Upload Quality Photos Instagram ( Enabling High-Quality Photo & Video Uploads in Instagram )

upload quality photos instagram

When I shared an image to Instagram from my desktop, I noticed that the quality was much lower than the original, and the blurry version naturally received less favorable engagement. 

However, after a lot of digging, I’ve come up with a list of potential explanations for why Instagram would lower the quality of your posts’ images.

If you’re uploading photos from a personal computer, you may notice a drop in quality because they don’t meet Instagram’s maximum resolution requirements of 1080 by 1350 pixels.

 Instagram will automatically downsize any photo that is higher than the specified resolution, which could reduce the image quality. In addition, the image format you’re working with is a factor. Any image uploaded in a format other than JPEG (.jpg) will be converted to JPEG, which will result in a loss of quality. 

upload quality photos instagram

This includes PNG (.png), BITMAP (.bmp), and all other formats. When you think about how many photos are uploaded to Instagram daily and how much processing power is required to run the service, you’ll understand why the company strives to minimize file sizes whenever possible.

Keep your image file sizes as small as possible (without sacrificing quality) to prevent Instagram from doing a poor job of compressing them.

Finally, as a mobile app, Instagram places a premium on the quality of content uploaded from smartphones and tablets. Thus, there may be a quality drop when uploading photos to Instagram from a desktop computer using a method like the developer tools.


Many people don’t place a high priority on image quality when snapping selfies, pictures of their pets, or snapshots at a nearby beach. However, if you’re an artist like me who designs content for your business and wants to build a reputation as a serious player in your field, it’s crucial that you stick to high standards for everything you post online.

Photoshop is my preferred tool for making Instagram posts, but the guidelines below should work with any decent photo editor. Create a new document or artboard in Photoshop and scale it to the highest resolution allowed by Instagram (1080 x 1350px).

How to Avoid losing image quality photos

 To save your design for the web in its legacy format, select File > Export > Save For Web (Legacy) once you are finished.

 In this case, you’ll want to pick a configuration that strikes a happy medium between the two extremes. When the image’s dimensions and quality meet your requirements, you can click the “Save” button to store it locally. 

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After that, you can save your updated photo to Google Drive and access it from any mobile or tablet device. After taking the photo, you can instantly share it via Instagram from your mobile device.

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1. Follow Upload Guidelines

As long as you adhere to the specifications outlined below, Instagram will upload the photo in its native resolution.

  1. Make sure you’re using the most recent version of the Instagram app.
  1. Photos uploaded should have a width of at least 1080 pixels and an aspect ratio of between 1.91:1 and 4:5.
  1. Given that the quality of camera sensors in different smartphones varies widely, it’s important to use a high-quality device.

Instagram will compress your high-resolution image down to 1080 pixels in width before uploading it. Also, if you upload a low-quality image, it will be enlarged to a width of 320 pixels, which can also affect the image’s clarity.

Adhering to the specifications will guarantee that Instagram uses your photo in its native resolution. To prevent your photos from looking blurry and pixelated, don’t use the Add Music feature when uploading them to a story.

2. Resize Your Photos Correctly

When uploading photos to Instagram, the best way to reduce the amount of compression used is to resize the images to meet Instagram’s specifications.

Resize your photos instagram

The following are the various file types that you’ll need to keep in mind when adjusting the size of your content:

  1. Ratio for a profile picture in your feed: 4:5.
  1. 16:9 for your Instagram tale.
  1. 1:9:1 for landscapes.
  1. Posting square pictures to your feed or profile picture uploads: 1:1.

Adjusting the proportions of your Instagram photos is simple with a number of free apps. Photoshop Express (available for free on iOS and Android) is an excellent mobile alternative to Adobe Spark for resizing images on the go.

3. Change Your Lightroom Export Settings

It’s not enough to simply resize your photos to the proper dimensions; you’ll also need to take some additional measures to minimize compression. To adjust for any modifications introduced during the upload process, you can use photo editing software like Adobe Lightroom to modify your export settings.

Change your lightroom photos instagram

The photos you upload should be in JPEG format. Keep in mind that if you don’t export your photo in the highest quality possible, it will look grainy when posted to Instagram.

Adjusting the dimensions is another option for improving clarity, as demonstrated in the following video:

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Take note of the required parameters. This is especially the case if your photographs are featured elsewhere, such as on a personal website. After finishing those endeavors, you’ll need to revert to the original dimensions.

FAQs – People Also Ask

How do you upload high-quality photos on Instagram?

If you want your Instagram video to look its best, don’t just post it to your regular grid; use IGTV instead. When compared to more conventional upload methods, IGTV’s resolution and bitrate are significantly superior.

Why does Instagram ruin photo quality?

Your Instagram photos may appear blurry for one of two reasons: Instagram will automatically crop and compress your photos if the aspect ratio is off. Again, Instagram will compress your file if its size is greater than 1MB.

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