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The Nonprofit God’s Love We Deliver Has Baked And Delivered 70 Thousand Cakes To Homebound New Yorkers

God’s Love We Deliver is an established New York City charity that recently surpassed the 70,000 mark in terms of baked goods delivered to the homes of New York’s elderly and disabled.

30-year chef Auer: “I adore that component of the work.” Making cakes for people’s birthdays is the nicest part of my profession. They remind me of postcards. Simply said, it’s my way of saying “hello,” “happy birthday,” and “thank you.”

After the cake shop was forced to close because to the pandemic, Auer was promoted to executive pastry chef the next year.

“The volunteers were thrilled, we were back preparing food, filling the area with lovely fragrances,” she gushed. “Everyone was really kind and welcoming.”

Dorothy Auer, A Seasoned Baker, Knows How To Make Someone’s Day By Baking Them A Special Cake

In 2023, the group will have been around for 38 years, during which time its mission has grown and evolved. Ganga Stone, founder of God’s Love, brought the first meal the organisation had served to a man who was dying of AIDS.

Its basic message hasn’t altered much throughout time: “Food is health care, and food is love.”

One of the organisation’s 17,000 volunteers, 69-year-old Deborah Lomax-Hall, is a devoted employee of the cake’s distribution crew.

“They are very thrilled to get the cake,” Lomax-Hall, who participated in following her husband’s passing in 2019, said. A huge grin appears on their face. It’s always been a wonderful time.

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When Lomax-Hall first started working at God’s Love, she did a little bit of everything: she helped in the kitchen, delivered meals to the elderly and disabled, and packaged food for customers. Her favourite part of the job, though, was making the deliveries of the frosted, sprinkled, and named cakes.

She also acts as a recruiter for God’s Love, pleading with others to become part of the staff who are, in many cases, the only constant presence in the lives of the people they serve.

“I’m always on the lookout for fresh employees,” she remarked. To paraphrase: “What are we doing? Follow along as I investigate. Help is always welcome.

After a terrible 2022, Nils Koorstadt, 69, had been looking forward to the new year’s dessert. His life partner, Efraim, also had a stroke in June of last year, further complicating their lives on the Upper West Side.

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Like Medicine, Food May Heal And Nourish

Five years ago, Koorstadt suffered a stroke that left him blind. He continued, “I’m extremely grateful for the tremendous, invaluable assistance they’ve shown me.” What they accomplish is fantastic and genuinely remarkable.

Despite his gratitude, the elderly man joked that his health problems left him with few options for preparing his own meals: “It’s either the goodness of God or me attempting to prepare food and blowing this structure down.”

Koorstadt’s advocate was suggested God’s Love by the cardiology who was treating him. Immediately, he became a raving admirer of the delivery service and its products.

“They bring happy cakes!” he cried out. “As well as healthy, recently prepared meals. Extremely nutritious and delicious. No issues ever arise. And they’re continuously inquiring as to what you’re snacking on and craving.

God’s Love produces 6,000 pastry goods every day in a SoHo kitchen honouring the late comedian and organisation supporter Joan Rivers, of whom the cakes are just a small part. However, according to Lomax-Hall, the birthday delivery are always the highlight.

After a moment’s thought, she stated that “I delivered a confection not long ago, and the person in question said, “How do you guys knew it’s mine birthday?'”

One among the guys then follows up with, “Are you gonna singing nice birthday?” When looking for new volunteers, my most common word of recommend is, “Sing!”

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GLWD Movement Background

A visit he made to an AIDS sufferer in 1985 altered the course of Ganga Stone’s career as a palliative volunteers. Richard Sale, the sufferer, was too sick to prepare his own meals.

The kindness of Ganga took hold, and on her next visit, she brought along some food and had a revelation: A simple act like bringing a lunch to someone in need can elevate their status and show them that they are not forgotten.

The second realisation came to Ganga as a direct result of her experience. The gravity of Richard’s predicament called for intervention beyond merely providing sustenance.

It entailed making meals that were balanced and healthy to complement a patient’s prescribed medication.

She found out what he need and went on her way back with a fresh dinner in hand when a local priest recognised her and stopped her. He inquired as to her activities, and when she explained, he said, “You’re not simply giving food… You’re delivering the Lord’s love.”

To which Ganga said, “That’s “The name.” And thus, God’s Love We Deliver came into being.

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God’s Love We Deliver is a nonprofit organisation whose goal is to improve the quality of life for those with HIV/AIDS, cancer, and other life-threatening illnesses by providing them with nutritious meals. Meals of high quality and nutritional value are prepared and delivered to those who are unable to shop for or cook for themselves due to illness.

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