a career in music despite his drug usage. When he first started out, he went by the name Jayson Rose, but he eventually changed it.

Since his mother has always encouraged him to pursue rapping, Oliver feels he has improved over the years.

Once back in Los Angeles, Saunders created the rap moniker Jayson Rose for himself. With the release of his first mixtape, Blunts, and Starbucks, he became a household name in the West Coast sound.

BAM, which stands for “By Any Meanz,” is Saunders’s alias as of late. A few of the artists he has performed with are Questlove, Skeme, Kid Ink, Kirko Bangz, Talib Kweli, Dom Kennedy, and Talib Kweli.

I’ve matured a lot over the past few years, and I think it’s time to leave the past in the past and embrace the new,” Oliver Saunders stated on his website. For this reason, I have decided to replace my birth name, Jayson Rose, with my stage name, BAM.

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FAQs – People Also Ask

Who is garcelles son?

Oliver Saunders, Jax Joseph Nilon, Jaid Thomas Nilon

What was said to garcelles son on social media?

Someone once stated, “If it weren’t for your white daddy, [Michael Nilon], you’d have your neck kneeled on.” If your mother continues to bother Diana, you will have to deal with us. It’s so low that it’s repulsive. No child, regardless of parental control, should be subjected to such horrible, bigoted propaganda.

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