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Season 2 Of Vivy: The Fluorite Eyes Song: Cast, Premiere Date, And More!

Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song, based on a manga by Morito Yamataka, tells the story of the first fully autonomous artificial intelligence (AI), DIVA (originally Vivy), who works as a singer and whose goal in life is to spread joy through her Song but who is threatened by Matsumoto, a cylinder AI from the future who has assumed the identity of his creator.

During the series, Matsumoto assigns Vivy missions with the overarching goal of stopping the last war between humans and artificial intelligences. But, despite Matsumoto and Vivy/best Diva’s efforts, the conflict still occurs, as if it were predestined.

In the final episodes of the initial season, we see how Vivy is being sent back in time to warn the Leaders of that era about the impending unavoidable war, in the hopes that they could try something else to shift the future and avert the war.

The anime’s first season ending left viewers wanting more information about Matsumoto and Vivy’s world-saving plan.

What’s The Status Of Season 2 Of Vivy Fluorite Eye’s Song?

Vivy Fluorite Eye’s Song Season 2 is cancelled. The producers of Vivy had no intention of making a sequel, which is why there will never be a second season.

Tappei Nagatsuki & Eiji Umehara, the show’s creators, had intended for it to run for only 13 episodes over the course of a single season. Hence, the Vivy anime series has come to a close.

Yet, there is a chance that studio Wit will produce other Vivy anime series. Did movie Vivy anime do well financially? The creators have stated that an OVA or spin-off series is possible if the show receives enough positive feedback.

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Vivy’s debut season was very successful both critically and commercially. Sales of both the Vivy Blu-ray averaged over 3,600 each volume, which is respectable for a 2021 release.

When it comes to sales in Japan, Vivy light novels remain a mystery because they did not make it onto the Oricon charts. The anime’s soundtrack gained a lot of praise. It spent nearly two months in Amazon’s top 20.

Also, there is a respectable number of Vivy products, including 150 items and 1 figurine. It is unclear, however, whether or not the series’ commercial success will lead to the production of additional anime episodes. In other words, Season 2 of Vivy will never be released.

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The Protagonists Of The Story Are

• Vivy, portrayed actress Atsume Tanezaki (Japanese) & Christina Vee (English), the very first autonomous AI whose objective is to make people happy via her singing, and later Diva, after she forgets her former identity as Vivy.

• Matsumoto, played by Jun Fanon (Japanese) and Maxim Mittelman (English), is an artificial intelligence from the year 2100 who meets Vivy and recruits her to help save the Earth.

There Are Many Other Ai-Controlled Characters

  • Yoko Hikasa (Japanese) and Andrea Harlacher (English) provide the voices for Estella (English)
  • Diva’s advisor, Navi, is voiced by both Asuna Soy sauce (Japanese) and Adrian Miller (English). Grace, voiced by Cheat codes Akesaka (Japanese) as well as Laura Post (English), is Tatsuya Saeki’s girlfriend, making them the very first AI-human couple. Ophelia, voiced by Loren Hidaka (Japanese) and Wide – ranging Hussainey (English), is a songstress AI that
  • After Vivy faints on stage, she goes to the aggregative database Archive, voiced by 5 to 10 percent Ohara (Japanese) or Wendee Lee (English).
  • Voiced by Yuki Yamane (Japanese) and Jacqueline Lastra (English), Leclerc is an AI who works for Elizabeth under the pretence of Estella and assists with hotel management.
  • M, spoken by Jun Fukushima in Japanese and Brian Beacock in English, is a multipurpose bot living on the island of Metal Float; Antonio, voiced as Rikiya Koyama in Japanese and Daman Mills in English, is the one who possessed Ophelia and drove her to suicide.

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There Are People In This Story!

  • Takehito Koyasu (Japanese) and Mikako Komatsu (Japanese) in their roles as young Osamu Matsumoto; John Eric Bentle (English) as the inventor of artificial intelligence.
  • Momoka Kirishim, played by Miyu Of such (Japanese) & Lizzie Freeman (English), she refers to Vivy as “Diva.”
  • Masayuki Kawa (Japanese) & Greg Chun (English) as Yoichi Aikawa, a politician who tried to win the people’s vote by enacting the AI naming Law, which gives AI some kind of human rights; he is saved by Vivy from Toak.
  • The Toak member Yugo Kakitani, voiced as Tarusuke Shingaki (Japanese) & Kaiji Tang (English), was saved by Vivy even as factory was being destroyed.
  • Kuwana, played by Tetsu Inada, is Kakitani’s squad leader in Toak during in the assassination attempt on Aikawa.
  • Yuzuka Kirishima, Momoka’s sister who met Diva at the Sunrise space hotel, voiced by Characterized by a sense Kohara (Japanese) & Lisa Reimold (English).
  • Tatsuya Saeki, voiced by Kensho Ono/Mutsumi Moon . the moon (Childhood) (Japanese) & Billy Kametz (English), is a former member of the Toak and the first human to wed an artificial intelligence (AI) named Grace.
  • Yui Kakitani, whose voice is provided by Ayaka Asai (Japanese) and Cherami Leigh (English), is the wheelchair-bound granddaughter of Yugo Kakitani.

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Rather than a new season, we’re more likely to get an OVA and short film based on the Vivy universe. Since Studio Witt is now occupied with more ambitious endeavours, we may have to wait several years for further installments in this series, even under the most optimistic of circumstances.

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