Take-Two’s Grand Theft Auto VI Gameplay Leaked (Grand Theft Auto VI Biggest Leaks In Gaming History)

Take-Two's Grand Theft Auto VI gameplay leaked

When news spread that a hacker had leaked gameplay footage from the upcoming installment of the best-selling videogame series, Grand Theft Auto VI, shares of Take-Two Interactive Software Inc dropped nearly 6% in premarket trading on Monday.

Many hours of footage showing robberies, gunfights, and free-form driving were leaked onto a public forum in a move that has never been seen before. Those familiar with the game’s development, Bloomberg News reported, confirmed the authenticity of the videos.

Take-Two's Grand Theft Auto VI gameplay leaked

Jefferies warned in a client note that the leak of the game’s source code posed an even greater risk, describing the incident as a “PR disaster, possibly setting back production, and hurting morale.”

The stability and server integrity of GTA VI Online after its release could be compromised if the source code were to leak.

The hacker, who also claimed responsibility for a cyber incident at Uber Technologies Inc last week, had posted a message on the forum stating his desire to “negotiate a deal” with Take-Two.

Rockstar Games, the developer division of Take-Two, and other representatives of the company were not available for comment.

An administrator for GTAForums said that Take-Two had requested that the infringing content be removed.

Grand Theft Auto

David Jones and Mike Dailly are responsible for the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) video game franchise. It was Dan and Sam Houser, along with their cousins Leslie Benzies and Aaron Garbut, who oversaw the creation of subsequent games in the series.

 British studio Rockstar North (formerly DMA Design) is primarily responsible for the game’s development, and parent company Rockstar Games is responsible for publishing. The term “grand theft auto,” which refers to the theft of expensive automobiles in the United States, is reflected in the title of the show.

Grand Theft Auto VI

The gameplay revolves around a free-roaming hub world in which the player can complete missions to advance the story and take part in a wide variety of optional pursuits. 

The gameplay focuses primarily on driving and shooting, with some role-playing and stealth elements thrown in for good measure. 

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 Each book in the series follows a different protagonist as they attempt to make their way to the top of the criminal underworld. 

The success of Grand Theft Auto III paved the way for a string of sequels that expanded on the formula. They have served as an inspiration for other open-world action games, leading to the clone of Grand Theft Auto being a common descriptor for such games.

Main Series

Each installment in the Grand Theft Auto series takes place in its own fictional universe, denoted by the dominant graphics technology of the time. The “2D universe” consists of the first Grand Theft Auto, its DLC, and its sequel. 

The “3D universe” consists of the Grand Theft Auto III series and its spinoffs. In the “HD universe,” all of Grand Theft Auto IV, all of its DLC, and Grand Theft Auto V are all connected.

Grand Theft Auto VI Main Series

After using 2D graphics for the first two games, Grand Theft Auto III, released in 2001, transitioned to 3D computer graphics. The first game to feature a talking main character, voiced by Ray Liotta, was 2002’s Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. 

In 2004, Rockstar Games released Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which featured several new features, such as character customization and a large map that included three cities and the surrounding rural areas.

Other Games

The success of Grand Theft Auto has led to a plethora of spin-offs and DLC. Both Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 and Grand Theft Auto: London 1961 downloadable add-ons for the original game released in 1999. 

These games took place in a fictionalized version of London and featured new storylines, missions, and characters. Since it developed specifically for the Game Boy Advance, Grand Theft Auto Advance released in 2004.

After a “strategic alliance” between Rockstar and Microsoft, Grand Theft Auto IV’s expansion packs. The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony released. Exclusively for the Xbox 360 for a limited time in 2009.


In each game, the player assumes the role of a criminal in the city. Usually one with aspirations to move up the ranks of organized crime. In order to move forward in the story. The player given various missions by kingpins and major idols of the city’s underworld. 

 Grand Theft Auto VI gameplay leaked

There are frequent depictions of murder and other acts of extreme violence. Driving a taxi, fighting fires, racing on the streets in a bus, or even learning to fly a helicopter or plane can all be fair game.

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Vehicles in an explorable city simulate a working city, complete with pedestrians who mostly obey the rules of the road. Several other games, including The Simpsons: Hit & Run, which places less emphasis on crime or violence. And Lego City Undercover, which flips the roles of a police officer and criminal. 

Despite having the player go undercover in gangs. For some of the game, both use similar open-ended atmospheres to flesh out their stories.

FAQs – People Also Ask

Who leaked GTA 6 footage?


PCGamer reports that “teapotuberhacker,” a user on the GTA Forums. Who claims responsibility for the unrelated Uber hack late last week, posted the leak. Some of the assets in the leaked videos seem to in line. With what known about GTA VI, according to a report from Bloomberg in July.

Is there going to be a GTA V 6?

Rockstar Games given their official word that Grand Theft Auto 6 will released. The fact that it is happening is comforting, even if we lack specifics and an estimated launch date. In any case, we know that Rockstar, as usual, has lofty goals for its next game.

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