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The Crown Season 5: Cast, Plot, Release Date, and Everything We Know So Far

The Crown Season 5 release date

The Crown Season 5 release date

It’s great news for The Crown fans that the award-winning Netflix show will return for a fifth season, two years after the fourth concluded. But who are the cast members, what events will be covered, and when will the film be released?

Season five of the show will see a complete cast reshuffle, as has been the case for the past two seasons. Queen Elizabeth II is played by the legendary Imelda Staunton; Prince Philip is played by Jonathan Pryce; Princess Margaret is played by the legendary Lesley Manville, and the late Princess Diana is played by Elizabeth Debicki.

The actor James Murray has been confirmed to play the controversial role of Prince Andrew, despite initial reports that Netflix was having trouble finding a suitable candidate.

While discussing the character’s possible controversies, Murray said, “Well if I’m being professional it’s not really my job to feel too much or judge the character and remember we’re in the 90s before all the things that we know now.”

The new season will focus on the years between the governments of John Major and Tony Blair. Because of this, we can expect to see the Queen’s “annus horribilis,” the year that saw the break-ups and damage to Windsor Castle of her three children’s marriages, covered.

The death of Princess Diana, a year after her divorce from Prince Charles, and the Queen’s Golden Wedding Anniversary with Prince Phillip in 1997 are also likely candidates for inclusion.

Season five of Netflix’s The Crown will premiere in November 2022, the network announced in September.

Netflix is currently streaming the first four seasons of The Crown, and the 40-episode collection is a great way to get pumped up for the November premiere.

Season 5 of The Crown has yet to be announced. When can we expect it?

According to Deadline(opens in new tab), production on the next batch of episodes will begin in June 2021. According to previous seasons’ release dates, the series’ penultimate season will be released on Netflix in 2022 sometime in November or early December.

The break between seasons four and five will be twice as long as the time between seasons three and four; the filming timeline is reportedly unrelated to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has delayed and derailed numerous other film and TV production schedules and instead reflects the long break that came when The Crown introduced a new cast, between seasons two and three.

Even though Peter Morgan, the show’s creator, had previously stated that the fifth season would be the show’s final release, he has now confirmed that he is sticking to his original plan to release six seasons, so the extra year should be worth it (opens in new tab).

Even though we won’t see any new episodes of The Crown for two years, we’ll get two back-to-back seasons of the royals in the 1990s and early ’00s to look forward to.

How many more seasons of The Crown are we looking forward to seeing?

The fifth season of The Crown was the “perfect time and place to stop,” according to creator Peter Morgan, despite the original plan for the show to run for six seasons of ten episodes each.

Morgan later announced on social media that a sixth season of the show was indeed in the works in July 2020.

As a result, we now know that The Crown’s fifth season will be its penultimate, delving deeper into the turbulent early 1990s that served as the setting for the series. New cast members, such as Imelda Staunton and Lesley Manville, get twice as much screen time as before.

What do we know about The Crown season 5 so far, from the anticipated release date to the new actors set to replace Olivia Colman, Helena Bonham Carter, and Tobias Menzies on screen?

Who will succeed Queen Elizabeth II on the throne?

Imelda Staunton, a former cast member of Harry Potter, will play Queen Elizabeth II. Oscar nominee Staunton had originally been given just one season to make an impression, but now she’ll get two like the queens before her.

There were rumors of Staunton’s casting after the third season premiered in November 2019. Late in the month of January 2020, Deadline provided official confirmation of the development.

A statement from showrunner Peter Morgan said, “I’m absolutely thrilled to confirm Imelda Staunton as Her Majesty the Queen for Season 5, taking The Crown into the 21st century.” To say that Imelda Staunton is an “astonishing talent” would be an understatement.

A statement from Staunton about her casting was also posted on Netflix’s Twitter feed: “I have loved watching The Crown from the very beginning. Claire Foy and Olivia Colman’s performances in Peter Morgan’s scripts were a joy to watch as actors. Thank you so much for giving me this incredible opportunity, and I’m looking forward to seeing The Crown come to an end!”

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Staunton discussed the difficulties of playing Queen Elizabeth II in a recent interview with the BBC radio show Woman’s Hour. ‘I think my sort of extra challenge as if I needed it, is that I’m now doing the queen that we’re a little more familiar with,’ she told host Emma Barnett, via Variety. My personal nemesis is that I’m playing a character that people can say “she does not do that,” or “she is not like that.”

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Is The Crown going to feature Harry and Meghan?

Even though the news of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to leave the Royal Family and relocate to the United States is dominating headlines right now, the departure of the Sussexes and their interview with Oprah Winfrey on national television will not be included in the final two seasons of The Crown because of its tight timeline and writer Peter Morgan’s insistence on looking at events from a distance.

While events that appear significant now may fade away, Morgan explained this in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter in 2020.

Morgan said, “I don’t know what their journey will be or how it will end. Meghan and Harry are in the middle of their journey.”

“Basically, I’ve got a 20-year rule in my head. When you have that much time and space on your side, you can really get a handle on something, grasp its significance, role, and place in the bigger picture.”

The story of Charles and Diana’s relationship and the tragedy that resulted from it, he said, could be hinted at in The Crown.

“For me, the prerequisites for being a good dramatist include having a broad view of life and being open to the possibilities of metaphor. If you’d like, you could use analogy and metaphor to tell the story of Harry and Meghan’s wedding.

“Whether it’s Wallis Simpson or Edward VII or Diana and Prince Charles, there have been numerous precedents in the past. There have been many instances in the past where a marriage has fallen apart.

“There have been wives of members of the Royal family who have felt like they don’t fit in and are not welcome. Harry and Meghan’s story isn’t the only one worth telling; there are many others.”

That doesn’t mean the Sussexes won’t appear on Netflix at some point in the near future, though. The couple signed a deal with a streaming giant in September 2020 to produce various shows through their own production company. Expected content includes feature films and television series, as well as documentaries and children’s programming.

Season 5 of The Crown Cast Members

list of members for the crown season 5

Season 5 of The Crown will focus on what time period?

Until now, each of The Crown’s four seasons has lasted about a decade. Keeping this timeline in mind, Season 5 could start in the early 1990s and conclude in the early 2000s. In a statement, Morgan hinted at the time period, saying that Staunton would “take The Crown into the 21st century.”

The decade in question was characterized by a number of high-profile events that could easily be made into a film. Her speech on the 40th anniversary of her accession, delivered in 1992, was titled “annus horribilis” (the “horrible year”). Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson divorced in March; Princess Anne and Mark Phillips divorced in April, and Prince Charles and Princess Diana announced their separation in December.

All three of Princess Diana’s children were married during this time period. When Windsor Castle was burned to the ground, the Queen had to pay taxes on her income and open Buckingham Palace to the public to raise money to repair it.

According to a report on October 26, Princess Diana’s infamous Panorama interview from November 1995 could be the focus of an entire episode in Season 5. There were “three of us in this marriage,” she said to Martin Bashir during an interview that lasted nearly an hour on the BBC.

However, Netflix has yet to confirm the news. Following the revelation that Bashir forged documents to gain the trust of Diana’s brother, Charles Spencer, to persuade him to introduce him to Diana, there has been renewed interest in the interview.

The divorce of Prince Charles and Princess Diana in 1996, and Diana’s tragic death in a car accident in 1997, are likely to be featured in the fifth season of the show. After writing the screenplay for 2006’s The Queen, which featured Helen Mirren as the monarch coping with public grief, Morgan will be returning to familiar territory.

Additionally, in 1997, the Queen and Prince Philip celebrated their golden wedding anniversary; in 2002, Princess Margaret and the Queen Mother died; and in 2002, the monarchy celebrated its Golden Jubilee. Is there another plot twist in store for royal fans in the near future? The first time Prince William and Kate Middleton met while they were students at the University of St. Andrews was in 2001.

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