The Umbrella Academy Season 3: Premiere Date, Cast, Storyline, and More

The Umbrella Academy Season 3

With Season 3 of “The Umbrella Academy” on the way, the show returns to where it left off after a two-year hiatus. Seasons 1 and 2 introduced us to a group of young superheroes who face off against those from a parallel universe. Season 2’s Lila also made the cut as Luther’s love interest.

All of them have their own special talents and fantastic storylines. Even though there isn’t a lot of information about the Sparrow Academy counterparts, we already know their name. In addition, you may have noticed a change in one of the show’s characters from the previous two seasons.

The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Premiere Date Cast Storyline and More
The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Premiere Date Cast Storyline and More

The Umbrella Academy, the time-traveling superhero show from global OTT giant Netflix, is returning for a third season in 2019. It is based on the Gabriel Ba-illustrated Dark Horse Comics comic book series of the same name.

As a feature film optioned by Universal Pictures in 2011, the adaptation was initially in development as a television series before being officially greenlit by Netflix in 2007 as a television series.

Dark House Entertainment, Borderline Entertainment, and Universal Content Productions produced Steve Blackman’s first season, which premiered on Netflix on February 15, 2019. Season one was watched by 45 million households in its first month of release, making it one of the year’s most-streamed shows.

The Release Date For The Third Season Of The Umbrella Academy

While they didn’t reveal much about the plot in the trailer, the team behind ‘The Umbrella Academy’ did make an announcement in it on May 19. It’s been a rough couple of years for the show, and the pandemic has thrown up many roadblocks.

The Release date for the third season of The Umbrella Academy
The release date for the third season of The Umbrella Academy

The new season will premiere on June 22, 2022, according to their schedule. A new season of one of Netflix’s most popular shows is eagerly awaited by fans worldwide. ‘The Umbrella Academy ranks alongside Stranger Things as one of Netflix’s most popular shows.

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What Did Will Happen In The Third Season Of The Umbrella Academy?

Ahead of the show’s first TV-MA (Mature Audiences) classification, creator Steve Blackman said the show is “wilder, bigger, and zanier” than ever before.

In accordance with the TV Parental Guidelines, Netflix’s series is now officially “unsuitable for children under 17” because it may contain “crude indecent language, explicit sexual activity, or graphic violence”.

“Perhaps our stories about this dysfunctional family are only exacerbating the situation. Some major surprises await you and your family this year “Blackman said. It’s going to be an interesting year for this family because of all the changes that are taking place, and it’s going to be surprising for everyone.

When Elliot Page’s character, Vanya, comes out as transgender and becomes Viktor in a parallel with the actor’s own transition, it will be one of the show’s most significant growth moments.

students at the umbrella academy, including Emmy raver Lampman
Chris Kalohoridis/Netflix
The Umbrella Academy is a fan of shock and surprise, employing twists and turns in abundance to keep viewers on their toes. On the other hand, as Page points out, cast members are often taken aback by how quickly the story progresses.

That The Handler is dead at the end of season two, we are led to believe that the Commission will undergo much-needed reform, free from her iron grip. It’s not out of the question that she’ll return to the scene with a new and improved plan in tow, as we’ve previously stated.

If we had to bet on the Handler’s daughter Lila showing up in season three, we’d put our money on it being Lila. What will she do with her powers if she can’t stand up to The Umbrella Academy?

Here’s hoping that Lila and Diego get their happily ever after.

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The Season 3 Trailer For The Umbrella Academy Is Out.

The third season of The Umbrella Academy was premiered on Netflix on May 19, 2022. For the first time, the nearly two-and-a-half-minute trailer provides an in-depth look at what viewers can expect from the upcoming season. As it turns out, the Umbrella Academy has only a few days to stop another apocalypse, while also dealing with an alternate-timeline Sparrow Academy.

You can see the official trailer for the film by clicking here:

The Third Season Of The Umbrella Academy Has Had Its Episode Titles Revealed.

During Netflix’s Geeked Week, the show’s writer and showrunner, Steve Blackman, revealed the episode titles for the third season.

  • Episode 1 – Meet the family
  • Episode 2 – The World’s Biggest Ball of Twine
  • Episode 3 – Pocket Full of Lightning
  • Episode 4 – Kugleblitz
  • Episode 5 – The Kindest Cut
  • Episode 6 – Marigold
  • Episode 7 – Auf Wiedersehen
  • Episode 8 – Wedding at the End of the World
  • Episode 9 – Six Bells
  • Episode 10 – Oblivion

The Stars Cast Of The Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy’s third season, created by Jeremy Slater, sees the show’s main cast reunited. These stars have been given their proper names:

The Stars Cast of the Umbrella Academy
The Stars Cast of the Umbrella Academy
  • Elliot Page as Viktor Hargreeves/ The White Violin/Umbrella Number Seven
  • Tom Hopper as Luther Hargreeves/Spaceboy/ Umbrella Number one
  • David Castaneda as Diego Hargreeves/The Kraken/Umbrella Number Two
  • Emmy Raver- Lampman as Allison Hargreeves/The Rumour/Umbrella Number Three
  • Robert Sheehan as Klaus Hargreeves/The Seance/Umbrella Number Four
  • Aiden Gallaghar as Five Hargreeves/The Boy/Umbrella Number Five
  • Justin H. Min as Ben Hargreeves/ The Horror/Umbrella Number Six

Among the show’s supporting cast members are the following:

  • Justin Cornwell as Marcus Hargreeves/Sparrow Number One
  • Britne Oldford as Few Hargreeves/Sparrow Number Three
  • Jake Epstein as Alphonso Hargreeves/Sparrow Number Four
  • Genesis Rodriguez as Sloane Hargreeves /Sparrow Number Five
  • Cazzie David as Jayme Hargreeves/ Sparrow Number Six

The Umbrella Academy’s Third Season Will Be It’s Final One.

It’s unlikely that Netflix will end the story after three seasons, despite the persistent jokes about them canceling shows before they reach the fourth season mark.

Writer Gerard Way recently handed over an 18-page document to showrunner Steve Blackman.

That we’ll be seeing a lot more of The Umbrella Academy is pretty clear if the story and characters are described in such detail on all 18 pages.

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