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The Nypd Has Made An Arrest In Connection With A Fatal Shooting And Several Robberies At Convenience Stores.

On Thursday, three law enforcement agencies reported that they had apprehended a suspect in association with the homicide of a Manhattan bodega employee and a string of armed deli robberies.

Kimond Cyrus, 39, was taken into police custody on Thursday morning, and he is currently being held at an East Village police station while charges are pending. After receiving a crucial tip previously in the week, a task force was able to track him down and apprehend him in the Bronx.

Cyrus, who has an extensive criminal history including an arrest for robbery in 2002, was recognised on Wednesday night and taken into custody on Thursday morning, according to sources.

Detectives stated they saw him riding a scooter following the armed robberies, and this was a crucial piece of evidence. A similar scooter was reported to police by an alert citizen.

Many People Who Have Left Messages At A Developing Monument Have Referred To Him Simply As “Michael.”

Bronx, Hull Ave. & East Gun Hill rd.. – Surveillance camera video showing the entirety of Bronx shooting. where man runs into bodega to attack and stab him, as he runs out victim rushes out with gun in hand shooting at the attacker as he runs into his awaiting car, unknowingly officers are parked nearby and wound the shooter as original attacker is only grazed in the head.  photo: No Credit.

On Thursday, NYPD Chief of Investigators James Essig confirmed that the accused was seen on security video chucking the painter’s coveralls he wore within every incident behind one building at a certain point after he reportedly robbed a Brooklyn deli.

Which cops claimed happened 22 minutes after the suspect was believed to be have shot dead the Upper East Side store clerk.

The suit was found Tuesday night, a half mile from another deli, and was being processed, according to Essig.

After a late-Friday shooting at a bodega, employees are demanding action be taken. Adam Harding has the details. From what I can tell, Adam Harding has the story.

There have been four robberies at New York City delis since late February, but only the one on Friday night ended in death for which the suspect is wanted.

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The 67-year-old victim of this “horrific murder,” as characterised by the authorities, was a well-known figure in the East 81st St and Third Avenue area, although he was not named.

A customer who was at the store at 11:30 p.m. that evening and managed to flee the horrifying scene later told police that the gunman had entered the building dressed in a full white uniform like a painter would wear on the job and was hiding his face behind a dark mask.

According to the eyewitness, the assailant pointed the gun at them and demanded that they get on the ground and empty their pockets. The guy then focused on the clerk and began striking him with the gun’s butt. Officers said the witness fled the deli as the assault was taking place.

While outside, the eyewitness heard a gunshot, as stated by the NYPD. One gunshot had entered the clerk’s head, and she was discovered dead behind the counter. The gunman rode away on a black scooter.

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Another Official Commented

Top The NYPD claims that the same individual committed two robberies in Manhattan before the fatal holdup, and a third robbery in the Bronx shortly just after Upper East Side victim’s murder.

All while wearing the same suit and driving the same car each time. Both of the heinous acts that set the precedent occurred in Brooklyn.

Then, on Saturday, February 25th, police said they are confident the same armed robbery suspect stole cash and telephones from the Sunset Doughnut Shop on Davis Avenue before fleeing the scene on a black scooter. Once again, his painter’s coveralls and black face mask were in use.

On Mar 1, he reportedly visited the Big Deli on York Avenue again, this time on a Sunday morning and acted as if he were about to buy anything there. Then, he brandished the firearm, declared a robbery, and made off with the cigarettes and money on the scooter. The theft of a Bronx deli on a Friday night following the shooting in Manhattan was very similar.

The bodega owners’ and employees’ union expressed “relief” after Cyrus’s apprehension.

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We’re relieved that he’s not going to be able to rob, assault, or kill any more of our members with his pistol “UB America Spokesman Fernando Mateo said this during a news conference.

“This thief should spend all remainder of his existence in prison without ever getting out for his string of robberies and the killing of an innocent Bodega Clerk.

These types of cases should result in the death penalty, but in New York State, it will never happen. Let’s put these bad guys away where they belong, “This, Mateo added in his own remark.

The police estimate that the burglar in the Hazmat gear made off with almost $3,000. The NYPD acknowledges the community’s fear caused by the gunshot and the chronic robber still at large, but points out that none of the previous robberies featured deadly violence.

“We are united with thousands of tough New Yorkers who make their living in our neighbourhood bodegas,” NYPD Second Deputy Commissioner Edward Citizens or residents said last week from the site.

Earlier this week, Mayor Eric Adams chimed in, urging storefront owners to require mask removal before allowing customers inside.

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The labor organization that represents many delis in the city has also advocated for a modification in mask policy at any and all bodegas, with the masks coming down at least temporarily so that employees can see who is stepping in the door. Buzzers could be a viable option for some shops.

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